Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram coming to Priya and asks, what happened. He sees Priya standing outside Pihu’s room. Pihu thanks Juhi for giving the best gift. Saanchi calls Dhruv, Dhruv says you might be missing me naa. Saanchi says she is tensed to come to the party. She says, what I will talk to your friends etc. Dhruv tells her not to get tensed and says she is his jaan now. Saanchi says she is very nervous. Dhruv comes to her through the balcony and sits beside her. Saanchi says one day you will be caught. dhruv says he is waiting for the day. Saanchi asks him to be with her. Dhruv says ok and asks her to sleep. He leaves after saying good bye. Saanchi smiles. At Kapoor Mansion, Ram signs the singers to sing, they sings Jai mata di.. Priya asks what is going on…They

sings Jai Bhabhi ki… Priya asks them to stop. Priya asks what is this drama? Ram says they can even sing her favourite song Lag Jaa gale….Priya says she will press their necks. Ram
asks them to go. They leaves. Ram says he did this to make her feel special. Priya says he is not feeling special anymore. She says it is of no use now and asks him to tell straightaway instead of taking other’s help.

Sid comes and tells Ram that he needs to talk about Pihu. He tells that Sammy and Pihu are good friends and Juhi noticed that they like each other. Ram asks, what Juhi noticed this. Ram says this is rubbish. Ram says Pihu is his daughter and she can’t like Sammy that way. Sid says they are serious about each other and wants to marry him. Ram says it can’t be true. Juhi comes and says she knows Pihu since 7 years and this time she is serious about Sammy. Ram asks them to go and says he don’t want to hear lecture about love from them. Ram tells priya that he tried to become mother and father to Pihu. And they are telling Pihu told Juhi about it. Priya says you are overpossessive about Pihu. She might be uncomfortable to talk to him so talked to Juhi. Ram asks, whether she didn’t feel bad that Pihu didn’t share with her. Priya says she didn’t feel bad as she is a mother. Priya says she will talk to Pihu.

Aaji and Nani keeps so many dresses for Saanchi and asks her to wear a good dress out of this. Advait comes and says Dilshaad sent a clothes for you. Aaji asks her to wear her mother’s Shalini saree. Saanchi says she will wear it as a sign of her blessings. Priya comes and wishes Pihu a Very happy birthday. Pihu thanks her. Priya tells her that she wants to talk about Sammy. Pihu asks, what? Priya says I know that you like him very much. Pihu asks, who told her about it. Priya says what do you want? She says it is a difficult to differentiate between love and attraction in this age. She says they don’t want to decide in a hurry. She gives her Natasha and Karthik’s example. She asks her to figure out what is in her heart. Pihu says it is not attraction and she really loves him. Priya asks, whether Sammy loves her. Pihu is not sure. Priya says may be Sammy does everything for your friendship. Juhi comes and says sorry for interrupting. She tells Priya that Sammy behaves differently with Pihu. He looks at her lovingly.

Aaji and Nani are happy to see Saanchi in saree. Advait says you are looking very pretty. Aaji says she is very beautiful and take out the evil eye. Dhruv comes and asks, where is Saanchi. He says he doesn’t recognise her as she is looking very beautiful. Nani asks them to come close for the photo shoot. Advait clicks their photos. Dhruv says we will leave now. Saanchi tells Dhruv that she forgot to take the car keys. Dhruv says they will go by some other means. Cady asks Sammy that he is looking confused with his clothes etc. Sammy says he is concerned as his friends are coming for pihu’s birthday. She pulls his legs. She advise him to propose to his lady love. Sammy says he was about to seek her advise. Cady says everything is looking on your face.

Mayra comes and shows some dresses to Pihu. Pihu says she needs only a particular color. Mayra asks, what is that in the color. Pihu says she looks good in that color. Pari convinces Suhani to come to the party. She tells her that Sammy is also coming. Suhani shows the dress which Khush has brought for her. Pari says it is pretty and will look good on you.

Priya welcomes the guests. Cady comes with Daijaa. Priya gets happy to see her and thanks her for coming. Daijaa says I daily meet you in my dreams. Daijaa wishes her Happy birthday. Priya says it was Pihu’s birthday. Daijaa says it was your birthday too when Pihu was born. She tells her Happy mother’s day. Dhruv and Saanchi come to the party holding each other hands. Rishabh welcomes them and tells that Dadi is waiting for them. Some girl tells Saanchi that she needs water. Saanchi goes to bring it. dhruv meets Dadi and goes to meet Sammy. Natasha comes and thinks the girl to be Saanchi’s daughter. Saanchi tells her that she is not her daughter. Dhruv and Sammy bonds well. Dhruv says you didn’t change a bit, always surrounded by the girls. Dhruv says he brings his ladylove with him. Sammy asks him to introduce him to Saanchi. Dhruv introduces Saanchi, Sammy tells that she is hot. Saanchi feels awkward. Dhruv goes to bring water for her. Sammy tells her that she might be feeling odd and goes on to speak. Suhani comes and thinks he is mingling with girls again. Dhruv comes back, Sammy excuses himself. Khush asks Suhani, what you have done to yourself. Khush says you are looking gorgeous. Suhani thanks him.

Natasha talks with Daijaa and asks her to visit them again. Priya waits for Pihu. Pihu walks down the stairs while Priya smiles recalling about the little Pihu. She wishes her Happy birthday and compliments her. She asks about the pendant which she is wearing. Pihu says you wanted me to wear this naa, and papa make me wear it. She says it is my precious gift. Priya gets tears in her eyes and she thanks him. Pihu meets Daijaa and Daijaa says she has grown up. Dhruv asks Sammy about his love interest. Sammy blushes and says it is nothing like that. Dhruv asks him to tell. Sammy shows Suhani to him. But Dhruv sees Pihu and thinks she is Sammy’s love. Dhruv greets Pihu and Pihu asks for her gift. Dhrv says he didn’t get anything. Pihu says she will give the return gift and signs at Ankita. Dhruv thinks Sammy told her as he sees Saanchi. Ankita comes and hugs him. Saanchi feels uncomfortable. Ankita says she has been missing him. Pihu wonders where is Sammy. Sammy comes and hugs her. He wishes her Happy birthday. Pihu says she likes his gift and asks, whether he truly mean it. Sammy says ofcourse, I genuinely mean it. He compliments her. Suhani looks at them while they hug each other.

Priya asks Cady about Neha. Cady says her flight is at midnight. Cady reminiscence about little Pihu and her stuff. Priya says she remembers everything and says Pihu used to compete with her. Cady says today is her 22nd birthday. Priya says she will always be small for me. Cady shows Saanchi to Priya. Priya goes to meet her. She greets Saanchi and introduces herself. Saanchi smiles. Priya says you might be feeling alone in crowd.

Priya tells Saanchi that years ago, she felt the same thing amidst the crowd. She says they seems to be perfect but they are different from us. She says but one fine day, someone held my hand and took me in the crowd and that day I was not scared. That man was my husband Ram Kapoor. She says when someone will hold your hand then you will not feel lonely at parties. Dhruv comes, Priya asks him to enjoy the party with Saanchi. Dhruv tells her to wish Pihu. Saanchi and Dhruv gifts her loreal paris hamper. Pihu likes it. Priya tells dhruv to make Saanchi comfortable at the party. Dhruv complies. Suhani comes and wishes her happy birthday. Pihu asks her, whether she didn’t get a good dress to wear for party as this colour doesn’t suit you. Suhani says it was actually gifted to her by her friend. Pihu laughs with her friends and excuses. Dhruv and Saanchi dance on the song Ishq sufiyaana…..Ram looks at Priya and viceversa.

Ram tells Vikram that his plans to agree Priya is failing everytime. Vikram says we will take someone’s opinion and asks Sammy’s help. Ram says he is my enemy. Vikram says sometimes enemies idea too works. Vikram asks Sammy to tell how to make everything fine between couples. Dhruv says he will say. Dhruv says love, trust and togetherness are connected with each other.That man should win with trust. He asks him to make his love understand that he is just for her. Ram asks, what they knows about love. Dhruv says love doesn’t know any boundaries like age etc. Ram asks Sammy to do the work. Sammy asks him to confess the love. Vikram asks him to be punjabi and do it. Dhruv insists. Ram says ok, lets do it. Ram says Priya, I will make you fall in love with me again….

Mrs. Goel comes to the party and greets Ankita. She meets Dhruv and surprises him. Dhruv says he will return soon. Dhruv asks her to hug him as they are meeting after many days. Dhruv says he will get a good news for her. Khush annnounces that this party will be full of surprises and first surprise is planned by Ram Dad and Priya angel for Pihu. He shows the collage on the projector. It starts with Pihu’s childhood clips and then Priya and Ram’s love journey shown in the clippings. Priya asks Ram, what is this as it should be Pihu’s AV. Ram swears he didn’t do anything. Vikram, Sammy and Dhruv escapes as Ram wants to show Priya that it was their mischief. Dhruv says it was his plan. Sammy says it was his loss. Dhruv asks them to solve the problem together. Dhruv comes to Saanchi and asks her to meet his friend. Dhruv introduces Saanchi to Ankita. Ankita says she wants her DV back. Saanchi feels uncomfortable to see Ankita with Dhruv. She invites her to come to Panchgani. Ankita takes him with her.

As Pihu is gearing up to cut the cake, Ram brings the chocolate eclair cake. Pihu says did you remember. Ram says Pihu loves it and Priya used to make it on her every birthday. Ram tells everyone that Pihu didn’t eat chocolate eclairs in the last seven years when Priya was in coma. He wishes her happy birthday and says it is made by your mom. Pihu gets touched by her gesture and cuts the chocolate eclairs. Priya gets tears in her eyes. Pihu hugs them. As Priya is leaving, Ram stops her and sits on his knees. He asks her to trust him as he didn’t want to hurt her. Priya says I do and says she can see everything in his eyes while the music plays in the BG.

Pari and Mayra asks them to dance as the problems are resolved between them. Ram asks her for dance and she happily agrees. They dance romantically eyeing each other while the son plays jaane kyun yeh shaam dhalti hain……While they were dancing, Priya blouse hook opens, Ram takes her to the corner and closed the loop. They smiles happily looking at each other. Khush comes to suhani and asks, did she like ram and priya angel patch. Suhani says she is happy for them. Khush asks her to dance. She agrees. Khush and Suhani dances while the song kuch toh hain tere raapta…..Pihu thinks to clear with sammy whether he loves her.

Pihu comes to Sammy, while he was looking at Suhani. Pihu tells Sammy that she wants to talk to Papa about them. She asks, do he mean it. She asks, will you marry me? Sammy doesn’t listen her and asks her to dance. he takes her to the dance floor….Sammy hugs Pihu while dancing to make Suhani jealous. Ram looks at Pihu and Sammy. Priya tells him that Priya is grown up. Ram says sammy is vikram’s son and says he can’t spoil his life. Priya says Pihu likes Sammy and I have notice that she is always excited to be with him. She says we have to be ready for her marriage. She says they look good together. Ram says may be you are right and says he didn’t wear the specs today. Pihu says she got an answer for her question. Sammy asks, what? Pihu says that we will be the best couple of the world. Sammy replies that they will be together always and excuses herself. Pihu gets very much happy and thanks God.

Ankita asks Dhruv to dance with her. Dhruv says his partner is someone else tonight and asks Saanchi to dance with him. They dance on the song saans me tere saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi……They look at each other passionately and dance romantically holding each other. Ankita comes in between and dance with him. Saanchi gets down the dance floor. Saanchi collides with Dhruv’s mom. Mrs. Goel thanks her for taking care of Dhruv. She says they are planning his engagement with Ankita. Saanchi is shocked. Mrs. Goel says they are childhood friends and asks for Saanchi’s opinion. She says they are good looking couple. Saanchi is shocked and leaves from there.

Saanchi is crying, Priya comes and asks her what happened? Saanchi says he left my hand in the crowd. Priya asks, do you love him? Saanchi says yes. Priya asks do you trust him? Saanchi says she is not understanding anything now as her eyes are seeing something and her heart is feeling something. Priya says heart can never be wrong and says trust is very important in a relationship. Priya comforts Saanchi with her words.

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Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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