Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sid telling Juhi and mamaji that Ram betrayed him by giving power of attorney to Khush. Mamaji says he cannoty say anyhting against Khush ask he is Sid’s son. Sid says he knows what to do and goes from there angrily. Juhi asks mamaji not to pour salt on wound and says somebody will do the same they did to Sammy. He asks her to calm down as he knows their secret. Juhi remembers doing ram’s fake signatures on mamaji’s insistence. Mamaji says Juhi that her eyes are for apply kajal and not to show anger and to relax.
Neha and Vikram are talking to each other. Neha says she is alright now. Vikram says she keep silent whole day holding Sammy’s pics and says Sammy has gone now and will not come back. He lost 2 important people of his life and he cannot let her happen anything. He asks her to go so that she can forget Sammy. Neha says she cannot leave him alone and go. Vikram says he needs his wife back and cannot see her like that, she asks him to go for some days and come back.

Kady asks Rahul to take charge of house as whole family is sad. She asks him to support Vikram as he lost his son and a friend like Ram and says only Rahul can support Vikram. Rahul says he is proud that he married her and hugs her emotionaly.

Sid asks Khush why did he make such a big drama for power of attorney and says he forgot that he is his dad. Khush says he is his colours like a neta. Sid says he does not know anything about their company’s situation and he took power of attorney by making a fraud. Khush says he was with Ram always and he trusted him and gave him power of attorney. Sid tries to slap Khush, but Yash stops him. Khush says his parents are Ram and Priya and he will take care of their empire. Sid says he forgot who is his real father. Priya comes there and scolds them for fighting. She says they forgot that they are father and son. She then says Ram worked hard to earn money and build this empire, he will take care of it once he is proven innocent and comes out of jail.

Vikram says Rajath came for a book launch, but he is in this situation now. Rajath gets Priya calls who informs that lawyer brought power of attorney and it is in Khush’s name. Rajath shockingly asks who decided it. Priya says Ram decided it. Rajath says he will come there. She says she is going out and will meet him in 1 hour. Vikram asks what happened. Rajath informs that Ram gave power of attorney to Khush. Vikram gets shocked and says Ram has to take board of director’s approval to make any decision and says they wanted to give some powers to Sammy, but could not do it. Vikram says he has papers and will bring it. He goes and checks his cupboard and does not find them. Vikram then asks Rahul who came to his room in his absence as his company, property and all other papers are missing.

Suhani thinks why is Khush bevahing like this. She tries to get up. Khush helps her and asks if she is okay. She says she is fine and thought he will help her. He says he was working and did not see her. Suhani says he did not pay attention to money before, but why he has changed. Khush says he has not changed and is doing it for her and her kid. Suhani says she wants her old Khush back and hugs him. Khush thinks he has not changed.

Sid gets angry on Ram for giving power of attorney to Khush instead of him and says Khush is enemy now and not his son. Juhi asks him to calm down as people are doubting him. She says Priya confidently told she will bring Ram out. Sid says he cannot come out. Juhi says they will have to do something.

Suhani sees Khush coming out of Priya’s room and asks him what was he doing in Priya’s room. He says he came to meet Priya as she would be needing him after these incidents, but Pirya is not in her room. He takes Suhani to her room.

Vikram says Rajath that he is not understanding who will take his papers form cupboard. Rajath asks him to calm down and think where he kept them. Rajath asks Kady and Rahul to take care of Vikram and goes from there. Rahul comes to Vikram and asks him why is he not watching a match and says he is there with him. Vikram asks if Kady gave him this idea. Rahul says yes. He says women’s brain work well than them. He calls Kady and thanks her for taking care of Rahul. He asks Rahul to play their family video.

Natasha comes and meets Suhani and Khush. Suhani asks her why did she come here at this time. Natasha says she came to stay here after looking at the recent events. Khush’s sister gets excited hearing that and asks her to stay in Pihu’s room.

Priya meets Ram and assures him everything will be alright. She says she is unable to handle anything, not even Pihu. She needs him as a team to handle her family and Pihu and is missing him. Ram remembers telling her that they will be together forever and then remembers going to jail. Serials title song plays in the background….

Precap: Khush says Pihu that he will not give power of attorney to anyone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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