Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 7th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram getting up in the morning and checking message on his phone. He sees Neha’s missed calls and messages. He thinks he should stop her come back. He calls Neha and asks her sorry for not picking the call. He says Sammy and Pihu are alright and not to worry. He says Ram is alright and their business is fine. He asks to stay there and complete her work. He assures her everything is alright. He cuts the call and thinks he would have told her something while inebriated.

He goes to Rajath and says sorry if he had told him something. Rajath says he understand he was hurt and he should be as Ram is doubting him. They should focus on solving this issue. He asks Vikram to speak to Ram. Vikram says Ram does not listen to anyone. He even did not listen to Priya when they fought. He says he will speak to him anyways. Rajath says he thinks he should wait as Priya is coming back to Kapoor house. She will handle Ram. Vikram says it makes sense, Priya will handle the situation. He thanks Rajath for his suggestion.

Natasha meets Suhani and asks how is Priya. Suhani asks her to come home and check. Natasha says she is happy that Priya is coming back. She says it was difficult for Priya to leave Ram and his house, but she did it becauxse she knew Suhani is right and needed her. Natasha say Ram is blind in Pihu’s love and everything will be alright. Natasha then asks about Khush. Suhani says Khush is against Priya’s decision to go back as nobody asked about Priya all these days and now Ram wants har back. Natasha says Khush will understand.

Suhani brings Priya’s books and medicines to pack. Priya asks Khush to do his packing and asks Suhani if she did her packing. Suhani says she did not. Door bell rings. Priya opens the door and sees Ram standing. She says Ram finally he came. Ram says her house is waiting for her. Priya asks what about the family and what did Pihu, Juhi say. Ram says it does not matter, only matters if she wants to stay with him. Priya says of course nothing matters her than him. She says she wants Khush and Suhani come with her. Ram agrees. Priya asks Ram to come in and says she will convince Suhani.

Ram asks Khush why did not he call him and asks him to hug. Khush gets emotional and hugs him. Priya comes to Suhani’s room and asks why is she crying. Suhani says it is good Priya is going back to her family, but requests her not to take her home as it does not matter if she accompanies her or not. Priya says her family is incomplete without her and asks if she does not think she part of the family. She says she knows she does not want any problem between Sammy and Pihu, but she will handle everything and does not let anything wrong happen. She says it is difficult for her to go without her. She says she will not go until she is convinced and will inform Ram about it. Khush says not to do that and to go with Ram, he will convince Suhani and bring her home. Priya says she cannot do that and goes to speak to Ram.

Priya calls Ram and says she will not come with him and to go from there. Natasha listens Priya and asks what happened. Priya says Suhani does not want to come as she thinks she will come in the way of Pihu and Sammy. Natasha says Suhani is thinking right, Pihu will create trouble. Priya says she cannot leave Suhani and Khush here. She wants to go with Ram, but does not want to leave kids here. Natasha asks Priya to go with Ram. She says she will go and speak to Suhani. She goes to Suhani and asks why is she telling lie. She says she knows even she wants Priya to go with Ram and thinks she is the reason for their separation. She says Priya helped you as you were right. If you want to see Priya happy, you have to erase your past completely from your system, she is telling this from her personal experience and told Pihu also about the same. She says she has right to dream about her and her kid and asks her to marry Khush. Natasha says Suhani that Khush loves her and everybody will be happy if they marry. Sammy and Pihu’s problem will solve.

Pihu sees Sammy taking out her wedding ring. She scolds him for taking out the ring and says she know howmuch their relationship matters to him and asks him to change his thinking. She comes out and sees Juhi out with juice. She asks why is she hearing their talk. Juhi says she brought juice for her. Pihu says Priya is coming back, she will bring Suhani with her and will ruin her life. Juhi says she is with her and hugs her.

Priya comes home. Kids get happy seeing her. They see Khush and greet him. Ram says Suhani and Khush are not married yet, but will marry soon.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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