Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Varun and Shashi’s plans

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya coming to the party. Akki asks her to wear something according to the bling party, else Shivi will get angry. He gets an outfit for her. She takes the dupatta and wears it. Akki compliments her. She turns and sees Ram. She goes to Ram. Ram asks where did I keep it. She asks what. He says black goggles, you really look so beautiful, you are a real moon, flawless.

He tries to remove the bangle. She gets away and says nice try. He says if the bangles are hurting you, then remove it. She says the reaction isn’t by this bangle. She goes. He thinks you don’t lose, that’s why I lose my heart to you, you are hurt but you aren’t removing that bangle, you have to remove the bangle, you aren’t more stubborn than me. Akki asks where is Mami. Nandini says she went to her friend in anger. Meera greets her. She introduces Varun and Ishaan. Ishaan says I m Varun’s son. Nandini says nice, someone isn’t a mom’s son. She goes on a call.

Sara goes to Ishaan and asks shall I get something for you. He says no, I m not hungry. Varun gets snacks for him. Ishaan asks him to feed. Sara goes. Priya says Ishaan needs time to bond with you. Meera calls out Ram. Ram compliments her and hugs. Priya smiles seeing them. Ram says Priya is nothing in front of you, you are the real deal. Meera says you are very naughty. Shivi comes and asks why are you laughing, come with me, I have some work. She takes Ram with her. Meera asks Sara and Priya to go and help Ram.

Varun says thanks Ishaan, I didn’t understand why Priya is going there suddenly, they didn’t tell me anything, I don’t want to anger your mom, how to find out why are they going there suddenly. Ishaan says I can find out. Shivi says I will give the honor to Ram this time, he will decide about the party. Ram says okay, I understand, but its your party. Priya asks Ram to tell Shivi what he wants to do today. Ram says sing, dance and have fun. Shivi says so lets do this, lets have fun. Everyone claps. Varun thinks how will I find out.

Akki and Shivi start the performance, and get Ram along. Tamma tamma…plays… Sandy also joins them. Varun calls Shashi and goes. Ram gets Priya on the dance floor. He gets the bangle from her hand. Priya sees Ram going with the bangle in his hand. She goes after him. Varun says I don’t know. Shashi says we have to race against time, then we will get saved. Varun says I can’t ask Ram directly, he will doubt me, I m keeping an eye on him, my one mistake can get us caught, give me some time. He turns and sees Priya. Varun disconnects the call. Priya asks did you see Ram going. Varun asks what, where. She sees Ram and calls him out. She says sorry, I will talk to you later. Varun thinks I got saved.

Priya says you call me stubborn. Ram says yes, you are, this bangle is hurting you. She says its mum’s blessing, can it hurt me, why are you so worried. Ram says I don’t want you to wear this. She says please tell me why are you worried. Ram says same thing, you were worried before, you said its not our work to investigate this matter, its not safe. He says I m getting more worried for you. She asks but why. He says the family will be at the resort, I don’t want to risk your life. She says you are going to take over the resort, that manager will become your employee, he won’t hurt you, you are going to ask general questions about your dad’s accident. Varun hears this and goes.

Ram asks won’t this bangle hurt you. She says no, else both my hands would have got rashes. He asks how did you get hurt. He makes her wear the bangle. She thinks to tell the truth after the Alibagh meeting. Everyone reaches Alibagh resort. Meera asks Ishaan to come in. Ishaan says I don’t want to play. She takes him. Nandini asks do you know about the meeting. Shubham says no, Ram said he will ask me if he needs help. She asks did Ram ask your help ever, go to him and help, I will talk to Ram about property share for you and Shivi, help him. Akki comes and says celebrity manager called for a video shoot, we have to go for the ad. He asks Shubham to come fast.

Ram and Priya hear Ishaan arguing with Sara. Ram says Ishaan wants to stay with Varun, it will be arranged. Pavan comes and says everyone has checked in, Varun isn’t there. Ishaan says he was here. Ram says he will come. He asks Pavan to arrange a room for Ishaan, he will do his experiments there. Ishaan goes with Sara. Ram says I did that to avoid Ishaan’s panicking, we will find Varun, come. Priya says he isn’t here. Ram asks does he drink. She says not much like you, rich people drink, we have no money to spend on drinks. He says its about taste. She says I don’t need to drink to make my life.

Krish hears them and turns. Ram and Priya see his disguised look of a bartender. Ram asks him when did he get this new job. Krish says just now, I got all the details of the manager Santosh Patel, even his dad Sanjeev was a big fraud. Shashi gives the details of manager to Varun. He tells about the bribe given to the people for the deal. Krish also tells about the bribe. He hints Ram. Ram tells the accident date.

Varun takes Ram for a drive. He threatens Ram on the way and says I have done your dad’s accident, I had killed him, now you will die by my hands. He races the car and jumps down. Ram meets with an accident.

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  1. Varun turns out to be a criminal and he’s teaching Ishaan to become one like him. The boy will start spying on his aunt’s family. I do hope that Ram and Priya will impact positively on him.

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