Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mandeep and his family leaving from Kapoor Mansion. Sammy says he looks very nervous. Pihu asks Sammy what he has done with so many girls. She says I know you was serious for Param. Sammy says yes, but he don’t want to remember her after all what she had done with him. He says he never felt for anyone whatever he felt for Param and hopes that some perfect girl will come in his life, with whom he will fall in love with. Pihu smiles. Pihu comes to Ram and says she agrees to marry Mandeep. Ram says are you sure, Pihu says yes. Pari comes and says Mandeep said yes for the marriage proposal. Vikram calls Ram and confirms that Mandeep agrees to marry Pihu. Ram feels bad thinking about Pihu’s vidaai. Ram hugs his daughters while Khush comes and

asks his sisters to hug him. Ram comes to Priya and says he will do Pihu’s vidaai before bidding her bye but hopes she would be fine. Ram gets emotional. Pihu wipes her tears thinking she will settle Ram before her marriage. Ram calls Naina and informs about Pihu’s engagement. Meanwhile Neha calls Riddhima and informs her about Pihu’s engagement, Riddhima says she have to cancel her honeymoom plan then. Sammy praises Mandeep’s mom while she gets shy then he tries to talk to Mandeep.

At the engagement party, Pari asks Ram to call DJ. Ram says it is just an engagement party. Pihu walks down the stairs with Neha. She looks good. Mandeep greets her with flower. Ram says we shall start the engagement now. Juhi tells Neha that Naina didn’t come yet. She shows her concern towards her daughter. Pihu’s engagement starts while all the family feels happy. Juhi looks tensed as her daughter didn’t come. Mandeep’s father says Pihu is now his daughter in law. Juhi calls someone and asks about Naina. He says she didn’t come yet. Juhi comes to Rajiv and asks where is Naina. She asks where is she? Ram comes and asks is there any problem. Rajiv says they are having personal conversation and says Juhi is his wife, Ram is shocked. Rajiv asks Juhi to tell Ram that he is her husband. Rajiv says why you didn’t tell them as they are your family friends. Why you are hiding about your ex husband. He says he don’t have any problem, and says have your Juhi. He tells Juhi that she didn’t take care of Naina properly. Everyone listens this. Rajiv says his ex wife didn’t fulfill the responsibility of a mother. Then he starts badmouthing about Ram and Juhi’s relations and calls Ram as Juhi’s boyfriend. Mandeep’s dad says you can’t insult Juhi ji. Rajeev says he is tensed about Naina and he will hire a lawyer soon. Rajeev leaves. Ram says it is nothing like that. Mandeep’s father says you don’t need to give explaination and lets complete the rituals. Naina calls Juhi and says train got late and she will reach soon. Vikram says lets complete the engagement rituals.

Pihu comes to Juhi and says she wants her mom to come with her as she is getting engaged. Juhi cries. Mandeep says ofcourse, your mom should be with you and tells Ram that nobody has right on them to say anything. He says Pihu told him how Juhi aunty looked after them. He says it won’t effect him if people interpret their relation wrong. Sudhir tells Shipra that Ram said the same thing and he selected a good son in law. Mandeep’s mom suggests that Mandeep and Pihu shall exchange the rings. Ram says he don’t mind and asks Pihu’s opinion. Pihu says she wants her moms to witness the engagement. Ram says ok and can Priya too witness the same. He asks everyone to come to Priya’s room and do the engagement ceremony. Pihu and Mandeep exchange rings while all the family feels happy. Ram looks at Priya while the BALH plays in the BG.

Ram says they are making an issue of Juhi’s relation with him. Vikram says they know Juhi’s importance but the outsider’s don’t know anything about her and they will ask about it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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