Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya saying that she became just a mother of four kids. Whenever she goes to attend Parents meeting, teachers asks when will Mr. Kapoor come. She says we have become mother and father but not husband and wife. We are not spending time with each other. Ram says sorry, Priya says you was not with me whenever I need you. You was always busy, yesterday Pihu was in some party, where she should not go. Priya says she can’t fulfill his duty towards the kids. Ram says what you wants me to do. I wants to secure their future. Priya says our kids wants your time too, their daddy. We have everything and is enough. Ram says it is never enough. Ram says I work hard because I am scared if a anything happens to me then what will happen with my kids. Ram says I worked hard because I know that you are with the kids.

Ram says it is the hardest thing to do. I am jealous of you, because you witness our kids every moments. I missed that. Ram says I missed everything. Priya says I missed you Mr. Kapoor. Ram says I missed you too. Ram and Priya hug each other. Ram asks who is he? Priya says he is Pihu’s senior and Shruti- Ashwin’s son. Priya says we shall tell about our past to Pihu. Ram says she is just a kid, we will tell her when the right time comes. Pari and Maira comes and asks for their gifts. Priya says she will give gifts to them tomorrow. Pari and Maira argues, Ram says tomorrow she will give the gifts. Priya promised them.

Priya tells Ram, why you are spoiling the kids with the gifts. Ram says he came after a long visit. He says kids gave them list to buy. Ram says he can get whatever his kids demand. Priya says she will give the gifts to the kids one by one, in some occasion. Pihu remembers Varun’s words and comes to Priya. She asks did you love someone else before papa. Do you know Varun’s dad? are you his girlfriend. Priya is shocked.

Pihu says I don’t know I am asking you this but I am confused. Ram comes and Pihu leaves. Ram comes and asks are you angry with me? Priya says Pihu asked me whether I was Varun’s papa girlfriend? Priya thinks to call Shruti and informs her everything. Ram says tell her lie. Priya says how to handle Pihu. Ram says for the time being, lie to her. Priya says we always taught them to say the truth and if we lie then what she will learn. Priya says we should tell her. Ram says what you will tell, that you had a boyfriend and he dumped you. Priya says it means my past is bothering you. Ram says if she gets to know about your past then she will get a licence to do wrong. Priya says she didn’t do anything wrong with Ashwin.

Ram says we will tell her when she gets older. Priya agrees to Ram. She comes to Pihu’s room and says she wants to tell the truth but her papa didn’t wants you to know the truth now. Priya says it was truth that she knows Varun’s parents, as Varun’s mom is her best friend. Priya says everything is not right, whatever we hears or see. Priya says your mom loves only one guy and that is your dad. He is my man, I don’t think of anybody else. he is the only man in my life. Priya asks her to sleep and kiss her. Varun sends Priya and Ashwin’s photo to Pihu. Pihu thinks why you lied to me. Priya calls Shruti and asks why you told Pihu everything about our past. Pihu is sad. Shruti says she didn’t tell her anything and assures Priya that Varun will be at a distance from Pihu. Priya says ok. Ram asks about Pihu, Priya says she went to college to attend the practical class. Ram says he is happy that both the twins will have breakfast with him. Maira says she will not have breakfast, Priya asks did Pari had fight with you. Pari says she didn’t fight with Maira. Maira tells something to Priya, Priya says she will solve her problems. Priya says she will go and meet her school principal and asks Ram to drop her. Ram says ofcourse I will drop you.

Priya talks with school principal and asks


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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