Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rahul tells all to focus.. n tells that there is a special competition for all couples there..its Tie contest…! He tells all that they have to put Tie on. .not strangle their man..! Vikram-Neha and RaYa and Kartik-Nutz!

Rahul explains the game.. .! He tells all couples to get up and face each other..! Ties are kept in front of all couples.. n that the hands of all hubbies will be tied..! Ram refuses.. but Rahul says..there is only 1 minute for this..!

The contest starts .. n Neha asks Vikram why he is bending.. n he says.helping! Neha says..posture is important..! Neha puts her arm in Vikrams coat and he feels shy ..! Vikram self thot if Neha finds out what is in his pant pocket..he is gone..! Neha starts to try! Ram tells Priya that she has always removed his tie.. never put it on! Priya says. .tie or no tie.. she knows to keep him tied..! Ram tells Priya dunno what all Rahul will make them do! Priya relax..maybe ..they have to dance..! Ram says no way! Priya says..its a game only..! Ram asks Priya to focus n Rahul announces the start of contest! Kartiks second wife is there watching the whole thing.. n Kartik is nervous..!

Nutz asks Kartik why he is not focusing n its their anniversary..! He says..its a stupid game.. ! Nutz wonders what is wrong n leaves the contest..! Rahul stop and Priya is very excited.. ! Rahul says .. Vikram has only 2 ties done n Neha sulks.. n says.. Harischandras 6th kid n Vikram says. .my son..will say truth only! Max no. of ties are tied by .. RaYa.. no..3..! All clap for RaYa..! Ram wont dance..! Priya goes to tell Rahul ..that two fat people dancing is not fun..! Caddy is on her way out.. n Priya asks the matter? She says.. to rest..! Priya says…she din wish her.. n now lying too..! Caddy wishes her..! Priya asks what is wrong with her..why no calls? She says..during Pihu..she used to be there for her. .but now.. she isnt even there..! Caddy wishes her..! Priya asks the matter n if she fought with Rahul? Caddy tries to avoid to answer..! Priya says..can see it in Caddy’s eyes.. if they fought..they can resolve..! Caddy says..she din wanna lie din say anything! Priya insists..! Caddy says.. Neha told her not to cross the line in friendship ..! Priya asks Caddy to tell truthfully if she did anything wrong? Caddy says.. no ..! Priya says.. not to worry n she will talk to Neha..! She cheers up Caddy. .n turns her around n asks to enjoy ..!

Rahul calls the winning couple on stage… n says..they were so good tie n get tied..that they want the duo to dance ..! Priya tells Rahul that Ram cant dance. ! Rahul says..he has to..! Ram says .. he cant dance.! All request Ram..! Rams granny too ..! Vikram-Neha.. cheer him to…! Neha make all chant.. ‘Ram Priya dance karenge’! Ram says.. if they want him to do something..he has an idea..! He says..its RaYa anniversary so ..he has to do something to make Priya happy …n smile..! He says..that .. twice when Priya was drunk..she had requested something . n he did what she wanted.. n that made Priya happy! All ask..what Priya asked.? Ram says.. .. all know.. Ram has a bad voice.. but Priya requested him to sing.. n whenever he sang ..she was happy.. so.. now trying it..! Spotlight on RaYa…! Ram sings.. ‘Bade Aache Lagte Hain’ ..! Priya smiles.. recollecting.. Australia ..promise.. of singing together..n RaYa sing…! All clap for the duo n RaYa hug..! Ram puts a ring on Priyas finger n says..its ur size..! Duo recollect their engagement..!

Priya puts a ring on Rams finger too n says..its his size n the duo wish each other. Happy Anniversary.! All clap ..!!

Part 2

Gautams wife asks Nutz what gift Kartik gave? Kartik is quiet..! Nutz says.. the best gift is the one he gave when he returned..! Kartik self thot. .no matter what he does or says.. Nutz always supports him.. but he did very wrong..n messed up..! Nutz tells that there is one more surprise..! Nutz says…that Kartik is taking her to Singapore n tickets are done.. ! She says.. he hasnt asked yet. .but she has decided to go..! Kartik is stunned..! Nutz says..she heard him on the phone..! She says..she is happy n wants to restart their married life… ! She says…she wants to stay with him forever..!

Ayesha smirks that.. party must be on fire . n she is gonna stand n watch the fun..! She is surprised to see everything going smooth ..n rues that.. Janvi is all quiet? Whats wrong with Soutens of today? Ayesha comes to Kush n says..its time to go home..! Pihu – Kush r playing n so Pihu tells Kush to say he wont go..! Ayesha keeps insisting.. but Kush refuses to budge..! Ram asks what she is doing here? She says..came to call her son back. .n that he is not Rams property..! Kush refuses.. n Ayesha fumes.. he puts cockroach on Ayesha.. Pihu says.. Kush wont come. .n will sit with her ..! The duo run off n Ayesha keeps screaming..! Ram asks her to enjoy n leaves..!

Vikram is looking for his keys.. n Neha shows. .it him..! Neha asks him to tell the truth.. ! Vikram asks when did she take it out? Neha says..she is his wife. .knows to sneak things out..! He asks if she should spare him .. or kill him ?Vikram requests.. her not to embarass him before his friends ..! Neha says..she wont do any public show. .but privately what she will do.. he has to wait..!

Ayesha comes to Janvi.. n asks her what kind of woman she is . .not confronting Kartik? She asks Ayesha to mind her business..! Ayesha says..she called her there.. so its her business. .! Kartik overhears Ayesha instigating Janvi..!

Part 3

Kartik confronts Ayesha..! He asks her ..if she wants to break her brothers family …how disgusting? Ayesha .. who is talking? Kartik says..she took money .. to keep quiet..! She says.. she will keep quiet but Janvi will talk! Janvi is shocked n asks..she wants her to destroy her brothers life? Ayesha says.. coz..its perfect he was gonna leave his illegal wife n kid ..! Janvi n Kartik asks her to shut up! Janvi says..what sort of family is this? Full of liars..! Kartik fumes too! Janvi says.. he better not talk. .his life is revolving around lies..! She says.. she wants to avenge Janvi for being witness against Ayesha..! She says..she is quiet for RaYa as they are honest..! She asks Kartik n Ayesha to stay away from her n goes off …!!! Kartik fumes.! Ayesha walk off!

Precap —- Kartik lifts his son ..n the baby stops crying! Nutz comments that the baby stopped crying the moment it came in Kartiks lap ..! Kartik keeps quiet..! Ram tells Priya that Janvi is not at her home n that her home is locked..! All wonder what to do with the baby!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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