Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya thinking that Sammy misbehaved with many people on party’s day and someone among them must have killed him. She thinks she should start investigation from Sammy’s room and goes towards his room. She hears Pihu crying remembering Sammy. Her sister takes Pihu into her room. Priya thinks it is good Pihu is not her and she will search Sammy’s room before she comes back. She starts searching the room and finds a file. She takes the file and comes back to her. She files partnership deed between Sid and Sammy and reads that Sid will be sole owner of the company if Sammy dies. She thinks nobody knows about their partnership at home, Ram must have known about it, so he was angry on them. She thinks money must be the reason behind Sammy’s murder.


asks Rahul if he spoke to Neha that we should patch up back with Kapoors. She says she believes Ram is not a murderer. Rahul says she is telling this as Sammy is just her devar/brother-in-law. Kady says Sammy was his friend, dever, brother and lot more and he used to share everything with her. She says this time, Neha needs Priya and will speak to Neha regarding this. She goes to Neha and says she should realize that if she lost her son, Priya has lost her son-in-law and even Ram/husband. Neha asks her to stop protecting Priya. Kady says she knows Priya will not do anything wrong. Neha says why is she and Vikram thinking about Ram and Priya, Ram is already convicted for murder. Kady says if we are convicting Ram, then we are also part of the murder.

Neha says Vikram that we could not predict Ram after so many years. She believes there is a god that Ram got convicted and Sammy’s soul will be in peace. Vikram says when Ram is telling he did not kill Sammy, we should believe him and find the real killer. Neha says Ram has killed our son and she is shocked that he is telling that. Vikram says even I am shocked that all our dear ones are lost.

Priya sees investors asking Sid to sign the deal as Ram is not here. Sid says he cannot do that. Investors says it is not their problem and he should solve this issue, else they will take legal action. Priya goes and tells investors that she did not know this would happen and says she will ask Ram to transfer power of attorney to someone else. She requests them to give her 2 days time to solve the issue. Investors agree and go from there. Mamaji says Sid that he is saved by Priya, else investors would have sued him. He says she was telling about power of attorney and we should think about it.

Natasha sees Khush getting ready. She asks him if he is going out and asks if she can talk to him for 2 minutes. He asks her not to be formal and to speak. He says she worked hard to get Priya back home and says we would unite Ram and Vikram’s famiily. Khush says we should be beside Priya and once she proves Ram innocent, both families will unite. Natasha says she became intelligent now that he understood without her explaining him.

Priya shows Rajath Sid and Sammy’s company papers and says it is a proof for Sammy’s murder. Rajath says he promised her to help her, so she also has to promise to help herself and asks why did not she eat from 2-3 days, she needs strength to fight. Priya asks Rajath to find the culprit. He says he will and takes file with him.

Juhi says Priya was talking about power of attorney and we should do something about it. Mamaji says he has a plan and will tell them in their ears. Mamaji says they wanted Ram to be out of their way, now that he is out, they should convince Priya. He says like a snake ladder game where games changes with snake bite, Priya is siting on the whole wealth, we should convince her to come out of the wealth. Juhi asks him to give his to someone else. Mamaji gets angry and goes.

Khush comes to Suhani and asks her why did not she eat. She says she does not feel like eat. Khush says she has to eat it for her kid. Priya comes with food and says Khush is right, she should eat it for herself and kid. Priya says whatever happened should not have happend and asks Suhani not to feel guilty and says Mr. Kapoor.. She then changes her words and says we should forget everything. Khush gets a cal and goes out.

Precap: Pihu says Priya that she should get her caught as she murdered Sammy. She says she did not want to see her and Sammy happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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