Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya coming home and is surprised to see the inaugration already done without her. Khush says her sorry and says we can’t delay the inaugration because of the doctor. Priya says, I will see the inaugration in the photos. Suhani asks, where were you? you missed the inaugration. I will get something for you. Priya asks her to rest. Everyone are partying at Kapoor Mansion. Ram is all alone. Vikram make him realise that they are living their life and enjoying and forgot to remember his birthday. He asks, why you are doing this. Why you want to become great? Ram comes to his room and is all alone. Priya is alone in her home. Vikram says, I wished God does a miracle to bring them together. Khush asks Priya to have dinner. Priya says, my day have not ended still. I have to do some important work. Khush offers to accompany her. Priya says, I will go alone. Vikram says, I know you missed Priya. He says, I am sure Natasha knows about Priya’s number. Ram stops him and says Priya is very stubborn and will come back home with her consent. Vikram says you are equally stubborn and asks him to keep his ego aside. Ram says, I don’t want to talk about this. Tomorrow we will be taking over one more company, I will call you. Come tomorrow. Vikram leaves.

Priya is going in the car and thinks I won’t miss Mr. Kapoor’s birthday. I will wish him at our home. She recalls about his past birthday. BALH song plays……..She smiles. Priya thinks Ram didn’t miss her even once. She thinks to wish him. Priya enters the gate and thinks may be party is going on. I don’t want to spoil his mood. She thinks to leave the card and pastries at the gate. She keeps the card on the gate. She tells him happy birthday. Vikram says, I wish Ram and Priya meet today. Priya feels strange. Ankahee……plays……Ram comes out and sees the taxi leaving. He thinks, why I am feeling uneasy. Card is blown by the wind. Ram calls Natasha and Natasha says sorry for not wishing him. She wishes him happy birthday. Door bell rings. Ram asks, who came at this time? Natasha says, I will check and let you know. Natasha opens the door and sees Priya.

Priya comes inside and says I came to meet you and mummy papa. Natasha says, mummy papa is with Karthik since one month. Priya says, I didn’t think about it. I have just come. Natasha asks about pastries. Priya tells her about Suhani’s clinic inaugration. Natasha says, I don’t eat sweets. She says, bhai’s favourite pastries. She asks her to call Bhai if she misses him. Priya says, it is nothing like that. Natasha says, I am sick and tired of this. I really wish bhai would have been here. I am getting sandwiched between you both. Priya says, it is okay. Natasha says, you both are suffocating. Bhai is stubborn and you are double stubborn. I have to do something as I can’t see you like this. Priya says, everything will be fine with time. She says, your brother didn’t call me even once. He might have felt that his decision is right.

Door bell rings. Priya asks, who is there? Priya goes to check. She says, Mr. Kapoor. Natasha says, what a timing. Priya asks Natasha not to tell anything to Ram. Natasha says, I will clear your confusion. Priya thinks to hide somewhere. Natasha opens the door. Ram says, I thought to come home. He asks, who came when I was talking to you. Natasha says, security guard. Natasha asks, where were you going? Ram says nowhere. He comes inside. Natasha asks about party. Ram says, Party was good and everyone wish him. Ram starts sneezing. Priya signs Natasha to give a shawl to Ram. She drops the vase inorder to call Natasha.

Ram is about to eat the pastries. Priya’s phone rings. Ram asks, where is the phone ringing? Natasha says, it is my third phone needed for International number. Ram says, somebody disconnect the call..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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