Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode Starts in Natasha boutique, Rahul and Cady are enjoying the dance. Rahul asks about light. Cady says someone open the light. Neha comes there and surprised to see them. She is with her guest. Her friend says this shop is closed from outside. Neha says but it is open from inside. They say that this time they shall get good discounts of 25 %. They buy some clothes. Neha taunts Rahul for his lie indirectly. She tells before going they shall close the lights and candles or else buyers will complain to Natasha. Cady says is this her punishment. Rahul replies this is just a trailer. what else she may have plan is unknown to him. Cady says I told you not to lie.

Sid home:

Ram comes outside Sid home and Priya too reaches there. Ram asks why we are here. She tells she saw siddhant in the hospital. Ram says what is the connection of Siddhant with this place. She says I cant tell you with confidence, but he stays in this chawl. Some days before Soumya and Natasha told me there is someone in Ayesha’s life and now in the hospital register, Ayesha’s name was written and Siddhant was also there. This is not a coincidence. Ram says just wait and see.

Priya asks Ram not to get angry and she tells Pihu is meeting some stranger from some days. She tells that she told Pihu not to meet the stranger and he is the one who saved Pihu from the kidnappers. He was at the resort but I could not meet him.He gifts Pihu PSP. He asks Pihu to draw the painting with us and him. Ram says I have to talk to school security. how can a stranger meet the kids.
They hears someone’s footsteps and goes to see. Meanwhile Sid is opening the door with his back towards them. Priya and Ram are looking at him from far. Priya says he is siddhant. He wore the same shirt at the hospital.

Ram goes near him. Sid was about to close the door, but Ram doorcrashes it. Sid is shocked. Ram and Priya too are shocked to see him. Ram says Sid you. Sid falls on Ram legs and says pls forgive me. I will not do it again. Saved me. Ram says you are living here? He says I came here some days ago. He says I am wandering here and there. My life is spoiled. I dont deserve to live. I tried to kill myself. Ram says then why you came here. He replies that he came for repenting on his mistakes. He says I am incomplete without you. I want to live with you all. In six months I will be free. I was away from you all since 5 years, it is the worst punishment. He says Ram for forgiveness repeatedly.

Ram leaves from there and Priya follows her. Ram asks her to leave him alone and go home.

Ram on the road:

Ram thinks the FB where five years back police came to arrest Ram for the medicines his company prepared and so many people died consuming the medicines. It is all because of Sid and Priya said that she was the owner of the company and she was sent to jail.

Ram thinks of his step mom words before she dies. Sid words that he was away from his family and he knows better than him.

Ram thinks of khush calling him papa. Ram calls someone.

Sid home:

Priya comes to Sid home again and he tells Priya to ask Ram to forgive him. he says if he didn’t forgive him then who will forgive him. Priya says we are suffering, faced your punishment and you was hiding here. He tells I came here during Pihu’s kidnapping. Priya tells him not to come close to Pihu or else nobody is bad than her.
He tells I saved Pihu’s life and instead of thanking me, you are threating me. How can you be so unfair bhabhi. Priya says dont you get shy. You must have kidnapped her and pretend to save her. Sid says anger is not good. our relation is double, sister in law from Ayesha’s side and sister in law from Ram’s side.
He shows her Pihu’s painting. Priya says I am not a fool. Sid says you are very clever in our entire clan. He says fool is Ram. he will not let his younger brother suffer like this. you are my problem not bhai. Priya says whatever may be the problem, but you will not get the solution.

She says you have to pay for your bad deeds, remember how the kids died after taking fake medicines. He says I am very tired. Just then Police comes and arrests him. He looks angry at Priya.

Vikram home:

Rahul thinks to talk to his mom but doesn’t know how she will react. He decides to go to his room and sleep. He enters the room and finds Neha getting ready and looking in the mirror. She asks Rahul how is the dress. Rahul says dress is good but it is not suiting you.
you pls change it. she tells dont talk like papa. He says this dress wear by 20 something and not elders. I dont like mom. She says I am going out. people are truly happy when they are free and everyone will be free now. She leaves happily.

Sudhir home:

Ram comes and asks is Sid gets arrested. Priya says after you left, he was relax. He thought he will manipulate you. Ram says after whatever he did with my family, he thought he can manipulate me. Ram says I feel shy that he is my brother. He says he deserves the punishment. Sudhir, Shipra and entire kapoor clan is listening to Ram.
Natasha says not only sid, Ayesha is not less than him. she is pregnant with Sid second child. All kapoor khandaan, shipra and Sudhir, Ram and Priya are shocked to hear that. Shipra says what. Priya says it is true. She knew where was Sid. She used to meet him secretly. everybody suffered because of him.
He came close to Pihu. Ram says you dont worry. he will not come near to our kid. Priya says I wish bad for him. Natasha says sid will not be saved. Sudhir too says the same. Ram says I will not leave Ayesha.
Priya gets a call and is shocked.Priya says what? She informs everyone that Sid runs from the police and he didn’t reached jail. Ram says he knows where he would go? Priya tensed.

Kapoor Mansion:

Sid comes there calls out loudly for mamaji and Ayesha. They comes and enquires why he is wounded. Mamaji tells Ram and Priya will send the police here first. Ayesha says where he will go. Mamaji tell him to go to some place which is muted for us, where priya and ram will be unable to find him there. First Sid doesn’t agree then he agrees. He says in this age you minds runs. Episode ends on Ayesha’s face.

Police comes to the Kapoor Mansion and asks Mamaji to show him the basement. Mamaji tells that nobody goes there and it is closed since years. Police man tells him not to talk much and show him the way to the basement.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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