Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s fun banter

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and everyone talking about the holi party. Ram says sorry, Shivi had spiked the drinks, if the end is fine, then everything is fine. Priya says I was thinking to stay here tonight. Ram asks why. She says I didn’t stay with my sisters since a long time. Sandy says we will play snake and ladder tonight. Priya says I don’t like to answer useless things. Ram says I m waiting for the answer. Maitri says I will leave now. Ram says I will drop you. Meera asks him to have sweets. He jokes. Sara teases Priya. Ram coughs. She feeds the water to Ram.

Ram and Maitri are on the way. She says sorry, I was really rude, Priya had been hurt before, I was the reason, I cheated her, I thought that she will go through the same. He says I promise, I will never hurt her, I didn’t cheat her. She asks is there nothing between Vedika and you. Vedika and Nandini have a talk. She asks why did Priya forgive Ram. Nandini says Ram isn’t interested in you. They argue.

Nandini says fine, I will call Ram, tell him whatever you want, lets see who will Ram trust, you are out of this game now, I like ones who obey commands, Ram doesn’t love you, what’s my profit in this. Ram says its not easy to talk to Priya. Maitri says I know she cares for you. He says even I do, I don’t know to express. She says even she doesn’t know to express, she will always care for you. He says I don’t like Neeraj, but you are like my sister, I m always there for you.

Sara asks will Ishaan come to me, its fine, no problem. She says Varun’s mom got fine, I have to settle the hospital bills. Priya says I will see that, have the icecream. Sara says I didn’t see my child since a year, I really miss him. Priya says Varun is nice and caring, think positive. Sandy says this is Ram’s effect. Priya says give credit to Ram. Ram and Adi joke on each other. Vikrant laughs. Ram says I m happy, why would I look sad, wife gone, party on. They drink. Ram says take a pic and take video, I m not scared. Adi says yes, tell them that we are happy. Vikrant clicks their pic. Priya says everything is good, so I got scared. Sara asks how did Ram convince you. Priya says it wasn’t needed, I didn’t get upset. Sara asks didn’t you ask him. Ram says she didn’t ask me, she was angry and asked me not to do like her dad did, I think Mahender comes in between always, love will happen after sometime. Adi says I love you and hugs Ram. Ram says I wish to hear this from Priya. Sara says tell him I love you. Priya says I m scared to lose him. Sara says it happens with everyone, we can’t stop thinking good. Priya says don’t tell him, I will be sure of this feeling. Sara holds her head and says Ram will become Devdas. Priya gets the video and shows it to Sara. She says Ram is drinking, he acts like he is scared of me. Sara says so cute. They laugh. Ram asks who isn’t scared of Priya here. Adi and Vikrant say we aren’t scared. Adi says I m scared of Brinda. Ram says I m not scared until Priya is with me. Vikrant says Priya can see that videos and pics, I have sent it to her. He laughs. Ram asks what. Vikrant says I was joking. Ram thinks I m gone now.

Servant says Kunal is waiting for you. Vedika says I know. Mahender comes to meet Shashi. He says his cheque bounded, I came to take my payment, tell him that I had come. Vedika recalls Shashi’s words. Priya says Ram would be eating junk, I will go and stop him. She sees Ram in her house. Ram says I m taking medicines and also drinking much water. Priya says I have to go to college now. Vedika gives the cheque to Mahender and says Shashi asked me to give it to you, I have tension thanks to Priya, thanks for whatever you did, Shashi told me. He says you have no objection with this. She says no, we are a team. She thinks what did he do. She says Shashi was behaving strange and told strange things, I doubted him, then he told me. He says you also supported him, Shashi planned Ram’s accident, but I m surprised that you supported him.

Vedika scolds Mahender. Mami hears this and tells Nandini about the accident. She says Priya knew everything. Nandini scolds Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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