Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram calling Ram and says nothing is fine as Sammy didn’t come back home since night. Ram and Priya get worried. Vikram says, he never did this before. I don’t know where is he? He asks, is he there? Priya says, he is not here. Vikram gets worried for him. He says, we are going to look out for him. Ram asks him not to panic and says I will see. Mayra comes and says please come down and takes Sammy’s name. Priya and Ram rush to him. Pihu and Khush makes him sit on the sofa. Ram asks, what are you doing? Are you drunk? Sammy says, I don’t know. My friends forced me. Pihu takes his side and asks are you okay now. Mayra says, he is obsessed with you and that’s why he is here. Ram asks her not to joke. And asks someone to give lemon juice to him. Pihu touches his hand and Sammy feels pain. Pihu asks, how did it happen? I would have fallen down. Suhani recalls Sammy injuring himself with a glass bottle. Priya asks Suhani to get first aid box. Vikram asks Rahul to call his friend. Ram calls Vikram and says Sammy is here and drunk. Vikram says sorry. Ram says it is okay and suggests we shall do their engagement. Ram says, we will book the function hall. Vikram says ok. Rahul asks, is everything okay? Cady says yes. Rahul says, It seems you want to tell me something but hiding something. Cady asks him to go with Dad. Rahul says, Dad will handle everything so let’s go to work.

Priya asks Mayra to get a bowl of hot water and dry cloth. Suhani gets the first aid box. Pihu takes it and asks Sammy to show the injury. Sammy feels pain as Pihu is doing the bandage. Priya asks Suhani to do the bandage. Suhani thinks I can’t do. Priya asks her to do. Suhani is silent. Priya asks, what is going on between Pihu and Suhani. Suhani says, let Pihu do it. He is drunk now. Priya says, we will handle the issue. Do the dressing first. Pihu gets up. Suhani sits to do the bandage. Suhani holds his hand to do the dressing. Pihu leaves as she couldn’t see them together……Sunraha hain naa tu plays……..Sammy looks at her and asks, why you are acting.

Ram tells the manager that he didn’t like any catalogue. He asks, about the guest. Ram says 1000 guest. Priya says, it is just engagement. Ram settles for 300 guests. Ram doesn’t like the catalogue of the function halls. He selects one function hall and says, I want to make some changes. He tells about the big changes. Priya and Vikram are tensed. Ram says, it will be according to my choice. Manager asks him to buy the hall. Ram says, it is a good idea. Priya tells Vikram that I can’t come so keep me out of this.

Pihu gets juice for Sammy. Sammy looks at Suhani and says I will love you only. I hurt you a lot. Pihu asks him to drink it first. Suhani leaves. Sammy says, it is not good. Pihu says, I made it with love. Sammy says, I can’t lie as you have prepared it. He asks her to drink and leaves. Khush sees Suhani and says hi. Suhani looks at Sammy and says shall we go on a movie. Khush agrees. Suhani says, lets plan a romantic movie and asks him to take evening show ticket. Ram offers 50 lakhs for the hall. Priya asks, are you serious? Ram says, yes. He says, I am going to save so much money? Priya asks, how? Ram says, first Pihu will get engaged, then Pari, Mayra, Khush, Naina and Suhani will get engaged in the same hall. Our money will be saved. Ram asks her to appreciate him. Priya says, I can’t understand you.

Sammy sees Khush and says, I know you are going out with Suhani. He says, something is going on with Suhani. Khush says nothing is going on between us. Sammy asks, are you sure? Khush says, why you are asking me. Sammy thinks why Suhani is lying with him. He thinks to find out. Ram asks the panditji to select the date fast. Vikram pulls his leg. Priya says, his excitement will go as the panditji will take out the date. Panditji selects the date and says 9th of this month is auspicious. Ram says, only 10 days are there. Priya asks him to smile. Priya asks Panditji to fix the date.

Priya says, when you are angry…you looks like a angry polar bear. Ram smiles. Priya says, as if ready to eat anyone. She says, I want to hug you and says chill…relax.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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