Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kush’s sisters asking him not to be sad for Suhani and say Suhani will be punished soon. Priya comes there and asks girls to go from there. She asks Kush why is he doing this to himself. Kush says he is feeling cheated, he would not have loved Suhani even after knowing that her kid is Sammy’s and even then wanted to give the kid his name. He wanted to do it as he believed Ram and Priya as their idol, but Suhani cheated her. He says he spoke to Pihu and he does not think he will forget Suhani or her betrayal. He says he is feeling very sad and cries. Priya says he is very strong and she is very proud of him. She says his heart is broken, but he went and consoled Pihu and only he can do it. She says time will heal everything and will help forget all bad and good memories. She says it is difficult, but not impossible and says it is not his fault that he loved Suhani and it is just fate. She says she did not even think she will love Ram and even he used to think the same, but they got married and love each other a lot and feel each other’s presence even when not together. She can share her feelings and even he can do it, that is the power of love. She says it is easy to advice and one who is suffering knows the pain and says Kush’s pain will make him strong. She says he will get a girl in his life soon who will love him and he will love her. She asks him to get stronger to welcome the love he will get in the future. Lawyer calls Priya and says with Suhani’s confession, Ram will be proved innocent, but public prosecutor may argue against them. Priya asks him to prepare well then. Lawyer agrees and says he will prepare well. Priya says Kush that his dad will be back soon.

Priya looks at Ram’s pic and thinks she promised Ram to get him out and she is fulfilling her promise. She thinks tomororw’s morning will bring a new ray of life and they will not have any sorrows in life.

Lawyer says Priya that they have got the case date and asks Priya to make sure Suhani does not change her confession. Priya says she will not. Lawyer says then Ram will be released soon. Natasha says Priya that she was just getting nervous unnecessarily. Priya says she was nervous because of the incidents happening and was not prepared to see something good happening. She says she is afraid that something wrong will happy. Natasha says it is just emotions in her mind and asks her not to worry. She says Ram’s love is with her and he is out of danger because of their love. She says let us inform about this good news to other family members.

Sid sees mamaji speaking to someone and asks whom he is talking to. Mamaji says he was doing setting on phone. Sid asks why is he thinking that at this age. Mamaji asks about him. Sid says he is happy that Kush is controlling himself. Mamaji refers Sid as Bharath and says Ram will meet him soon. Sid says he does not understand his words and goes from there.

Girls hug Priya and Natasha after hearing the good news and say they should party. Kush gets angry and asks if they want to party after all these incidents. Priya asks girls not to do something with which Kush will get disturbed. She says they will party after Ram comes back, but will do pooja first. Girls get happy. Kush asks Priya if she loves Kush. Priya says she loves Kush from his childhood and says Kush will be alright and will handle everyone, but just needs time.

Priya sits on the bed and remembers time spent with Ram. Bade Achhe Lagte hain…. song plays in the background.

Kush sees something in the cupboard and gets shocked. She thinks of talking to Suhani.

Piya gets ready in the morning and and arranges her room. She thinks Ram will be happy seeing his room in order and says she missed him a lot and describes each habit of Ram. She thinks she does not know how she spent time without him and says she wants to hug him and tell that she loves him and cannot live without him.

Precap: Judge announces Ram as innocent and Suhani as murderer of Sammy. He orders life imprisonment for Suhani and to free Ram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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