Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram standing in the window sadly in thoughts. Priya comes and says she is with him. Whatever happened should not have happen. Nothing will happen to Natasha. We will together fight with this problem. Priya cries. Ram says why this happened with choti. Priya says we will file for divorce and whatever Karthik did, he will get the punishment and Natasha will stay with us here. She is not only your sister but my sister also. Ram and Priya had a emotional hug.

Ram and Priya sees taxi coming inside the gate and sees Natasha in the drunken state barefooted with slippers in her hands. Ram says Oh my god and walks to hold her. Ram asks are you ok? Natasha says I am ok, absolutely fine. When Priya tries to hold her, Natasha yells at her saying your brother hurted me when he wished he came in my life, hurted me and left. It is my life, I will decide. She says wait and watch. Priya gets hurt. Ram takes her to her room. When Natasha about to fall, Priya tries to hold her. But Natasha yells at her saying not to touch her. She says everything finish. My marriage, your marriage, just get out of the house. Priya tells that she is with her. Natasha says she did not trust anybody. Ram again holds her and make her sleep on the bed. Priya sits beside her bedside and says everything will be alright Natasha.

Dadi tells Rishabh and Maa about Natasha’s bad luck and says why didn’t God took me away before seeing this day. Maa tries to comfort her. Rishabh asks her not to lose hope. Dadi tells Rishabh when Natasha was 10 years old she asked her Dad to bring ribbons. Then shows a flashback scene where Natasha telling rishabh that she will wear the blue ribbons in the party and will look best amidst all. Servant brings ribbons of all colour and not blue colours, seeing this Natasha gets angry and cuts her hairs. Sensing her anger, Rishabh tells the servant why he didn’t informed their elder brother who would have got it anyway. Flashback ends. Dadi says when Ram came to knew about it. He came running back home and got her a blue ribbon because he knew if Natasha gets angry then she will hurt herself. Maa says everybody is here to take care of her and Priya is also with her. She says Natasha is going through a bad phase in her life now but she have faith that everything will be alright.

Next scene shows Karthik on the Road, Jhanvi crying in her room and Natasha sitting like a stone remembering their marriage rituals. Jhanvi holds her baby picture frame remembering her marriage rituals and cries. Karthik falls on the road and cries. Natasha drinks alcohol and cries while the song khwabon ka jharoka sach tha ya dhoka plays in the background.

In the morning, Natasha shouts for Gopal kaka and alcohol bottle slips from her hands. she was about to keep her foot on the glass, but Priya holds her on time and shouts for Gopal kaka and asks him to clean the glass fast. Soumya gets lemon water and Priya asks her to drink so that she will feel better. Natasha asks her to leave me alone. She says she wants to live life in the trance, she dont want to think anything. Priya says it is not your fault, why are you torturing yourself. Dont hurt yourself. You will feel sick. Natasha says why you care. Priya says she will choose between Karthik and her and please dont punish yourself for other’s sin. Natasha says it hurts a lot and everything reminds the pain and she dont want to see. Ram looks sadly. Priya also cries. Priya conforts her and says it is not your fault, dont punish yourself. We will get the solution for this problem. He will be punished. She says we will handle this together. Trust me, nothing bad will happen with you.

We are all with you. She urges her not to punish herself. You dont deserve this. Natasha says I loved them all and my love was false and I deserve this. Natasha asks her to leave and closes the door. Priya cries. Natasha cries badly.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Shipra talks with the baby saying he slept after making his dadi awaked all night. She finds a letter and is shocked. Sudhir comes and asks shipra what happened? Shipra gives the letter left by Karthik to Sudhir. It reads forgive me and I am going to search for the answers and I will return when I find a way. please take care of my baby and yours also. Sudhir says shipra that he ran away from his responsibility. Shipra says he is repenting for his mistakes. Sudhir says he left his baby with us. When he cheated his wife then he didn’t thought. He didn’t fulfilled his responsibility towards his wife then how will he fulfill his responsibility towards his child. He warns Shipra if she ever think to bring that girl (Jhanvi) here than she will have to lose him for forever.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya is crying alone. Ram comes and says her sorry. He says he is saying sorry not only from choti’s side but for himself. He shouldn’t have talked to her parents that way. He says my choti’s marriage is breaking infront of my eyes. I failed you. Priya says Karthik has failed me not you. you always thought about siblings. Look at Siddhant, he wants to starts his life afresh and I am sure Natasha will be alright. Why you said I felt bad about your words. She cries throughout. And says she accepts this should not have happen and karthik should be punish. Ram says he is unable to do anything for Natasha. Priya says Our family happiness cant be away from us. I am with you and Natasha. Ram holds her hands and says I am so lucky you are with me. I am so lucky that you not only love me but my family also. He thanks her and hugs. The Episode ends on their hug.

Neighbour comes to Sharma house and says they heard baby’s cries in the night and wondered from where it is coming. She asks Shipra whose baby is this? She says still time is left for Priya’s delivery. Shipra struggles to answer. Sudhir looks annoyed at Shipra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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