Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kapoor Mansion where Ayesha faints and falls on the bed. Khush comes there and tells teacher give him two stars. He urges her to wake up. He shouts for Mamaji. Servant comes and says Mamaji is not at home. He will call him but his phone is not reachable.


Meanwhile Mamaji is flirting with Saudamini in a restaurant. Mamaji looks at her palm and says your life partner entered your life and his name starts with S initial. Saudamini gets happy and says he is Salman Khan and she wished to be his life partner. Mamaji surprised.

Kapoor Mansion:

Khush tells the servant Gopal kaka to call Soumya chachi. Gopal kaka calls Soumya and informs her that Ayesha maa’m fainted suddenly. Can you come now. Khush is by her side. Khush talks to soumya to come fast as he is getting feared. Soumya says I will come.

Ram and Priya office:

Ashwin smiles evilly and looks at Priya who was busy in doing work and thinks that he break their joint venture. They were happy all day. Now I will make them work seperately. He continues that he is having fun. He comes out of his cabin and asked Priya did your work finished. He offers to drop her at her home as it is late. Priya says no, I will manage. Ashwin says you will not get auto here. He says outside the office,
I am not your boss. Priya says correction sir, outside office you are nobody to me. Thank you but no thank you.
Priya comes to some cabin, where Ram is waiting for her. she says I knew that you was here. Ram smiles and says I want to remove the stress line on your face. she says it cant remove as it is gifted by Ashwin Sir. How can he fall so low. She tells Ram about what Ashwin said. Ram asked her to take it lightly as they knew Ashwin. Ram asks Priya shall we go home. Ashwin comes there now and says Ram, you are doing overtime as a husband. Ram tells Priya it is better to take Ashwin sir proposal as there will be no vehicle to reach home and Ashwin can drop both of them. Ashwin is shocked and at loss of words. They smiles and leaves with Ashwin.

Vikram home:

Rahul calls Vikram and says that he doesn’t understand love. Vikram says he doesn’t understand till now then how can he? Rahul asks him to give him some tips as he is experienced. Vikram says Experience doesnt work here. Rahul tells him that he bought a bikini for Cady but it got exchanged with anti ageing cream. Vikram asks him to come home as his gift got exchanged with his gift. Rahul says it is because of Sammy that gifts got exchanged.

Ashwin Car:

Ram and Priya sits in Ashwin car. Ram and Priya smiling and Ashwin is fuming in anger but doesnt show up. Ashwin puts the break and ask anyone of them to come in the front seat. Ram says it is near and it is ok. Ram and Priya again smiles. Ashwin angry. He drops them home.

Kapoor Mansion:

Doctor informs Ayesha that she is pregnant and have to take care of herself. Ayesha gets happy to hear that. Soumya comes there now and Ayesha taunts her for coming here again. soumya says she came for Khush not for her and she cant stop her. As Soumya is leaving the room she sees Pregnancy kit in the dustbin and wonders is Ayesha Pregnant and if yes then she can’t have any right on Bappa’s property and he can get everything back. she leaves.

Ashwin Car:

Ashwin thinks of the FB conversation with Ram and says he will show Ram his place.

Sid home:

Sid tells Ayesha why are you worry, it is a good news as he is to become a father.He says I dont know about others but I am very very happy. He continues that he want to experience the fatherhood as he cant experience it when Khush was born, but this time he will be at her side. He tells are you thinking that i will come infront of all, I will go to jail. Shall I go far away from you all. Ayesha fears. Sid says I will tell the entire world that I am his father. He emotionally blackmails her that he will not be able to see this baby’s face. and nobody can stop this baby for coming into this world. Ayesha says I will stop him. She says this baby is not important for her more than Sid and if they are together, they can become parents again.
She asked Sid to accept her wish. Sid agrees.

Ram and Priya office:

Ashwin comes out of his cabin and announces that it is a Dday as it is a investor’s meet. He says investors are coming here and they should really feel welcome. I want to give it a personal touch and he gives responsibilty to his employees. He says Mrs. Priya Kapoor you will be usher and should welcome the guests. Ashwin says is this work is small for you. then you have no place in his company, you can leave.

Priya says she didn’t say no. she was just confirming to be a usher. Ram looks on. She says she is not having any problems. She says it is a matter of honour to serve the investors and she will be honoured.
Ashwin gets angry and says them all the best and goes back to his cabin.

Ram comes to Priya and says how dare he. How can he misbehave with you. Priya says it is ok. Ram says it is not ok. She says when he praises me, I dont care then why should I care him now when he insults me. it is his problem, it doesnt affect me. Ram still angry that he cant talk to you in this manner. Priya says I know how it feels, when he humiliates you. I exactly feels the same. We should not be bothered as we are together. We should be thankyou as we have a job so that we can support our family. She says we are giving importance to Ashwin wastely. They should stop giving him importance anymore. I will be fine. trust me.

Sudhir home:

Natasha says are you sure soumya. Soumya says 100 percent sure. I talked to Ayesha’s driver and he drops her to the hospital. Natasha says lets go and catch her at the hospital so that she cant lie. They leave.

Ram and Priya office:

Some investors are talking that Ashwin is brilliant. He did well to the company. It was a good decision of the company to hire Ashwin. Meanwhile Priya is hearing all this and putting files on the tables.
The investors praises Ashwin among themselves and Priya again hears it and feels bad because it is all Ram’s hard work. The Episode ends on Priya sad face.

Ashwin tells Ram that he is taking the credit for Ram’s hard work, openly exploiting him. And he cant do anything. Ram looks on silently.

Update Credit to: Amena

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