Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Juhi calling lawyer and asking him to transfer property papers in her name. She sees Priya standing there and listening to her conversation and cuts the call. Priya asks if she was doing it for property and money and used her, Ram and her family as means to gain them. She says everything can be untrue, but she loving her kids in her absence cannot be untrue. She says she knows she brainwashed Pihu against her, but let her do it as she loved Pihu and took care of her kids in her absence. She says after hearing her conversation, she cannot forgo her as she betrayed every relationship. Juhi asks her to stop lecturing her and says she is looking things with her eyes, if she looks them with her eyes, then she will feel that she is not wrong. She says she took care of her children, business, family, etc., without any expectation as she was in love with Ram and he promised to marry her, but he betrayed her when he saw you coming out of coma. Ram left me in front of everyone in marriage hall and forced me to marry Sid. She married Sid just for her daughter, the whole family did not respect her. Priya says she would have asked Ram, he would have given her everything happily. She says Ram transferred his whole wealth to Ayesha trusting her, he would have done the same with Juhi also. She says she left her family to her by trusting her and when she came out of coma, she knew she was betrayed. She says when she has auctioned her motherhood, then she cannot believe her, so they should treat it as business and she will pay with interest and transfer her property and company in Juhi’s name.

Priya comes to her room and tensely walk around. Natasha comes and asks why is she tensed. Priya says she does not know whom to believe now and says Juhi betrayed her. Natasha asks what did Juhi do. Priya says the whole conversation between them. Natasha asks if she means Juhi is a culprit. Priya says she cannot do that. Natasha says Juhi has a motive and so must have killed Sammy. Priya asks Natasha not to tell about it to Pihu as she thinks Juhi as her mother.

Vikram asks Kady if she spoke to Neha. Kady says she was speaking to Neha itself and asks him to speak to her once. Vikram asks if she spoke to Priya. Kady says she spoke to her also and she is busy searching Sammy’s murderer. Vikram says he wants to meet Kush and Suhani and asks her to arrange the meeting. Vikram thinks until the issue is solved, Vikram wont be himself.

Juhi gets a call from someone and says work will be done. Mamaji comes there and asks whom she is talking to. Juhi says that is not of his business. Mamaji asks her to tell him, else he will reveal her true colours. Juhi says Sid will not believe him. Mamaji says Sid is his blood relative and will believe him.

Natasha comes to Kush and says she knows what is up to as she is his aunty. He asks him to keep the good in out house where he has arranged baby toys. Kush says how does she know. Natasha says she know him well and says she knows how much he loves Suhani and Suhani’s kid is lucky to have a father like him. She goes to keep the good in out house.

Kush gets a call from Kady who informs him that Vikram wants to meet him and asks him to come to their home tonight. Kush agrees. Vikram asks Kady if she spoke to Kush. Kady says yes and asks if he is sure about it. Vikram says he wants to correct Sammy’s mistakes.

Juhi calls someone and says she cannot take chance as Priya is searching Sammy’s murderer. She asks him to wait until she comes and goes from there. Sid and Mamaji come from behind and Mamaji says Sid if now he believes him. Priya and Natasha also come there. Mamaji says if we want to find out who killed Sammy, then we should follow Juhi. Natasha also backs Mamaji and says Mamaji is right. They all start following Juhi.

All four travel in a car. Mamaji says he wants to prove that blood relationship is only true relationship. Natasha asks him to stop his commentary. Sid asks Priya where are they going. Priya says lets see. She calls her lawyer and asks if Juhi’s papers ready. Lawyer says his associate is in a hotel waiting for them. Priya then informs Sid to take them to that hotel. They all reach the hotel and follow Juhi. Juhi meets a man and hugs him. They all see her talking to that man from behind.

Precap: Priya says Vikram that she was thinking she was responsible for every mishap in her life, but today she found out that everything was planned.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  3. Watched the video bt nt the precap ….. they follow juhi to a hotel nd as juhi enters the room in a hotel….a person may be its rajib her ex hus is shoen and huf eachother priya nd all see them….i guess its nt khush ……who ia with her ….the person is smwht like khush …….. want to know the precap…..plz update fast

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