Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram informing Rajath that Sammy cannot do business with Sid without informing him. Neha hears that and says Sid must have trapped Sid, Sammy was not even talking to Sid. Vikram says Sid created misunderstanding between Ram and him. Neha says Sid called Vikram a thief and Sammy knew this. Vikram says we don’t know if a deal happened between Sammy and Sid. Rahul comes and informs he happened between them. Vikram asks why did not he inform him. Rahul says he called me with a legal issue.

Priya sees Juhi and Sid going out of their room and goes into their room to check if she can find some evidence. Sid and Juhi come back. Priya hides seeing them. Juhi gets her mobile and they both leave. Priya starts searching and finds gloves worn by murderer. She hears someone coming, takes gloves and hides again.

Vikram scolds Rahul for not informing him about Sammy and Sid’s deal. Rahul says he wanted to tell him, but with the party ahead, could not inform him. Vikram says we should find out the truth first.

Priya gives gloves to Rajath and says she got it from Sid’s room and these were worn by the murderer. Rajath says let us recheck the video. They start rechecking the video. Sid comes there. Priya asks why is he here. He says he is searching Juhi. He goes out and informs Mamaji about Priya and Rajath meeting often now a days. He asks him to find out what is happening between them.

Priya says murderer’s glove has black mark and even this glove has black mark. Sid will benefit if Sammy is dead, but why did he trap Ram. Sid and Ram relationship got better, but he must have done to take out everyone’s attention from him, he will get Ram’s business if Ram goes to jail. Rajath says we can see just right hand of murderer and court will not agree to this evidence. Priya says with this evidence, Vikram’s misunderstanding will clear, she feels she should inform this to lawyer and others.Priya thinks Khush cannot do this as he respects her and Ram. She calls Natasha and says she is confused. She says she does not know whom to believe, she just wants Ram to get out of jail and prove him innocent. She says Ram is innocent and she feels helpless that she cannot do anything for him. She does not know whom to believe in house. Natasha asks her to calm down and sleep. Priya says this time situation is different. Natasha asks her again to relax and sleep, she will come and meet her tomorrow. Priya thanks her and cuts the call.

Khush says Suhani he will check her medicine. He aggressively searches his glove in the cupboard and does not find it. Suhani thinks what happened to Khush after the party. Khush thinks Priya must have taken it and thinks Priya will mistake him as murderer.

Precap: Lawyer informs that Ram has given power of attorney to Khush. Whole family gets shocked hearing that.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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