Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy recalling about Suhani’s words that she wants to plan her future with Khush…..mujhko irade de kasme irade de…………..sunraha haina tu…..plays….He cries and recalls his love confession. Suhani is crying in her room…..sunraha haina tu plays……….Pihu is crying in her room and recalls Sammy love confession for Suhani….sunraha haina tu………….plays. Sammy comes home and Vikram asks him to give party to them. Vikram says, I was against but he gave it to you. Sammy says, I didn’t know you was talking about it. Vikram says, I was saving you from Neha and Ram. This is not the way to talk to your Dad. Sammy goes to his room and closes the door. Vikram asks him to open the door. Rahul comes and asks, what happened.

Vikram says, he walked off when I was talking with him. Riddhima says, let him be, he might be upset. Vikram says, I am a chill out Dad. I supported him in everything. He asks Sammy to open the door.Rahul says, I will talk to him tomorrow. Riddhima says, Sammy don’t talk when he is upset. Rahul takes him. Cady thinks Suhani is the reason and I can’t tell anything to Rahul also. Sammy recalls Suhani’s words that he stands nowhere when she thinks of their relationship.

Priya comes to Ram and asks what happened. Ram is working on his laptop and closes it. Priya asks, what are you hiding? Ram says, it is not good to look at someone private things. Priya asks, you are doing this in this age? Ram asks, what? Priya says, you are chatting with a girl. Ram says no. Priya thinks something. Ram says nothing. Ram says, I will show you but promise me that you will not laugh. Priya says, I will not laugh. Ram shows their wedding card. Juhi is passing by and stops to hear them. Priya says, marriage card. This is strange as Pihu and Sammy are not engaged yet. Ram says, I am not talking about them. Priya asks, who is marrying then. Ram says you spoiled my surprise yaar. Ram says, I was supposed to propose you on Sammy and Pihu’s engagement. Ram asks, did you forgot that technically we are divorced. Priya asks, are you talking about the divorce which was on paper when I was in coma. Those papers which you have not submitted in court as you didn’t have the courage. She says, we are not young to marry again. Ram says, there is no age for marriage and what is the problem if we marry for the second time. Ram says I don’t have time as very soon you will be called as a senior citizen. Priya says, if I am not wrong, you was a senior citizen at the time of our marriage. You was hotty at 40. Ram says I was. Priya goes….bade achhe hain plays………….Juhi gets jealous. Sid comes and asks what happened. Juhi asks him to give her some time.

Riddhima tells Vikram that Sammy went to Kapoor Mansion. Rahul says, it is good that he woke up early today. Rahul calls Sammy but his phone is unreachable. Mayra comes to Pihu’s room and finds her sitting at a corner and crying. She asks why you are crying. Pihu shouts at her and asks her to leave. Sammy comes and tells Mayra that I will handle. Sammy tells Pihu that everything will happen according to your saying. He says I am ready for marriage. Pihu gets up and proceed towards him. She slaps him hard. She says, but now I don’t want to marry you and asks him to leave. Sammy says, I deserve this as I told you that I love someone else. He says, I can tell you everything from the beginning. He says, I love Suhani. He says, I attracted towards her. Something connected us. I missed her, her touch…etc. Pihu slaps him again and asks, did you both come this much closer. How could you do this? And then saying that you will marry me. Sammy says everything is over between us. She don’t love me like I love her. Pihu says, I saw you both yesterday night. Stop lying, don’t fool me. Sammy says, I became fool herself, how could I fool myself. I saw her real face. I want to move on. I want to follow my mom’s advice that marry the girl who loves you. Sammy says, every girl whom I love have complicate my life and left. Pihu says, I hate you very much.

She asks, what do you thought of me, as a substitute. I am not one of them. I loved you from my heart and you rejected me for Suhani. Sammy says, you said we are made to live with each other. Pihu says, I was wrong. Juhi comes, Pihu says, I need to talk to mom and goes. Priya and Ram are arguing about the parathas. Pihu comes and says mamma. She cries. Priya and Ram ask, what happened? Pihu says Sammy proposed me for marriage. Ram and Priya smile. Ram asks, why you are crying? Pihu asks Ram to get them engaged soon. Ram asks her to give a hug to him. Pihu hugs him. Juhi peeps in their room and gets jealous again. She recalls her conversation with Priya. She recalls Ram, Pihu’s closeness to Priya and cries. She says, stop Priya. I gave my 7 years and you want to snatch it in one moment. It is not fair.

Vikram tells Ram on phone that as a father I don’t trust Sammy as I don’t know what is going on in his mind. Lets not hurry up. Ram asks him to come. Vikram asks Ram to make Sammy propose to Pihu infront of the whole family so that he don’t back off. Ram tells Priya about Vikram idea and gets excited…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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