Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mayra asking Diwali gift from Priya and Ram. Priya gives the gift. Ram asks Priya to gift Naina. Priya gives the special gift and wishes her Happy diwali. Mamaji comes and asks for his gift. Ram laughs and asks, what you are gifting us being an elder. Mamaji takes out 1 rupee note from his pocket to the amazement of everyone. Everyone asks for a gift from Mamaji. Pihu is talking with someone and says stop calling me again and again. She says she can’t come. Juhi overhears and asks, Pihu replies she is talking to her friend. Juhi is informed by the servant that some guy came and is drunk. Juhi is rushing outside, but sid assures he will handle. Ram tells juhi that Sid will handle him as he is worried. Rajeev is taken to the police station and the Inspector informs Ram that his work is done. Ram thanks him. Sid asks, why you told juhi that I handled the situation. Ram asks do you like Juhi or said yes because of me. Sid says yes, I like her. Ram says that’s why I told Juhi that you will handled the situation. I want her to trust you, to have confidence on you. Juhi looks at Ram and smiles. Priya sees her smiling and tells her to stop staring Sid. Actually Juhi is eyeing Ram.

Suhani bumps into Pihu and Pihu gets angry. Pihu tells Sammy that Robin is outside. Priya sees Pihu going after Sammy and asks Suhani for a favour. She asks her to let her know. Sammy comes to Robin and asks, why Pihu dumped me. Robin starts badmouthing about Pihu. Sammy gets angry and slaps him. Khush comes and asks, what is the matter? Sammy tells him that he sorted out. Pihu comes out and thanks Sam. Suhani sees them hugging each other. Suhani informs Priya that Sammy is trying to get close to Pihu. Priya sees Pihu and Sammy and comes to them. Priya asks, what is going on? Sammy says Suhani told you. Priya says you should not do anything. Priya says she have to talk to Neha. Khush comes and tells Sammy that he is gone. Khush tells Priya that Robin was teasing Pihu. Sammy says he just conforted Pihu and leaves. Khush tells Priya that Sammy used to take care of Pihu. Pihu asks her to trust atleast Khush, if not her daughter. Suhani says sorry, khush asks her to chill and says they are friends.

Juhi compliments Pihu and says you needn’t call me maa. Pihu says she will always be her mom. Pihu tells her that Suhani told something to her mom and she misunderstood. Pihu says she didn’t like the way her mom talk to Sammy. Juhi asks her to give time to Priya.

Juhi asks Pihu, whether she likes Sammy. Pihu says they are just friend but she feels something for Sammy. Juhi says you should give this out. Khush calls them. Pihu recalls her moments spent with Sammy. Maa and dadi are playing cards. Mamaji thinks Ram is having fun with fat and thin women. Naina comes and asks for money. Juhi says she don’t have now. Ram asks Sid to give money as Naina is his daughter now. Sid gives the money and asks her to enjoy. Naina takes the money.

As Pihu and Sammy joins the game. Suhani makes an excuse and is about to leave. Sammy sits to play the game but loses and Suhani wins. Khush asks her to give the punishment to Sammy. Suhani says she will put bandage on his wounds. Khush says she is good. Suhani says sorry to Sammy while bandaging his wound. Sammy says you need a boyfriend to know a difference between friend and boyfriend. Sammy asks her to feel something.

Priya tells that Ram will win. Juhi says Sid will win. Juhi tells Ram that she caught him as he is trying to do the cheating. Ram says that you have caught me the previous time. Juhi says obliviously as she knows him. Priya looks at Juhi holding Ram hand. Juhi sees this and removes her hand.

Naina calls Ram and asks him to come to burn crackers. Priya tells Sid that Naina is calling you. Naina tells him that Ram Dad used to teach them to burn crackers.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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