Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with doctor informing Vikram that he could not save his son Sammy. Vikram and everybody are shocked to hear that and start crying. Vikram goes sadly from there.

Priya calls Sharma and says how can they take Ram to police station. Natasha gets Khush’s call. She picks his call and stands shockingly. Vikram comes. Priya asks what happened to Sammy and then says police took Ram. She asks again how is Sammy. Vikram nods his head no. Natasha says Sammy did not make it and is dead. Vikram says he wil go to police station.

Pihu remembers Sammy telling that he loves Suhani, not her. Suhani remembers Sammy expressing his love for her repeatedly and she shouting on him. Kady remembers Sammy telling her that he loves Suhani and not Pihu. Khush also

remembers telling Sammy it is good that Suhani left him and does not love him.

Inspector asks Priya, Natasha, Vikram, Rajath that he cannot let them meet Ram and asks them to find a lawyer first. Rajath says he cannot stop them as Ram is not yet convicted. Inspector asks who is he. Natasha says he is a famous author Anjaan and his real name is Rajath. Inspector allows them to meet Ram for 2 minutes. Priya meets Ram and says she knows he did not do anything and says she will hire big lawyers and will free him. She says she did not come back to Kapoor Mansion to stay alone, she wants to stay with him. She will try her best to free him and he does not deserve to be here.

Vikram asks inspector why did he allow criminal’s wife to meet criminal and argues with him to break the rule. He says Ram killed his son Sammy. Natasha asks him how can he say that. Vikram says he is his friend and she is his sister and they both know how is Ram, he can go to any extent for Pihu. He is a murderer. Rajath asks Vikram how can he say that about his friend. Vikram says Ram is his enemy now and asks inspector not to let Ram get a bail. Natasha ask why did he come here. Vikram says he came to make sure his son’s murderer get a rigorous imprisonment and goes from there. Priya comes and says she does not blame Vikram as he lost his son. She asks Rajath to go to Vikram as he needs a friend. Rajath goes. She says Natasha that they should go home and meet Pihu.

Pihu stops nurses from taking Sammy’s body out. She then starts fighting with Suhani and says she lost her Sammy because of her. Khush asks Pihu to stop misbehaving. Pihu says she should have kicked them out. Khush says Sammy is responsible for his death, he was behind Suhani and used to be outside their house always. Pihu asks Khush why is he helping Suhani instead of his sister. Khush says she is making the same mistake that Sammy did. Pihu says she will kill Suhani and her kid. Kady comes and asks them to behave and says Sammy is dead now. She asks Pihu to behave herself and leave them in peace. Khush consoles Suhani.

Rahul asks Vikram to call Neha and inform about Sammy’s death. Vikram says how can he say her as she left Sammy in his protection and cannot say. Rahul says he will handle and goes from there. Kady sees Rahul crying vigorously and asks if he told mom. Rahul says he does not have courage to inform Neha. Kady calls Neha and informs her about Sammy’s death. Neha hears the news and starts crying vigorously.

Kady remembers Sammy’s words that Sammy loves Suhani and she trying to help him many times. Natasha and Priya come and ask if Vikram came home. Kady says he came, but nobody is in a position to meet them. She asks them to go now and she will call them later once the situation is under control. Priya asks her to call her and they both go from there.

Priya comes home. Pihu hugs her and starts crying vigorously. Says she Priya that she told lie to her that she will unite her with Sammy, she was always trying to separate them.

Precap: Pihu asks Priya to kill her also and says Suhani matters to Priya a lot than her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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