Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhanu coming to Natasha’s home to drop her. He says he will drop her home safely. Karthik comes and sees them together. Natasha is shocked. Bhanu says so you are the unlucky man Karthik. Bhanu says why you are saying sorry and says he is very lucky. He introduces himself as Bhanu. Karthik gets upset and leaves. Natasha thanks Bhanu for everything, Karthik looks at them from far. Natasha asks how you know, he is Karthik. He says he is expert in identifying that. Both of them goes inside her home.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram asks Priya and Pihu why you are here. Priya says she thought to have tea here in garden. Pihu asks some questions to Ram. She then says Mumma is fat because she had two babies but why Papa is fat? Priya smiles,

Ram takes Pihu to see butterfly. Karthik comes and asks her health. He tells Priya that you supported Natasha’s decision to leave me. He says where are your ideal words and her ideal words. He says she forgot me so fast and move on. I am living in a guilt, and she is enjoying with someone else. He says she returned home at 11:30 pm with that Bhanu… Priya says it is none of your business. Ram comes and asks what happened? Karthik says he was telling the truth.

Karthik says that Natasha didn’t love him and moved on so fast. he says your sister didn’t take time to make the relation. Ram gets angry and says Natasha is engaged to that person with whom she is roaming around. He asks him to leave. Priya looks shocked and asks Ram why you said that without talking to Natasha. Karthik leaves. Ram says I want to shut him up. Priya says I know but it is not right, It is Natasha’s life and she have to decide about her life. Ram says he knows it was wrong. Priya says now go and tell Natasha about your talk with Karthik. Ram says he will talk to Natasha. Dadi tells Priya to take rest as it is her goad bharayi in the evening. Ram tells Natasha that he wants to talk to her. Natasha says she needs to go now as she have to take papa to the hospital. Ram says ok, we will talk later. Natasha leaves.

Scene shifts to the baby shower function:

Bhanu takes Natasha photos. Neha and Soumya brings Priya who is heavily pregnant. While the old ladies does their part by playing the dhol and it is the good moment. Dadi asks Natasha and Soumya to do the rituals. They do the rituals one by one. Sudhir blesses Priya and gives her all the good wishes. Priya says she is missing her mom.

Karthik comes, everyone is shocked. Karthik says sorry for coming uninvited and says he came to wish his sister. He wishes Priya for her unborn kids, who is unmoved by his gesture. Karthik then turns to Natasha and says he came to wish Natasha too and says congratulations for her upcoming marriage. Natasha is shocked. Some guests asks when did she got engaged? Priya looks at Natasha. Neha hugs Bhanu and Natasha. Everyone claps. Ram is about to say, Natasha says did you said Karthik that I am engaged. Ram says he told him to shut him off. Natasha says she is happy being single and is there any need to give the name to every relation.

Scene shifts to Natasha and Bhanu:

Natasha gets a call from Ram but she disconnects the call. Bhanu says why you are hiding from everyone and why you are feeling bad with marriage proposal. He says he is ready to marry her. But Natasha says they are just friends since childhood. Bhanu says he was very happy to learn about it and also brought laddo for her. He asks her to shares the laddo with him. Natasha breaks the laddo into two pieces and finds the ring inside. She gets surprise. Bhanu says it is real ring of his Dadi’s. He expresses his feelings and says I love you since childhood and felt that I didn’t deserve you but give me a chance. He says he really loves her. Natasha is surprised. He asks her hand in marriage and says please dont say no. She happily holds his hand and nods yes. Bhanu is amazed that she said yes. He makes her wear the ring and says I love you while the song plays. He says I will keep you happy always and says I promise you.

Pihu asks Ram whether she will not talk to bua Natasha after marriage, Ram says why she is saying so? Pihu says since girls go away to their inlaws place after marriage and asks will I also have to go to someone else home. Ram says yes. .

Update Credit to: Amena

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