Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari and Mayra speaking about bringing the dog to make Priya happy and says it was Juhi’s idea. Priya hears it. Ram too hears it and asks them, Pari and mayra tells him that it was Juhi mom’s idea. Ram comes to juhi and says we need to talk. He asks, whether it was her plan to bring the Dog to make everything alright between him and Priya. Juhi says it was just a suggestion. Ram says it is his headache to resolve their issues. Juhi says she can’t see it. Ram asks, because you love me right? Juhi says I couldn’t see as a friend and asks him, why he is raising the issue. Ram says he don’t want her help and specially from her. juhi says she didn’t do purposely. Ram asks her to stay away from them.

Priya is doing online shopping

and she asks for pari and mayra’s suggestion. Mayra says she has everything and says Juhi and Ram dad have given her everything. Priya says it is so strange that at one time she was well aware of them specially Pihu but now she don’t know anything. Priya feels sad. Khush comes and says he can smell the confusion and asks Priya to give her whatever she wants from her heart. He asks her to give blessings on her birthday. Priya says your name is right, Khush. Khush says he will help her in making collage.

Ram tells Vikram that he is trying to make everything fine between him and Priya but juhi intervene. Vikram asks him to think about Pihu’s birthday party. he asks Vikram to call bansal and he will call goel. Ram calls Dhruv and invites him to attend Pihu birthday party. Dhruv says he will come. Suhani is studying, khush comes and tells her hi… After talking to her for a while, he gives the gift to her. She opens the gift and finds the dress. She thanks him. Suhani says she is not coming in the party. khush asks her to talk to Ram dad and Priya angel.

Juhi feels sad recalling Ram words and the promise made to Pihu. she says Pihu needs her help and asks Sid for his help. Sid tells her that he met Pihu when she was six. Juhi asks him to talk to Ram about pihu. She says Pihu is in love. Sid gets excited. juhi says he is Sammy. Sid says they shall talk to Ram before he comes to know about it from outside. Sid says lets go and talk. Juhi says sorry and asks him to talk to him alone. Sid convinces her and says they are husband and wife for the outside world. Juhi says it is complicated. Sid says you are not guilty then why you are feeling guilty. He asks her to relax.

Cady asks Sammy to give the phone as her phone is not having network. Sammy says he needs to call dhruv. He calls Dhruv and tells him about Pihu’s birthday. Dhruv says Ram invited him. Sammy says he was inviting their friends. Cady asks Sammy to give the phone. Vikram is talking with neha and says her flight is not confirmed. Sammy says we will surprise her later. Cady tells Riddhima and Saurav are coming and their fight have sorted out. Sammy says he is cool. Vikram asks Cady to show the gift she has chosen for Pihu.

Priya wakes up in the night, Ram asks what are you doing? Priya says she is preparing the surprise for Pihu. Ram tastes chocolate eclairs. Priya says Pihu can taste it. Ram says, we have decided naa that we will plan everything together. Priya says they will plan the party together. Ram says ok, we will wish her together. Priya says she wants to wish her alone as she used to wish her on her every birthday. She says she wants to resume her tradition after 7 years. She asks Ram to bring candle on the chocolate eclairs and she will bring Pihu and will cut the cake together. Ram obliges.

Priya recalls little Pihu’s birthday while the song Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari…She recalls the happy moments with Pihu. Priya comes and sees Juhi gifting necklace to Pihu. Pihu wears it and thanks her. Priya is taken aback. Juhi tells Pihu that she wishes her first since 7 years and gets return gift too. She asks Pihu to smile.

Priya tells Saanchi that when someone holds her hand then she will not feel alone in the crowd. Priya and Saanchi smiles..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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