Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the employees requesting Priya to apologize to the new boss. Priya says, I didn’t do any mistake and I will not apologize. One lady says, you can’t be selfish and asks her to apologize on their behalf. Priya says, I will try. Manager says, boss got hurt because of you. He don’t like to see your face. Priya says, I know him more than you. She says, I know how to handle the arrogant people. Ram thinks about Priya….BALH plays. Ram thinks she has become violent. Previously she used to fight but now started attacking. Someone gives the mobile to Priya. Priya goes to Ram’s cabin and knocks on the door. BALH plays as she steps inside the cabin. They look at each other. Priya says, I want to talk to you something.

She says, I heard

that you are firing everyone and filing complaint against everyone. Ram says, what shall I do. Shall I give bravery award to you. Priya says, I was not involved in the attack. She calls him arrogant. Ram looks on. Priya says, I didn’t hurt you. Ram says, then why you came to apologize to me. Priya says, I came here to request you not to fire anyone. Ram says, it is my fault. Priya thinks I hope to get your wound heal somehow. She asks him to decide after talking to the employees. Ram gets Pihu’s call. Pihu says about the car. Ram says, you will get it. Priya says, he is not changed and spoiled Pihu. Priya gets Suhani’s call. Priya asks her to get 1000 Rs from Khush. Ram thinks of Khush. Priya thinks, when Ram will face the truth. Ram looks at her and thinks she is shark. Priya thinks he is looking like a butcher.

Manager comes and says I have filed complaint against all the employees. Ram asks him to take back the complaint and says I have decided to give them a chance. Priya thanks him for being reasonable. Ram says, tell all the employees that they have 1 month to prove themselves. Ram and Priya think of each other as egoistic. Priya says, I will leave. Ram says, you would have turn and look at me, but you haven’t. You hurt me Priya.

Priya tells all the employees that their boss is impossible. They ask, did you apologize? Priya says, I haven’t apologize to him. I told him the truth. Priya says, our boss gave us a chance. They get happy and asks, how did it happen? Priya says, I make him understand and he agreed. Priya says, boss is stubborn and I was thinking about you all. They say, we are happy as you are with us. Priya says, I want to be alone now and asks them not to talk about the new boss. They thank Priya.

Ram thinks of his conversation with Priya and says she can’t rule on my mind. Priya is just my employee. Priya thinks to avoid him and says Ram is her boss. BALH plays………..Priya’s phone rings and it is Khush. Ram holds the phone and recalls the time when they left his house. Ram says, why I shall talk to him as he didn’t talk to me in these 5 months. He blames Priya for the distance between him and Khush.

Manager comes and tells Ram about the meeting with Trivedi. Ram looks worried. Ram asks him to give the phone to Priya. Manager comes to Priya and gives her phone. He tells her not to leave her phone again in boss’s cabin. Priya asks, did boss say this? Manager says, yes. Priya says, so rude. I will not look at his cabin. Priya picks Khush’s call. He asks, is everything okay now. Priya says, everything is normal. She says, our new boss is very demanding, egoistic and arrogant. Khush says, it seems you are talking about Dad. Priya asks, do you miss you? Khush says yes. Khush says, you are saying as if you don’t miss him. Priya says no. Ram comes out of his cabin…..Priya stares him. BALH plays……..Priya stands up. Ram goes inside. Priya asks about Suhani. Khush says, she is fine. Priya disconnects the call.

Suhani is in her clinic. She feels pain in her tummy. Khush panics and asks her to come to the gynaec. Suhani says, I can treat myself. Khush insists her to come. Manager asks Priya to give the file. Priya says, I am coming for the meeting. Manager says, no need. He says, I will go with Mr. Kapoor and you can handle small work here at the office. Ram calls the manager Rishi. Rishi lies saying this is said by the boss. Priya says, it is good.

Ram asks Rishi to call Priya. Rishi asks Priya to come for the meeting. Priya asks, why? Rishi says, boss asked her to come. Priya agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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