Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy thanking Suhani. Suhani doesn’t like it. Sammy says that pendant is looking good on Pihu’s neck. He says it doesn’t suit you as the cool and s*xy thing doesn’t suit your personality. Suhani replies that two things doesn’t suit her, one is the stupid leech pendant and the other thing is you, and then says people like you. Sammy thinks she is jealous. Sid knocks on Juhi’s door and asks can I come in? Juhi asks him to come. Sid says do you want to tell anything to me, want to share with me something. I heard your words in the court and I want to start our relationship on honesty. He asks, whether there is something between her and bhai. Before Juhi can say yes, Priya comes. Sid leaves. Priya tells Juhi that they will no longer be friends as they will become relatives. Juhi smiles. Priya asks, why you are doing this? Juhi hesitates to reply.

Priya says she came to know everything. Juhi is surprised and asks, how? Priya says she is Ram Kapoor’s wife and wife instinct is something. Juhi asks Did you talk with Ram? Priya says yes, and says she is feeling bad. Why you didn’t share with me. I thought we were friends. Juhi says no Priya. I swear I was asking Ram to tell you everything. She says we was doing it for Naina’s custody. She says she was about to marry Sid but Rajiv interrupted them and that’s why she was about to get marry to Ram. But then she came out to coma on the marriage day. Priya is shocked and says you was about to get marry to Ram. Juhi says you said that Ram told you the truth. Priya says he didn’t tell me this. Juhi says sorry and tries to explain but Priya asks her to stop. She gets teary eyed and leaves. While Juhi is shocked too.

Priya recalls Khush’s words that Sid was about to marry Juhi. She recalls Ram saying it is ok to lie with spouses. Priya recalls saying we were together as we love each other. She recalls about their divorce. Naina’s adoption etc. She recalls Ram saying juhi is our kids mother and I am her daughter’s father. She recalls Juhi confession in court and at home. She recalls everything. Priya sits in the car and leaves.

Ram tells Sid that you will become one of us. Maa says what are you telling to your brother. Ram gives tips to Sid. Vikram says they did PhD in Marriage. Ram asks him to say sorry whether he is at fault or not. Vikram asks Sid to smile infront of the mother in law. Neha comes and says she came on time else he would have name her family. She says, my mom is like yetty. She asks Sid not to become like Vikram. Vikram tries to cover up but Neha says you are dead. Ram laughs on him and tells Sid, this is going to happen with you also. Sid and Ram laughs. read full updates daily only at desitv Pihu tells Sammy that something is not good. she says this dress doesn’t suit me and asks, shall I change it. Sammy says I don’t know and says I wonder what Suhani will wear today. He says she reacted seeing this pendant. Pihu asks what. Sammy looks lovingly at Suhani. Pihu sees him and asks don’t tell me you. Sammy says he was thinking something and says some girls looks not good even in make up. Khush greets Suhani, Suhani greets him.

Neha keeps on pestering him for the crack jokes. Vikram says he won’t joke again. Juhi comes down for wedding with Pihu and Soumya. Mamaji says she has come, get ready for the knife. Sid asks for Priya. Ram wonders where is Priya. Sid says Juhi might know and asks Juhi? Juhi says she must be here. Ram thinks something is wrong and calls her but didn’t pick the call. Priya comes to the Sharma house. Natasha opens the door and is shocked to see Priya. Natasha says so you know. who told you? Priya says juhi said by mistake. Natasha says I know how this feels, when the trust breaks and who can tell better than me. My life came to an end when Karthik betrayed me and you took care of me. You were pillar of my strength and supported me. You went against Karthik. Whatever I am is because of you. And today is my turn. I am with you, I will do everything and can go against my brother. I am doing this as your sister and you will find me in our single step. Priya
hugs her and cries. She says you means a lot and says I want to stay alone for sometime. Natasha says take your time. Priya is shattered by the truth while the sad music plays.

Mamaji wonders where is Priya? Pari and Mayra says she is not at home. Cady and Sammy tries to call her. Sid asks Juhi, where is Priya. Juhi says she don’t know and will not marry until she comes back. Ram says something drastic must have happened else she would have pick the call. Ram gets Natasha’s call and says Priya is here and she knows everything. Ram is shocked and asks, who told her? Natasha says Juhi. Ram is shocked.

Priya tells Ram that the basis of their relationship is trust. Trust was between them when they started with friendship. You didn’t break the relationship but have also broken the trust.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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