Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Ram is sneezing and Nutz says.. sensitive! Priya notices and offers shawl but Nutz doesnt respond! Priya gets irritated that Nutz doesnt see how Ram has sinus and if he starts sneezing it will be a mess! Priya drops the vase and makes noise! Ram asks who is there? Nutz says.. am alone only.. lemme go check. .mite be a cat! Nutz comes and she asks Priya why making so much noise? Priya says sorry! She requests Nutz to give Ram the shawl..! Nutz says.. go give urself! Priya says. if i do.. we will fight n its his budday. .dun wanna fight! Do it as a favour! Nutz says.. lemme go handle this!

Ram asks so much time? Was it a cat? Nutz says.. yes.. hearing ur sneeze.. Cat got upset. so gave shawl .. n Ram accepts to put it on! Nutz smiles! Ram asks the matter?

Nutz says.. if Priya was here.. she wuldn have let u go out..! Dun u miss her? Ram asks if he is a kid? Cant take care of himself? And if Nutz talks like this will leave! Nutz says no no..! Priya grinds her teeth! Nutz looks at the room and Ram asks why u doing all this? Nutz says nothing! Ram goes to washroom..! Priya calls Nutz inside and Ram comes and Priya hides! Ram spots the pastry and asks u got it? coz u din wish me? Nutz says no and Ram says.. say yes.. its for me..! He eats. Priya smiles!

Kush and Suhani return and they ask if they ate etc? Suhani inquires about Priya and Kush calls on her cell! Ram hears it and asks whose phone is ringing? Nutz says mine..! Priya cuts the call ..! Ram asks if Nutz is seeing someone? How did the call got cut? Nutz says.. nothing like this..why think wrong? Ram says.. dunno whats up with u. .lemme enjoy the pastry! Priya smiles watching Ram eat the pastry..! Priya self thot.. Many Happy Returns of the Day .. sorry culdn wish u in person ..but glad u got my pastry! Ram asks Nutz to come visit him ..often and Nutz wishes him ..! Nutz asks how is Sammy-Pihu and Ram says both are happy .. n its their 3rd month anniversary and we celebrated together! Nutz says.. great! Ram asks why are u in so much hurry? Chasing me out? Nutz stammers and says.. stay here..! Priya cribs.. internally .. no no..! Ram says..cant sleep in this AC..! Nutz says ok ..! Ram leaves..!

Priya comes out n says thank God .. saved! She asks Nutz asking Ram to stay here.. what if he had? Nutz says sorry..! Priya says.. glad he left .. n din see me! Nutz says..wish he had seen u..! Priya says.. he is njoying life with his family . .giving party.. m sure he has no time to remember me.. ! Nutz says.. know Ram well . .he lies.. ! Ram comes and asks for car keys! Priya hides..! Nutz gives key to him! Ram says. .something is strange n asks Nutz to rest..! He leaves! Priya says.. weird curfew.. cant even go out..! Ram is standing near the elevator..and Priya hopes Ram is gone..! She too leaves for ground floor..!

Ram takes the stairs… Priya gets in the lift.. and it gets stuck ! Ram is waiting for the lift but its stuck so he takes stairs..! The lift starts thankfully ..! Priya gets out of the lift and notices Ram and so goes back in the lift.!

Part 2

Ram cribs at the lift and leaves! Priya watches Ram leave and then comes out of the lift..! Nutz wishes Pihu and she fumes and Nutz says was in flight so! Nutz says.. glad u celebrated Dads budday with ur anniversary party.. what did u gift Ram? Pihu says.. will tell u when we meet! Pihu is shocked that she din remember wishing Ram on his budday! Ram comes and all apologize to him for not wishing him ..! Ram says its ok! They ask him to cut the cake..and he does..! All wish him !

Priya comes and finds Suhani asleep n asks why waiting? Priya says urgent work.. had told Kush. .go sleep! Suhani says was waiting for u… sorry did inauguration without u..! Sorry! Know u sacrificed all for me. .n i din give time to u..! Hope u understand my profession n its issues! Priya says no need to be so senti .. ur not dil ki doctor! Suhani says kya maa..! Priya says. Maa? Well will say a thank to God that u called me Maa… leave it n focus on ur work n ur kid..!

Part 3

Priya keeps looking at her moby ..n recollects how she left.. ! Ram too recollects that moment..! Both are upset..! They recollect their convos.. n how things fell apart over Pihu – Sammy- Suhani

Precap —- Sammy tells Pihu that he said yes to marry her in a different mental state..and she cant force him to do things her way! Pihu says..we are married.. n we live as strangers.. do u understand meaning of marriage? Guess not! Priya overhears the whole convo!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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