Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ram asks for G wing .. n says wanna go to 5th Floor .. n gateman asks whom he wants to meet? Priya says..maybe she is living under fake identity…! Ram says.. Mr & Mrs. Shetty ..the guy gives the flat no. asks to talk to the host but Priya says..talked already n then signs in the register and follows Ram..! A girl rushes to the gateman n says the bald guy is chasing her and goes to beat up..Mama..!

Priya says Janvi lives in flat no. 503 and Ram says great..! The girl abuses Mamaji for tailing her a girl half his age..! Mamaji says..din follow ..n the girl says..then why is he at her flat..! All get together and beat up Mamaji! RaYa reach flat no. 503 .. Priya rings the door bell..! A lady greets them n Ram says..came to meet Janvi and she asks who they are and how they know her? Priya says.. Janvi knows them and they have some urgent work with her..! The lady says tell me..! Ram gets upset and says..why to tell her.. ! The lady says.. m Janvi.. n Priya says. no she is not..! The lady shouts on Priya..! Priya says..the Janvi they wanted to meet…she got married few days back..! The lady says..she is a widow..! RaYa apologise to her..and asks her if she has witnessed any wedding at a Shiv temple? The lady says no..! Priya asks if Ram is sure? Ram says yes..! Priya says.. possible she is not living here..! Priya says that Janvi is the owner and Sid was drunk so…n Ram says its rubbish talk..and asks Priya to return home!

Ayesha chides the staff for high budget proposal ..! They say Ram sanctioned ..but Ayesha says.. nothing doing..reduce..! Ayesha is watching presentation and suddenly hears bhajan and Ayesha chides the servant n asks to close down the pooja..! The servant resists ..when Ayesha walks out to the hall fuming..! Ayesha shouts on them and says its too loud.. and Rams granny n mom say.. shouldnt say so..! Ayesha says that they dun have too much time left to meet the Lord.. so why scream n chant? Soumya chides Ayesha for her rudeness n says.. they are singing at their side of the house..she cant interfere..! She asks Ayesha to stay away from God n Ayesha fumes n leaves..!

Priya tells Ram that she knows he brought her to the Lamaze class to cheer her up..! Ram says yes..she always gets happy teasing him..! Priya asks Ram not to drop the ball the teacher had called home n teased them..! Ram assures it wont happen..n says they will show that they will be better off than others..! The teacher comes and says.. Ram seems to be serious about the lesson learnt.. n says they will do casual talk today..! Ram is worried.. n Priya asks him to relax..! The teacher asks what they have expected for their kid..? One couple says.. Miss India or MBA… another couple says.. study abroad/ serve nation … Its RaYas turn. n Ram fumbles.. n then says..their kid will be cricketer.. n Priya asks what if its a daughter? Ram says. cricketer.. as its equal oppurtunity time..! He says.. he will make a team of cricketers ..named Queen Challengers! The lady asks Priya to share .. n Priya says..that she thanks all parents for sharing their dreams.. n that she has thought something different for her kid… n that is he/she should be a good human being…care for others.. be healthy.. n never lose his/ her values…! She says. .no matter what he/she becomes.. doctor/mba.. RaYa want to be part of the kids every dream n help support him..! Another lady gets a call n she is on the phone..n then shares that they have not thought about the future.. but hearing Priyas words.. she will start to think..! Class is dismissed..!

The girl approaches Priya and thanks her for her thoughts.. n asks her no. of months n Priya says.. 2nd month..! The girl says its her 7th month..! She asks if Priya is not scared..? She says…she has a 5 year old kid so some experience there..! The girl says..worried for the kid n Ram interrupts n says…he is worried too .. so he envelopes himself with his family n loved one.. n shares all scary thoughts with his family …n fear disappears..! Priya asks her to take care..! She thanks RaYa… !Priya introes herself n Ram n the girl says.. Janvi..! RaYa are taken aback..!

Part 2

Janvis granny calls her on the moby n tells her that a couple had come in her search..! Janvi asks who? Her granny says will tell later! RaYa discuss that its strange that the girls name is Janvi..! Ram says..lunch time..better rush..!

Vikram tells the lawyer that Sid is ready to help them ..! The lawyer says Sid is a criminal so cant take his disposition as solo source to grill Ayesha! Lawyer says that Vikram said there was a girl who had witnessed Sid-Ayesha wedding..where is she? Vikram says.. the girl is a witness..couldnt trace yet..! He asks what more needed..? The lawyer says more proof needed to solidify the case..! Vikram says he will tell Ram to talk to the girl n get some proof!

RaYa are in the car n Ram frets about Priya eating so late..! Priya spots Janvi and suggests to drop her off at some place.! Janvi hesitates.. Priya insists.. Janvi relents..! Ayesha tells Saudamani that she is gonna enjoy her freedom! Mamaji comes all battered n bruised..! Saudamani shocked n Mamaji changes the story n says.. how he saved a girl from being abused..! Saudamani offers to take a pic with him..! Right then the girl who had bashed Mamaji comes there n identifies Mamaji ..n again takes out sandal to beat him..! Mamaji hides behind Ayesha..n Ayesha saves him..! Priya talks to Janvi about the gynac..! Vikram calls Ram and says they need to find the girl.. n then proof.. Ram says..first they need to find the witness! Vikram gives phone to Neha and Ram to Priya..! She chides Ram about talking while driving..! Priya and Neha are discussing about something n praises Priya about gifting Ram ..! Ram intervenes and asks Priya to cut the call and says radiation will harm her n the baby..! Priya says…she has urgent thing to discuss..! She cuts the call n Janvi says ..Ram is right.. n Ram is happy ..! Janvi says Raya are cute.. n that she is missing her hubby too n Priya suggests her to call her hubby ..! Janvi calls up and fights with her hubby for not caring enough..!

Part 3

Kush is busy drawing n Neha comes and says that she is happy that Soumya is back..helping Kush..! Neha tells Soumya about Ram going to temple to find out about the wedding! Kush comes to Ayesha n Mamaji n asks where did Ayesha get married? In temple ? Ayesha asks who told him? Kush says.. heard ..from Neha..n that Ram had gone to the temple.. ! Ayesha is shocked.. n so is Mamaji..! Mamaji offers to dig the details..! Ayesha asks him not to get caught and not to get beaten either! Ayesha wonders.. how come she got married in temple n she isnt even aware?

Precap — Lawyer asks where is Janvi? Ram says coming.. n she is 7 months pregnant n Priya is bringing her..! Ayesha comes and them!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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