Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ram cancels meeting to spend the day with Pihu! Priya asks him to go work and she will stay by Pihus side! Ram says..why? Only u wanna show ur love for Pihu? I love her more than u! Priya says competition?? Well try it out.. n i will win! Ram says.. she will wake up n it will be decided! Priya smiles n says.. u were so hyper last nite! Ram says u too! Priya smiles..!

Caddy asks Suhani is responsible for Pihus situation? Sammy says i was responsible too . .i told Pihu i love someone else.. tried to explain to her but she drove off! Caddy says .. if Ram finds out then? Sammy says.. i love Suhani .. i m not at fault ..! Caddy says.. i asked u at terrace .. if something is going on?? U said no.. ! She says. two families are involved here! She says ur

not selfish ..cant be! Sammy says i love Suhani .. n if i m selfish for that then yes.. i am. .n dun talk to me like this! Sammy walks off! Caddy rues that if she shares this with anyone. it will create a issue!

Suhani is in her room and recollects Priyas support to the orphanage she grew up in ..n how Priya welcomed her in the home..! Her begging Suhani for taking care of Pihu when she was unconscious ..! Suhani rues how Pihus one misunderstanding ruined things for RaYa but her obsession for Sammy hasnt ended..! She thinks that if Sammy rejects her again. .she wont be able to take it! Suhani feels guilty for snatching Pihus love n hurting RaYa! She decides that she cant be that selfish ..!

Sid tells Ram that Pihu is out of danger n that she should be kept outside of any shock! Ram asks u both were with Pihu to Myra? Myra says.. yes.. but Pihu went after Sammy ..! Ram suspects Sammy talked to Pihu! Ram fumes..! Priya says to let it go! Nurse says Pihu is conscious ..! Priya rushes to Pihu n hugs her ..! Suhani comes inside Kapoor Mansion! She decides that she has to take that step.. for Priyas happiness! Self thot that..i love u Sammy but i have no other option . .i have to end this relationship! Sammy comes there as well ..! They are about to talk! Vikram tells Sammy to come as Pihu is conscious ..! Sammy tells Suhani that he will tell all the truth.. that they love each other .. n all should know that..! Suhani fears that if Sammy tells all will mess things up completely..!

Pihu is crying holding Priya! Priya asks the matter? Ram asks the matter? Sammy comes there! Pihu rues that.. u came to see if i m dead or alive? Sammy self thot. .gimme one chance to explain please! Ram says.. wanna talk to u Sammy in front of everyone..! Vikram agrees ..! Suhani is pacing in the hall .. n wondering what Sammy said n what happened! Ram asks Pihu to tell how she met with an accident? Priya says we can talk about this later! Ram says not later.. wanna find out NOW! Ram asks if Sammy is responsible? Pihu says yes..!

Part 2

Ram says i knew it.. u lied to me.. will kill u! Pihu says.. it was my fault ..i was rash driving .. he came in front of my car n i hit the brakes.. its not Sammys fault! Ram says ur lying..! Ram asks Myra if Sammy-Pihu met? Pihu says yes.. but later i drove off.. ! Ram says ur lying to save Sammy! Priya says.. Pihu said already Sammy isnt responsible why pushing this on? She says.. ur pushing ur dislike of Sammy on this accident..! He respects u .. so he is quiet but ur over reacting! Pihu says.. i wanna talk to u alone! Ram asks why?? Priya and Vikram convinces Ram to let it be.. n let kids sort it out…between themselves! Ram walks off in a huff and Priya asks Vikram to reassure Ram!

Part 3

Sammy says sorry for the way they talked that day! Pihu says.. u should not have told that to me.. that day.. n on any day! If i tell to Ram.. he wont spare u.. he loves me too much! Pihu tries to get up n Sammy says to sit n rest! Pihu says.. i m doing all this coz i love u n i want u to love me. i dun want to know who the girl is.. i want u to come back to me..! Pihu asks Sammy ..when he is coming back to her? Sammy is shocked! Pihu feels pain in her head n sits down.. holding her head..! Suhani watches RaYa n all walk down smiling ..! Suhani asks how Pihu is? Priya says fine .. n talking a lot! Vikram tells Ram that one thing is clear.. Sammy isnt responsible! Ram says feel something is amiss! Vikram says ur overtly suspicious! Reminding me of college days..!

Priya says.. Sammy-Pihu are getting married so they have right to talk to each other in private! I guess we will gift wrap Ram at their wedding! But Neha will have to cook a lot ..! Ram says if u want to backbite.. do it behind my back.. ! Priya says u r chugli aunty.. we crib upfront..! Suhani wonders what Pihu-Sammy are talking about! Priya asks if Ram thot of something for Sammy? Ram says thinking! Priya says.. when?? He will get old! Ram says.. how about giving Sammy a senior post at my office since he is as such marrying Pihu! Priya is delighted!

Precap — Pihu says.. what love are u blabbering about? Its all attraction! Sammy says what are u talking about? Pihu says.. i wont spare that girl.. u claim to love.. remember this u belong to me.. u love only me! Sammy asks what is wrong with u? RaYa come n ask if all talk is done?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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