Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu and her siblings planning about the party for Ram, but Khush sit in a corner sadly. Natasha comes there and says Priya has said no for the party. Khush sadly goes from there. Sid says Priya is right. Natasha says Khush is very upset with his personal loss and asks them not to think about party until Khush gets well.

Ram asks Priya how could she tolerate all the pain alone. Priya says she was not alone and he was with him. She says she used to speak to his pics whenever she was sad and says when she patched up with Pihu, she missed him a lot and spoke to his pics. Ram asks how did Pihu change so suddenly. Priya says she has changed for sure and has matured after Sammy’s death, now they both are best friends. Ram says that means their bonding is like Dubai’s days and says he is an outsider now. Priya says he is the reason for them togehter. She asks him to sleep as it is already 12:30. Ram says he is afraid to sleep as he does not want to lose the happiness and asks if he is a good husband or not. Priya says he is best husband and asks him to sleep now. Ram agrees and they both sleep.

Vikram sadly sits on a sofa remembering Sammmy. Kady says he should have been in Kapoor mansion with Ram. Vikram says he does not have courage to face Ram and tried his best to put him behind bars. He did not help them and instead Rajath helped them. Kady says he lost Sammy and his behaviour was valid. She says he and Ram are college friends and she did not see such a good friendship, Ram will understand his situation and asks him to meet Ram. She says all these he used to say Ram is culprit, but his face and heart were not coordinating and asks him to give a second chance. Vikram says she is telling right, Ram matters to him now and thanks her.

Natasha comes to Sid’s room and says she wanted to give him something. He asks what. She hugs him and says she is glad that he changed nnow. Sid says because of them he is in house now, else he would have been out of house. Natasha says we are lucky to be part of this family and has to do something to let things stay as it is. She says Ram and Priya sacrified a lot of this house and we should do something to make them pound of us. Sid says with all of us together, Ram will feel proud of us.

Pihu asks chef to prepare food of Ram’s choice. Khush says Priya will not allow Ram to have oily food. They both start having a healthy fight and challenge each other. Khush takes her juice and goes. Pihu smiles.

Priya wakes up in the morning and smilingly looks at Ram sleeping. Ram asks her not to look at him like that, else she will love him more. Priya asks why is he making a drama when he is awake. He says he wants to see her expression and says she looks very cute. He tries to hug her. She says someone will come there. Ram says she is her wife and not girlfriend. Priya says their kids will come. Ram says let them come. Priya tickles his tummy. Ram says it is not fair. Priya says everything is fair in love and war. He then asks the caller not to call him again until he calls him back.

Mama calls someone and starts scolding him. He sees Khush standing behind and asks when did he come. He says it is his habit of chitchatting. Khush says he did not ask his explanation and says he came to call him out as they are planning something for Ram. Mamaji says he will come in a minute asks him to go.

Pihu informs Priya about her bet with Khush and asks her to be on her side. She says she has potato parathas for Ram, and Khush does not want Ram to eat them. Priya says Khush is right and asks if she wants to have parathas instead. She jokes with her and smiles. Pihu says it is good life is back on her face. Priya says life is back in her life instead. Pihu says it is because of her effort and says she is too good. Priya says she will allow Ram to have parathas as he likes it. Pihu asks Priya to get Ram down to the breakfast table soon.

Priya sees Ram working and asks her why is he working so soon. Ram says it is important work. Priya says he should divide his time between her, work, and their children. She says kids are waiting for her and asks him to come down. Ram says it is important work and to give him 5 minutes.

Ram and Priya come down and meet their kids. Priya asks what have they planned. Their first daughter welcomes Ram and says their happiness has come back. Second daughter says they all missed him, especially mom and since he is back, mom is happy and blushing. Pihu says Priya is amazing and everything is normal because of her positive attitude. She says has a confession to make and says she wants to change, she apologise them and asks them to forgive her.

Precap: Vikram meets Ram and Priya. Priya says everything is normal like before. As a family, we fight for some time but cannot be angry on each other for a long time. Ram says she is right and says lets start afresh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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