Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajath checking Vikram’s files. Vikram comes and asks what is he searching in his drawer. Rajath says he searching his novel papers. Vikram asks him why is he spending time with Priya. He says the way Priya’s husband and daughter is away from her, she needs someone’s help. He says he writes about emotions in his novels, etc. He says he understands what he is going through with the loss of his son and he is hating Ram, but what about Priya. Vikram says he is right. Rajath says he wants to confess something and says he came to know that Sid and Sammy made a deal and he is searching those papers.

Vikram thinks what Rajath was talking about and he should find that. He calls Sid and says he wants to meet him. Sid cuts the call without speaking to him. vikram thinks why did he cut the call, if he trapped Sammy in something.

Neha comes and asks Rajath if he is busy. He says he is not and asks her to sit. She says if he is comfortable in her house as she could not give him attention. Rajath says he is fine and says she is making a mistake. Neha says she knows he is speaking about Ram and Priya and does not want to hear about them., Rajath says her friendship with Ram and Priya is of many years and says Ram is like a soda bottle, but he cannot murder Sammy. Neha says Sammy is her son and Ram killed him. Rajath asks if Ram differentiated between Khush and Sammy, did he scold Sammy unnecessarily any time? He thinks Sammy as his son. He says Neha Priya needs you at this time and not to forgo year’s friendship so easily. Neha thinks Rajath, Vikram and everyone are with Priya, so she must be wrong somewhere.

Neha says Vikram that she and Priya did not fight all these years. She thinks she should go and meet Priya. Vikram says she is right, we are so engrasped in our son’s death that we forgot about Priya’s loss. Even she lost her daughter’s husband.

Neha meets Priya and asks her sorry for her misbehaviour. She hugs her emotionally. Priya asks how is she. She says she is fine and says she was in denial phase and scolded her a lot. Now, Sammy is gone. A person thinks of an easy target to blame him and they blamed Ram. Rajath, Kady explained them, but Vikram and her did not listen to them. Priya says she can understand as she lost her son. Neha says we will save Ram as we lost Sammy, but cannot lose Ram. Priya gets emotional and says she is feeling like getting back her support system and thanks her for being with her. Neha asks her sorry for leaving her alone. Priya says she will inform Ram about this and he will be very happy. Neha asks about Pihu. Priya says she is still in denial and does not want to accept it, she does not want to even talk. Neha says she will talk to Pihu and goes from there.

Neha meets Pihu. Pihu says Neha it is good you came, everyone is telling Sammy is no more, she asks to call him. Neha says she cannot call Sammy as he is no more. Pihu says she is not angry on Sammy. Neha says she cannot call him and asks her to accept the fact. They both hug and cry.

Pihu looks at her pics with Sammy. Priya asks why is she doing it to herself, she knows it is not difficult to accept the fact, but life will not stop, you must learn how to move on. Pihu says she does not want to listen from her. Priya says why she thinks that I do not want to see you happy, what did I do. Pihu says you want to show people that you are tolerating me and asks to stop her fake tears. She says she hates her and everything is happening is because of her. She will not forgive her. Priya says don’t forgive me, but don’t be harsh on yourself. I pray god that let the bad things happen to me instead of my daughter. She left home because of her happiness. Her love towards Sammy is just obsession and Sammy love towards Suhani was obsession. She did not want Sammy to marry her as your obsession ruined your life. Pihu says your very smart and want to prove that Sammy is dead because of my obsession. She says she should go and tell police that she killed her husband. She says she can sacrifice her life for Ram, but she cannot sacrifice for anyone as she is self-centered. Priya thinks what should she do to make her believe, she thought she got her daughter back when she hugged her, but today she feels she lost her daughter.

Precap: Priya gives gloves to Rajath and says she got it from Sid’s room. This glove was worn by the murderer..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  3. I think its juju or mama ji. I don’t think its Sid

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  5. i hate juji she was fake n and after priya come we saw her cheep face….becouse of her pihu hate her mom… she stolen 6cror from ram account n ram blame this to vikram .i think thay kill sid….so thay can send ram to jail n thay will became king of ram manstion n win deal with sammy 50caror also.. see what happn

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