Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vikram clapping for Ram. Ram says, my birthday is over. Vikram says, everyone is afraid as we have take over Shetty’s company. He says Mr. Kohli called him and he accepted our terms and conditions. Everyone are getting afraid of you. Ram says, whatever. Vikram asks Ram not to eat parathas. Ram says, I know about my stomach. Vikram says, we needs to go on a site and it is very far. Ram says, don’t accept far away site. Vikram asks him to come. Priya is talking to her boss and says she will get late. She sees Sammy and Pihu there. Pihu says, how could you do this? You cancelled the trip without consulting me. Sammy says, it is postponed. Pihu says, I am listening this since three months. Sammy says my work is important. Pihu says, I am not important for you. Sammy says, I eat with you, live with you etc. Pihu says, what about our personal space. Is that enough? Sammy asks her not to start again. Sammy says, you know in which mental state I agreed for marriage. I had only Suhani in my life then. How could you force me. Pihu says, we are married and you don’t know about the meaning of marriage. We are living like strangers since three months. Don’t you think you are unfair with me. Sammy says, just leave me alone. Priya overhears them and thinks they are not happy together. Mr. Kapoor ruined Pihu’s life. What will happen in future.

Servant gives a card to someone….Ram is arguing with Vikram. Vikram says, I am taking care of yourself. Ram says, I will remarry. He says, you are becoming like a woman now. Ram sees Khush on the road and tells Vikram that his condition is bad. He is my son and he can get anything. Ram says I will never forgive her. Ram sees him waiting for the bus.

Priya comes to the office and is informed by the employees that their company is take over by some Rishi. Someone says, Rishi is firing the servants and asks her to join them at the protest. Priya says, we shall talk to him first. Some man says, that man is egoistic. We should teach him a lesson. Priya says, violence is not the solution and we will end up making our loss. Priya says, we shall talk with peace. One lady says, you have to support us. Priya agrees. Priya joins them but is hesitant. Ram gets down the car and is attack by the protester. Ram sees Priya and thinks you can’t change. They discuss that he is Ram Kapoor. Priya thinks Ram is wounded.

Manager comes and apologizes to Ram and says I will file criminal cases against all the employees. All the employees get worried about their job. Priya says, I refused for the protest and Mr. Kapoor is wounded. She says, what was the need for the protest. Some one asks Priya to say sorry to the boss. Priya says, why I shall sorry. Someone says, boss thinks you attacked him and asks her to apologize. Priya says, impossible. Priya thinks about Ram.

Pihu says sorry to Sammy and says one day you will realise that we are made for each other. She says, we will plan a trip whenever you plan. She asks him to smile. Sammy says, I am not a machine. He goes to pay the bill. Suhani is checking the patients and asks her to follow up after three days. Khush comes and smiles looking at him. Suhani says, you have become like a philosopher. Khush gives her pamplets for clinic promotion. Suhani says, we have decided naa not to waste money in promotion. Khush says, it is well needed. He leaves.

Manager comes and scolds the employees. He asks, who had beaten the boss. Everyone look here and there. Priya asks about Ram. Manager says, it might be done by you. Priya says, I didn’t beat him. Manager asks, how you have done it. Priya says, somebody pushed her. Manager says, boss asked me to file a case against you all. Employees apologizes to him. Manager says, I know Mr. Kapoor very well. Once he decides, he doesn’t step back. Employees ask Priya to apologize to Ram. Priya refuses. They ask her not to be selfish and asks her to apologize on their behalf. Priya is thoughtful.

Priya comes to Ram’s cabin. They look at each other. BALH music plays……

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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