Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram asking Priya to tell her secret. Natasha comes there is about to the secret, but Priya disconnects call. Priya asks Natasha why did she want to reveal the secret and says she wants to see Ram’s expression when he sees surprise. Natasha then asks Priya why did she hid from her that it was her plan that Vikram took baby with him. Priya apologizes. Natasha says she is glad she did that and starts praising her for her courage and says she is a supermom. Priya says she was worried how Pihu and Khush would react, but she is glad her plan worked out. She is now waiting to see Ram’s expression when he comes back.

Myra dances on Ni mai kamli… song. Khush says she is doing wrong steps. Myra says she is excited as Dhoom 3 is coming on TV.

Mama speaks with someone on phone that he will do his work and to disconnect call. He thinks what is he doing, instead of thinking of him benefit, he is thinking of somebody else’s.

Priya sees Pihu happily showing her teddy to baby and says she is happy seeing that and says she is sure Pihu would protect the baby in the future. Pihu says she will and praises Priya protecting her always. Priya says we think in our younger days someone else as our role model, but when we become parents, we realize our parents are our role model. Pihu says she is lucky to have both her and Ram as her role model. Priya says yes she is extremely lucky.

Priya sees mamaji silently walking out of house and calls him. Mamaji says he was going out on an important work. Priya says when people think of conspiring something, they go out like this silently. Mamaji says it is a beautiful weather outside with cool breeze, so he wants to take his girlfriend out and buy her corn. Priya says she wanted to give him his wallet as she found it near his room door. Mamaji says he has credit card. Priya says he may need change to buy corn. Mamaji takes wallet and goes out. Priya thinks he is for sure conspiring something when we all are busy with baby now.

Myra asks Priya to suggests her about her office dresses. Priya asks her to take Pari’s help. Myra says Pari was telling we should dress well and well groomed, etc. Priya says she is right, but work also plays important role. Even simple attire would. Myra asks what she used to wear for office. Priya says jeans and kurti. Myra says even she is wearing jeans. Priya says it is very short. Myra says now she understands it should be full clothes and starts praising Priya for solving her problem. Priya asks her to stop boasting her.

Mamaji is driving his car and thanks god for escaping him from chudiya/Priya.

Priya informs Sid about Mamaji’s stint with a girl. Sid says Mamaji said same to him. Priya says he is up to something, what if the girl must have not seen him and thinks he is young and mamaji ruins her life. She suggests to keep an eye on mamaji. Sid says he will and says he spent most time with mamaji till now.

Mamaji meets Juhi and gives her blank cheques. He says he is worried Ram would catch him and is worried he will be kicked out like Juhi. Juhi’s husband says he has to steal one more thing from Ram’s office, then his work is done. Mamaji asks Juhi what will she do with these cheques without Ram’s signature and says she can actually as she can do Ram’s fake signatures better than Ram.

Precap: Ram jokingly says Priya she did not reveal her secret as she wanted to show her supremacy over him. Priya asks why will she.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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