Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pihu telling Priya that Suhani is leaving. Suhani says she joined some course. Pihu asks her, you will let her go? Who will take care of her check ups. Ram says he will do everything for her. Suhani says you did so much for me. Priya excuses herself. Ram says to Pihu that he is happy because you have understood about the importance of Suhani. Pihu says Sammy made her realise that and says they are not getting time to spend with each other. Ram asks her, what is between them. Pihu says he is her best friend.

Dadi asks Maa whether everything is ready for the grah pravesh. Soumya says everything is done. Mayra asks Khush to get the camera ready. Khush is not happy but Pari insists and he agrees. Mamaji thinks drama is happening in the name of grah pravesh. Priya does the aarti, Pari asks Khush to capture everything in the camera. Juhi and Sid enters after the grah pravesh/house welcoming. They take the elder’s blessings and then bend down to touch Priya’s feet. Priya asks her to stop and blesses them. Mamaji asks Ram not to worry as everything will be fine. Ram asks, do you have experience? Sid tells Juhi that he is with her and asks her to relax. Mamaji thinks Priya and Juhi will fight with each other.

Juhi comes to Priya room and says sorry. She says she didn’t do anything intentionally and says sorry. She says she don’t want to hurt her. She says I am indebted to you as you did my grah pravesh. Priya says it must be difficult for you also. I feels bad for you as a woman. I want to stand by you. I know it is not fair whatever has happened with you. If I think as a mother, I can’t repay your debt. It isn’t easy to love someone else kid but you did. She says Naina is her responsibilty for now. I will be a mother to her. She says she feels bad if she thinks as a wife. But she can understand love can happen anytime. She says I am not angry on you. Juhi cries throughout. Priya says if I think as a friend then it feels everything is finished. I gave my home and husband with trust and….. She says we can’t be great to forgive anyone. She says she needs time to forget everything. It is better for us to live as relatives in the house and there is no friendship between us any longer.

Dadi praises Juhi and asks what she has prepared for the first time in kitchen. Dadi and Maa gives the shagun to Juhi. Sid smiles. Maa asks Ram to eat anything. Ram says he isn’t hungry and says he will not have sweets. Priya tastes it and says it is good. She gives the shagun saying Juhi is daughter in law of this home. Sid says it is not needed. Priya says it is her right and we should keeps our feelings away from our duty. Sammy tells Rahul that he needs his advice about love. Rahul says love happens only in books and it doesn’t happens in real life. He says you have two live example of me and Dad. He says he has just become husband after marriage. He asks Cady, is she happy with her married life? Cady asks about Param? Neha comes and asks him to go on. She says she approved her. Ram comes there and asks Vikram and Neha to execute his plan to agree Priya. neha says she needs time to be okay. Ram says he has full proof plan. Vikram asks him to tell.

Priya is eating medicine. Khush comes and praises her saying you came in my life and I got a role in film. He gives credit to her and Ram dad. He says he is happy and wants to do party. He says he wants to have party with his family. Priya says she isn’t in the party mood. Khush says ok, it is small role, doesn’t matter. Priya stops her and asks, do you really want to celebrate? Khush says it is ok. Priya asks, will you celebrate if I come? She asks him to organise the party and she will come. Khush gets happy and thanks her.

Neha says Sid and Juhi got married. Naina’s custody problem have solved. and you came back so everything will be fine. Priya asks but at what cost? I don’t understand why I came back. It might be good if I hadn’t come out of coma. She says I wish I wouldn’t have got my memory back.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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