Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu requesting Priya to let her come with her to receive Ram. Priya agrees. Phone rings, but stops ringing before Priya picks the call. Priya says it was a miss call. Pihu says it was a blank call as it came on landline. She asks Priya why she is so nervous and to relax. Priya says she sees Priya Ram Kapoor standing in front of her. Pihu says she is Pihu Priya Ram Kapoor and wants to be just like her mom. They are about to for court when mamaji stops Priya and wishes good luck. Priya scolds mamaji for stopping them while going for a good work and says she did not expect this from an elder like him. Maama tries to justify his gesture and says he does not believe in all this.

Court hearing starts and Ram lawyer starts his argument. Judge asks him to show the evidences soon. Lawyer says Suhani confessed herself that she killed Suhani as Samar wanted to kill her child. Judge asks if she is telling this under any pressure. Suhani says she is not under any pressure and the truth is she killed Sammy by shooting him and another truth is she did not want to kill him, but he forced her to kill him. She tells the incident happened between her and Sammy and she getting Ram’s revolver and killing Sammy. She says she wanted Sammy to be happy in his marriage and she even kept herself out, but he did not understand. She was afraid that she will lose the family if she tells the truth and also did not want to lose her child, she god a mother like Priya and friend like Khush. Lawyer says Suhani herself confessed her crime and requests to punish her and free Ram. Judge announces Suhani as Sammy’s murder and pronounces life time imprisonment for her and to free Ram. Priya and her whole family gets relaxed hearing that. Bade Achhe Lagte hain… song plays in the background.

Everyone eagerly waits for Ram’s release. Ram comes and hugs Khush first. Khush asks reporters not to question Ram now and let him pass. Ram moves towards Priya. Whole family watch them meeting. Priya welcomes Ram and says she told nothing would happen to him. They both hold each other’s hand and walk towards car. Ram takes keys from driver and says he will drive as it is stress buster for her. Priya resists at first, but then agrees.

Priya watches Ram driving car smilingly. Ram asks what is she looking. She says she is thinking if it is dream or truth. Ram says it is truth and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He says she is his strength and holds it tightly.

Ram and Priya reach home. Whole family greets Ram with an aarti. Ram says he did not win a battle. A lady there says it is for his protection. All kids dance meeting him. Pihu then takes Ram to his room to rest.

Khush goes to jail to meet Suhani, but inspector does not allow him to meet her. He sadly comes home and informs Pihu that he went to meet Suhani, but inspector did not let him meet her. Pihu says it is good inspector did not allow and says he has to move forward in life.

Ram and Priya reach their room. Ram thanks her and says it was not possible because of her. He had lost hope, but she did not give up. Priya says she will feel like a stranger if he repeatedly thanks her and says she did it for herself and even she had lost hope but their love made her to be courageous and fight. She says she listened to her heart and mind as giving up on him means giving up on them and she would not have done that. She should actually thank him and says thank you for being my life. They both then hug emotionally. Bade Ache lagte hain plays in the background….

Priya smilingly talks to Pihu. Pihu asks her to keep smiling and says life is back. Priya says life is back in her life now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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