Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Vikram home, Neha sprinkles water on Vikram’s face to get him out of sleep. Vikram wakes up and says I slept just in the morning. Neha replies that she knew and they have to go to Kapoor Mansion.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir house:

Shipra is dancing happily to the tune of jiska mujhe tha intezaar. Natasha looks happy. Sudhir teases her. She tells that they have to go to Ayesha’s place. Sudhir says is she giving us party. Natasha takes Shipra inside to change her makeup.

Scene Shifts to Vikram house:

Vikram and Neha are ready to go to Kapoor Mansion. Vikram thinks of taking Rahul along with them as he is free today. Vikram asks him to come with him.

Scene Shifts to Ram’s house:

Soumya tells Dadi and Maa that she

is going now. Dadi wishes her luck and says dont do any mistakes. my golu planned well. Soumya leaves happily.

Priya in the auto:

Neha calls Priya and asks is everything set. she says they are leaving now with Rahul. Priya says she will reach soon. I have to go to doctor. Neha asks what happened. Vikram says we are getting late. They leaves.

Scene Shifts back to Ram’s home:

Ram prepares breakfast for Pihu as Priya left home to go to the doctor. She doesn’t like it. Ram offers her apple and she have it. She says you are good as a papa and dont try to be mamma. A very happy father daughter conversation. Ram tells not to talk to any strangers and she should follow her parents words. Pihu says yes i know papa. Ram explains that he is not a good uncle and good uncle is the one who meets the family and dont asks the kid to come on the terrace secretly. she says sorry. They had a good laugh on Ram’s omelette.

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Natasha and Shipra comes. Natasha changes shipra’s looks and makes her 80′s looking mom. Shipra knocks on Ayesha’s room. Ayesha opens it and Shipra says that servant are speaking that he is in your room pointing at Sid. Ayesha says yes and you pls talk low as he is sleeping.
Shipra acts like a Nirupa roy, mom of old films and says what are you saying. Oh my god. why I am still alive hearing this. Ayesha is speechless. Natasha is having a laugh. Shipra pretends to cry and asks Ayesha what Sid is doing in her room? Natasha comes there and says maa why are you asking this, they are not together to save electricity, try to understand. Ayesha comes outside and closes the door from outside and asks them why they are here early morning. Shipra says we came for you. you know naa how’s Priya. she told us that you and him are getting married. Shipra tells her to say that it is a lie and whatever Priya said is a lie. Ayesha confirms that she is marrying Sid. Natasha asks did my brother Sid knows that you are marrying him. Ayesha says yes. Shipra says no no che che. Ayesha says what is your problem. Natasha says in this age who will marry her. shipra says that Sid will go to jail after marriage and what will Ayesha benefit from the marriage and she will be alone again. Ayesha says that he will not go to jail maa. Shipra asks her not to marry as she will repent for this marriage. Shipra cries inconsolably.

Scene shifts to Hospital:

Ram calls Priya and asks her where is she? She tells she is in the hospital opposite Dr. dutta’s room. He says he is also in the hospital and he will come there.
Ram asks what are you doing here? you have an appointment with Dr. saleem and not Dr. dutta, so lets go there. Priya says she have shown her to the doctor and check up was done. Ram asks what happened. Priya is silent. Ram asks her why is she silent, speak up. Priya tells him to be calm down and says she is pregnant. At first Ram doesn’t listen and says oh my god, I knew something like this would have happened and then he realise what Priya had said. He asks what you said. Priya again says that she is pregnant. Ram says you, we… Priya says you, me, that one. Ram smiles happily and Priya too.

Ram gets a call from Sid and he informs him that Shipra and Natasha came there and urging Ayesha not to get marry to him. Ram says I will talk to you later and cuts the call.

Ram asks Priya are you serious? Priya answers that she is informing him only after getting it confirmed from the gynaec. Ram smiles. he hugs her while the music is playing in the BG. they congratulates each other. Ram started pampering her and asks her to rest. She says what is wrong with you. I know I am pregnant. Ram says it is for the first time for me. Priya says yes sorry.
Ram says will I manage. Priya says yes you will. Priya says I want to eat khulfi. Ram says you will not have outside food, I will prepare for you at home. she says I can eat now. she asks him to go to Kapoor Mansion. Ram says I will go after leaving you at home. Priya says I can go home as I came here. Ram argues that he will drop her home and they leaves while BALH song is playing in the BG.

Scene Shifts back to Kapoor Mansion:

Shipra tells Ayesha that she showed her kundali to Neha’s pandit and he said that none of their qualities are matching with each other. Natasha says it will match if they have, but what if they dont have any qualities. She asks whose kundli have problem. shipra says both. Nats says perfect. She says let them marry they may become good. shipra asks her to be keep quiet.

Neha and Vikram arrives there and ask did she listen to them. Ayesha says she will not listen to them. Vikram asks Sid to come to the police station with him. they leaves. Natasha and Neha asks Gopal kaka to prepare food for them. Ayesha says this is her home. Just then Rahul comes with some moni baba and he sits.
Shipra tells him that Ayesha is in problem and pls give them solution. baba makes some strange faces, it is like playing dumbcharades. Neha figures out that he is saying who witch reside in this house. Neha says only Ayesha lives here. Baba enacts and Neha tries to read his acts and says whoever have live in relation before marriage that girl is bad. she gives so many bad languages. Ayesha gets up. Neha says baba this is old fashion talk. They love each other, they have a son also. Shipra says she will not do this after marriage.

Baba enacts and Neha says that baba is telling that if they have any relation before marriage than any one of them will go to jail. Nats says it is good, other will join there and will have honeymoon there. Neha asks can you go Ayesha to jail. Shipra asks her to shut up. Shipra asks Ayesha not to marry Sid and come with her. Ayesha says she will marry and all of you just go now. Neha and Nats are smiling.

Shipra continues to act and cry and she says my daughter you doli will go on my arthi. Nats asks Neha is she overacting. Neha says it is good, she is going on a right track, fantastic. shipra cries miserably while acting. Shipra asks her not to stay with Sid or else she can stay with her here. ayesha says no. Shipra then asks her to come along with her to sharma house. Natasha asks what are you saying. papa will not allow her inside home. Shipra asks her to be mum.

Scene Shifts to Sudhir home:

Priya comes there and calls natasha and all. sudhir informs her that everybody went to Ayesha’s placeto take part in Ram leela. Priya says yes, i know. Priya asks papa is something bothering you. Sudhir says I am sad. i have to fight against my loved ones. she says we are fighting for her. she says she is small. she is falling on own blocks. Sudhir says she is not small. she calls me by my name. Priya says dont think like that and you are hurt. you know Ayesha. Sudhir says it is their fault that they always pampers her a lot. Priya says she will make her understand. Mr. Kapoor and her and doing this to correct her mistakes. Sudhir says it is too late and he dont care now. Priya says it matters to her. This time Ayesha will not only say you sorry but also feel. Episode ends on her determined face.

Ram asks Shipra you daughter marriage is there with khush papa, what is your problem? Priya says here there are so many problem, infact big problem is your brother Siddhant. Siddhant and Mamaji looks on. Ram asks what are you doing here? I drop you home. Priya answers that she came here because her little sister’s life is spoiled. There is nothing much left in her life but whatever left she will try to save it after all she is her elder sister.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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