Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s emotional talk

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram calling home and asking Tarun did Priya come home. Tarun says no. Priya walks on the road and cries. She says why are all the sorrows in my life. She comes in front of Ram’s car and falls down. Ram runs to her. He asks are you okay. He takes her. She thinks you are spoiling me by making me habitual to you, I can’t even shatter now. Shivi packs her bag. She says Akki stayed here because of me, how are we treating him, Priya insulted him, I m done with all this, I don’t get insulted there. Nandini asks her to listen. Shivi says Mami always taunts her. Nandini says trust me, she won’t do anything now. Shivi says Meera and Priya got insulted today, Akki asked me if I would be okay if my family got insulted. Nandini says I promise, I will fix everything. Shivi asks how, I knew it, you can’t do anything. Nandini says tell me, I will do anything you say. Shivi says say sorry to them. Nandini says I will say sorry to them, I can do anything for you. She hugs Shivi and thinks I will apologize to Priya today but never forgive her. Ram plays a song and holds Priya’s hand. They are on the way.

They hear Ram’s song request on the radio. Priya smiles and holds his hand. Bade ache…plays… Ram and Priya come home. He scolds her. She says sorry. He asks shall I taunt more, or is this enough, I feel like you want me to scold you. She asks him to scold her. He says I was angry, but I thought its tough for someone to tell her husband that her dad tried to kill him. He says we are not perfect, but we are together, you were right, Vedika needs medical help, its about us, our relation doesn’t need any support, its Ram and Priya’s story, our relation has tolerated Mahender’s plans and Vedika’s conspiracies also. She says I can’t change the fact that Mahender is my dad, he can never see me happy, I m scared, you get him arrested. Ram says he threatened you that he will send someone to jail, Sara told me, so you didn’t send him to jail, you give me coupons for the next three months, then we both will be hero and heroine. She says I want something else from you. He asks what. She says nothing, I will ask some other day. He says I was scared of losing you, come with me. Meera says don’t punish Priya, its not her mistake. Nandini says no, we are her family now, I lost it and overreacted. Meera says I can understand, Ram and Priya are together, he is like my son. Nandini says I can’t share Ram with anyone, I m overprotective mother, I m happy that he got another family, Ram’s happiness is in Shivi’s happiness, its connected, I came to ask something, can Akki stay with us. Meera says I don’t want relations to get spoiled. Nandini says I can also regard Akki as my son, right. Meera says fine, if Akki is happy there, then I have no problem. It thunders. Meera says it starts raining much when something good is going to happen, but Priya doesn’t believe so.

Ram is on the way. Someone tells him about his dad’s accident. Ram says I don’t know who was that man. Priya asks how didn’t you know.

Update Credit to: Amena

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