Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Ashwin asking Ram where the report was. Ram tells him it was left on the table. But Ashwin continues to taunt Ram and asks him if he has proof. Says Ram might by lying..Ram tells him very calmly that he does not lie. Ashwin tells him he needs the report in 10 mins by hook or by crook

Ayesha walks in and Ashwin tries to be charming and asks her what she would like to have –she says no thanks.. Ram walks in and two employees of KI look at him shocked..Chipkali wants one of them to give her phone..

Ashwin asks him what he was doing and that he wanted the report in 10 mins. Ram coolly gives him the report..Ashwin is surprised and asks him how he could get that report in 10 mins- Ram gives it to him and how- just coolly tells him that like every GOOD businessman should know, he takes back up of important documents and that he should follow it too…Ashwin has egg on his face!!

Ashwin asks Ram to order lunch for both of them..

Ram gets angry but controls it..comes outside feeling angry when Priya walks to him and just gives her support by holding his hand and keeping the other on his shoulder..just then one of the employees of KI Madhav comes and tells him that he would order food. Ram refuses saying that it was his responsibility. Madhav tells him that this was not his job and if Ram had not helped him, he and his family would have been on the streets.. he tells him, the owner might have changed but not his loyalty..Ram thanks him and Priya is emotional and she tells him that good deeds always pay..she tells him he will never lose..Ram says you are right..nice scene

Neha notices a gift lying on the bed she goes to open it…On the other side Kady gets a gift delivered to her-it is from Rahul..Kady opens it to find all anti-ageing products..and she is irritated. Neha gets a blue bikini and is surprised.

Ashwin calls Ram inside and tells him that they were going to eat lunch and he should join them-not to eat but to take notes..Ram is irritated but keeps his cool.

Ashwin turning his charm meter on the reptile..and asks her to eat and fusses that she is not eating…

He calls Priya inside and tells her that Ayesha is not pleased with his hospitality and is not eating anything..he wants Priya to look after her sister…(we have tried so hard to make her forget ab yeh namoona kya karne jaa raha hai? )

She coolly says yes sir and proceeds to offer a dish to her –she tells her ‘please’ in a very sarcastic tone and Ayesha takes it and thanks her.. Ashwin starts talking about a Jamnagar project and is giving some wrong information when Ram interrupts to say something- Priya says- let it be Mr Kapoor, why do you want to correct him- I am sure he does not want to listen to your suggestions, and that she was sure he called Ram only to talk about his stuff! All this is done by PRK with sugary sweetness- Ram says sorry..Ashwin lands up with egg again..

He asks her what she would have for dessert- Tiramisu- Ayesha says sure thanks…Ashwin asks Priya to order dessert for Ayesha..Ram shuts his eyes and controls his anger . Priya says sorry she cannot do that. .Ram looks at her with surprise- Chipkali with a weird expression- Priya says sorry-she meant that Ayesha does not eat sweets or carbs on weekdays! Ayesha has a dozen rotten eggs thrown at her face now..Ram can’t control his smile. .but Priya is on a roll now -she says that sweet means her diet plan will go for a toss and it would be cheating..she doesn’t stop there-she says since Ayesha is her younger sister, she knows her habits and says if you want I will call for that the eggs have landed clean on chipkali’s face she sheepishly says that she doesn’t want . Both the losers end up with huge omelettes!!!! Ram is extremely amused and looks at Priya and she sweetly asks if she can take leave!!

Scene shifts to Peehu’s school where Peehu is playing and Sid is watching..Peehu runs to catch a ball and sees him. She tells him that she looked for him the other day so that she could introduce her mother. Sid says that he had an important call so had to leave. Sid tells her that he came to meet her and gives her a psp as a gift and tells her that he knew she wanted one ..Peehu refuses saying that her mother has asked her not to take gifts from strangers. Slimy Sid asks her to take the gift and keep it as a secret-he would soon become friends with her parents and then she can show them. Peehu hesitates and takes it.

Lunch time at office..Priya waiting at the canteen..Ram walks in..he asks her why she did not eat? She tells him she does not eat before him..he says give me the food-she tells him it is in the microwave. She brings the food..he takes a spoonful..she cautions that it could be very hot and takes it, blows and feeds it to him.. Ram relishes the food. He asks her for more..sweet moments..with bg..aweeeee

Ram tells her that the 10 minutes they get at lunch-time is so good that the whole day’s tiredness is wiped off. Ayesha overhears this and is upset. . Priya teases Ram that he is in a great mood- Ram blushes so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetly aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei She continues to feed him with Ram saying ‘Garam hai’ and Priya blowing into the food and feeding him ..

Scene shifts to slimy Sid’s rat hole. .he wants to know from Ayesha how much fun it was to see Ram and Priya get humiliated..but Ayesha is super annoyed and tells him that they don’t have anything but it has not made any difference to their love- they just cannot be humiliated..slimy Sid says that if they don’t have even food to eat all that strength will wane..he tries to reassure her and our Babe with no family planning ideas is feeling faint…

Kady and Rahul at the restaurant- Kady annoyed with him and gives him all the products and asks him to gift it to his older girl friend..

Vikram comes in sweetly and asks how she liked the gift . Neha tells him that she was definitely scandalised in the beginning but then thought Vikram was such a hottie and brings the blue bikini. Vikram is surprised and asks why he would do something like that. They argue and Vikram tells her that he got anti-aging cream as the chemist had suggested. Neha wants to know why he did not get a walking stick for her?

Ashwin is licking his wounds..flashbacks of the egg-fest delivered by RAYA..

The employees wish Priya bye and leave..Priya is planning to leave too. She gets up and Ashwin asks her where was going. Priya tells him that office hours are over and she is going home. He tells her that she has to do overtime. Mr Ashwin tells her that it was her turn to do over-time. She tells him that had she known, she would have made arrangements as she has a family at home. Ashwin tells her that she did not have a baby with his permission- everyone does over-time, she has to do too. Priya looks at him like he is a piece of ….
Ram walks in and asks if she is ready to leave..she tells him she cannot as she has to work overtime and was not informed earlier..Ram puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that is the price she is paying for being Mrs Ram Kapoor ..she tells him that she has also taken advantage of the same!! He is surprised and asks if she took advantage of him?

She tells him- You did not know? Those who make the mistake of falling in love always are taken advantage of.. (of course you do remember right?) She says he must have taken advantage too…

Hehe Ram smiles and tells her that he wants to send a card to Ashwin because he had been trying all day to torture him and is getting nowhere.

And instead the cute moments both of them share is priceless …she tells him they should give him a thank-you card without a name and he will pull his hair apart wondering who sent it. Ram guffaws and says that her one smile is enough for him to forget Ashwin’s misbehaviour..he takes the tiffin box and asks her to finish her work and come soon..

Well the next scene is pukey..Ayesha is preggers..throwing up—Oh celebrations ..

The episode ends with Ayesha fainting on the convenient.

Pre-cap..Ashwin telling Priya that he would drop her home as outside office, he is not the boss- Hitler PRK tells him outside office you are nothing.

Update Credit to: sarass

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