Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Juhi meeting a guy in the hotel. Guy says she took too long. Juhi says to get Kapoor industries 7 years is very small time. The guy is revealed as her ex-husband Rajeev. He says she is jealous to make kapoor family that she was an abused wife and entered the family via Priya. Juhi says she has to be genius, else she would not have entered the family and planned Priya’s accident, etc. She says she feels bad that Priya did not die after the accident and went into coma. Rajeev says she took advantage of even that. She says she took Pihu’s help and says Pihu is just a spoilt brat, nobody can love her. She says she used Pihu and made her hate Priya. Rajeev says she was about to marry Ram, but could not. Juhi says she could not marry him, but their plan worked well even without that. She says she manipulated Sid well and made him against his own family, she even manipulated him to add a drug in Sammy’s drink which with Sammy started blurting out everything. She then says she is still confused who killed Sammy. With Sammy’s murder, Ram went in jail and cleared their way. Juhi’s lawyer calls her and asks whom to give property papers, to her or Priya. Juhi angrily comes out of the room and sees lawyer’s secretary giving papers to Priya. Priya gives papers to Sid and leaves with Natasha. Sid says Juhi that he belived a woman after a long time, mamaji warned him against her, but he did not believe him as he started loving her and it is his life’s biggest mistake. He went against his brother because of her and he does not repent about it. He says he will not let her separate Ram and Priya. He tears the papers and throws in air. Juhi shockingly sees the papers on floor..

Vikram comes to Ram’s house and remembers Sammy’s murder incident. Suhani and Kush meet him. Vikram says he remembers old memories after coming here. He says he came to meet her as she also lost Sammy. He says Sammy’s last evidence, his kid, is with her. He gives her Sammy’s childhood photo and says he does not have guts to ask her to come and stay in his house, but she is like Kady, Pihu and others kids to him. She is very special. Pihu comes there and says Suhani is very special and dad is right, she is a family now.

Priya is traveling in a car. She remembers Juhi’s words. Natasha sees her tensed. They both reach home and see Vikram there. Priya says she cannot talk to him now and will speak to him later. She goes into her room with Natasha and Vikram following her. Priya says Natasha that she tought she is responsible for each and every incident of her life, but everything was planned by Juhi. She cannot believe Juhi not even sparing Pihu. Pihu was thinking Priya’s accident was because of her, but everything was planned by Juhi. She sees Pihu there hearing her conversation and says her that it is not her mistake, it was plan by Juhi to destroy their family and business. She hid a secret even from her husband that she loved Ram, so she took so many years to execute her plan. Priya says she could not guess Juhi’s plan and believed her. Natasha says it is good that they know about Juhi’s plan. Priya says it is too late now to get back everything to normal again. She knows Juhi does not have anything to do with Sammy’s murder, but the plans she executed has destroyed a lot of relationships. Juhi is responsible for Pihu’s madness.

Vikram says whatever happened, we cannot change, we cannot bring back Sammy but can bring back Ram. He apologises for thinking Priya wrong and says he is with her and everything will be alright. Priya thanks Vikram and says she is sorry about Sammy.

Juhi says Rajeev that everything is ruined. Rajeev says let us leave from here. Juhi asks him to shut up and says we cannot leave like this. Juhi says it is not about our plan’s failure, it is about kapoor family. Rajeev says if it is about kapoor family or she is missing Ram. He asks her reply if she has feelings for Ram, if she loves him. Juhi says she does not feel important to reply him. Door bell rings, Juhi opens the door and is shocked to see Pihu there. Pihu says it is insulting to call Juhi as mom. Juhi says Priya must have provoked her. Pihu says Priya is not like her who manipulated and used her, she misused the word mom. Juhi says she will explain. Pihu says Priya is good to forgive her enemies, but she cannot forgive her enemies. She says she can punish her, but she does not want to stoop low like her.

Precap: Priya says Kush that he is Sid’s son and to console Sid at least for her sake.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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