Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram saying I am not cheating and you people are cheating. They argue about the song. Ram says, it was before your birth. Priya comes and asks, what happened. Ram says thank god you have come. Priya asks Ram to tell the song name. Ram says I will only win. Priya asks, about the song. Priya looks at Suhani and Khush. Pihu and Sammy come there. Pari and Mayra talk about Sammy and Pihu. Suhani suggests bade achhe lagte hain song. They sing together. Ram and Priya recall the past moments. Priya thinks to talk to Ram after confirming about Suhani and Khush. Cady thinks to talk to Priya. But thinks I can’t tell anything as Priya is very happy. Ram asks Priya to eat much. Priya says, I brought this plate for you. This is your new diet on the new year day. She asks, Pari and Mayra to watch their dad. Priya sees Khush and Suhani together again and smiles. Priya asks Khush, do you remember that I came here with you. Khush thinks she is talking about marriage. And says, I am still small. Priya says, I didn’t ask about marriage but asking about the special someone. Khush says, I will tell you before anyone else. Priya asks him to serve the dinner. Pihu asks Sammy to eat. Sammy says, I am not hungry. Pihu asks, do you want to create any scene. Vikram is eating. Riddhima threatens him and tries to take his photo to show it to Neha. Vikram gives his plate to Cady. Pihu thinks until Suhani is single, Sammy won’t get off her. She goes to Priya and hugs her. She says, I need a favour from you. I want to talk about Suhani. She says, we have to do something for her. Priya asks, what? Pihu says, did you notice she is upset and lost? why don’t you marry her to a good guy. Priya says, I will search for a good guy for her. Priya thinks about Khush and Suhani. Pihu thinks to make her way.

Ram is smiling. Priya asks, what happened? Why you are smiling? Ram says, I am going to take Sammy to the jewellery shop. And also I want to help him in choosing the ring for Pihu. Priya says, you want to repeat the goof up which you have done on our engagement. Ram says, I want to get loose ring for Pihu so that they shall have long and fruitful marriage. Priya asks him to sleep.

Ram and Sammy come to the shop. Ram says, this time I am going to supervise everything. They look for the ring. Sammy asks the salesman to show the ladies ring. He selects some ring. Ram shows him some ring. Sammy says it is for older woman. Ram sees the ring in Sammy’s hand. Sammy says Pihu will love it. Ram asks him to show it to Priya, Sammy asks the salesman to pack the ring.

Suhani recalls about Sammy and looks at the earrings which he gifted her. Khush comes and talks about smiles. Priya comes to them. Khush says, you need a long holiday from this home. Suhani asks, how did you know? Khush says you are disturbed from within and didn’t want to share with anyone. Suhani cries. Priya scolds him. Khush says sorry to Suhani. Priya says, I will plan a holiday for you. Priya looks at the earrings and praises it. Suhani says, Khush makes her smile. Khush suggests some places names.

Rahul is talking on phone. Vikram is hyper about the engagement arrangements. Vikram says I am stressed about Sammy’s behavior. Ram calls him and informs about Sammy selecting ring for Pihu. Rahul and Riddhima tries to calm him. Sammy comes and shows the ring to Priya. He says, it is selected by Ram uncle. Priya says, he told you naa. She says, Suhani has same matching earrings like this ring. Suhani says, my earrings are with Khush. Priya says, I will order this type of ring for you also. Priya asks her, are you seeing anyone. Suhani nods no. Priya asks, will you marry the guy of my choice. Suhani says, I will marry of your choice. Priya says, I will ask you before making a decision and bless her. Sammy is tensed.

Ram tells Priya about the international engagement. Priya laughs and says, just like you bring us here. Ram says, okay. We will do the engagement here.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sammy and suhani should get marry

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