Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram saves Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram pulling Priya upwards. She faints. He hugs her and asks her to open her eyes. He shouts Priya, I love you… I lost my dad, I can’t lose you, nothing will happen to you. She gets conscious and says Mr. Kapoor…. He says I m getting help, you never lose, I will do something, just stay with me. He lifts her and takes her. He says I will get some help. He checks his car. He says why isn’t it working. He gets water for her.

He talks to her and asks her to just wait. He asks someone for help. He gets her phone. He says its broken. She says sorry. He says I m not sorry, I will buy a new phone for you, I m here, I will talk to you, keep breathing. He says I work hard for my family, don’t worry, we will get help. He shouts for help. He says my wife met with an accident, give me your phone to call. The man gives his phone. Ram says there is no network. He asks about thec cart. He says I will buy it, tell me how much money will you take. He says I forgot my wallet, keep my watch, give me this cart, please. The man says fine, take it. Ram says Priya, we got the help, nothing will happen to you, come. Ram thanks the man.

Ram takes Priya on the cart. He says don’t worry, I m with you, I will take you to the hospital. He checks phone. He says network has come, I will call Adi. Brinda says Ram didn’t come. Vedika also thinks. Sara says even Priya isn’t here. Brinda says Vikrant, Ram had told you. He says yes, I m sure Ram fixed a date. Nandini asks what date. Brinda says Ram wanted to spend time with Priya, so he planned a date. Shashi says I think Ram is moving on. Sara says Priya doesn’t go anywhere without telling us. Brinda says she goes anywhere with Ram. Shashi thinks where did Priya disappear, I will call Mahender and see. Nandini sees Akki and Shivi talking. Shubham gets angry. He asks how called you here. Kunal and Vikrant stop Shubham. Adi comes and says Ram had called, Priya met with an accident. Everyone gets shocked.

Adi says come fast, he is very tensed. Everyone rushes. Ram gets Priya to the hospital. He says I m here, nothing will happen. Ram says I don’t know about her medical history, I can make you talk to her sister. Another doctor says don’t worry, Adi gave us all the details, we will do our best. Ram recalls the accident. He thinks I really told her I love you, but how. He thinks of her. Meera and everyone come. Ram says Priya isn’t fine, how can I be fine. He hugs Meera and cries. Nandini thinks Ram’s life is around Sood family, I won’t let Meera take my life. She makes Meera away and asks are you fine, Priya will be fine, she is brave, nothing will happen.

She says Meera ji, you know her well, she is a fighter. Adi hugs Ram. She says whatever happened before, it won’t happen now, she will be fine. She asks nurse to take him and make sure he is okay. She thinks Ram had to make Priya outside, but this accident ruined the game. Shashi comes there and sees Vedika. He asks is Priya fine. Vedika says as if I care, you were saying I will come back to you, what happened, you are losing, see your plans flopped, tell me, what were you planning, did you do all this. He asks what happened, will I plan a murder to get you. She asks are you sure.

He says Ram will get angry on me, if I did something, he loves his wife a lot, come back to me, I will heal your wounds. He leaves in his car. Vedika gets angry and says I can never become a stranger for Ram. Ram asks how is Priya. Doctor says its unfortunate that Priya had to face this accident, but she is brave, you can’t meet her right now, she is unconscious. Meera asks is she fine. Doctor says surgery is successful, but she isn’t out of danger. Ram asks when will she get fine. Doctor says I hope she gets conscious till the morning, else…. Ram asks what else. Doctor says we will think she is out of danger if she gets conscious. He goes. Ram says he should tell us. Vedika says Priya will be fine, don’t worry. Ram says I have to meet her. He recalls the past when he was asked to identify his dad’s body. He goes to Priya. He recalls her. Aye khuda….plays… Ram sits with her and cries holding her hand. Nandini comes. She says you have a right to hold her hand, she is your wife, I know she is much imp for you. She says this happened with us before, with Ram’s dad, Ram doesn’t want anything bad to happen, I know you are a fighter, you have to come back. She consoles Ram and hugs. She thinks I wish I could throw out Priya from my house.

Mahender says Priya got to know about the accident. Shashi says Priya will make Mahender tell the truth. Nandini says Ram loves Priya. Ram shouts. Priya gets conscious and talks to Ram. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now it seems that everything is going to be okay!..finally Ram has realised his love for Priya!..felt so good to see him that he was in love and was blushing and thinking that he had confessed it in front of Priya🥺!!..But Priya was unconscious enough to listen to his words🥺!!.i felt bad too to see Ram in so much despair and agony when he was thinking about his father and comparing this situation😖!!!lastly one more thing that literally the villains are inhumane!..after Priya’s accident too they are thinking about themselves!!.Damn😠!!.and Nandini!! God!!..what a player she is!!..Ughh!!😡!!.acha hua Ram ko Priya se pyar ho gaya nahi to inlog ka bus chalta to yelog Priya ko aakhir me mar hi dalte😠!!..

    1. They might still be planning to kill Priya specially now that Shashi knows that Priya know Mahender did the accident on purpose. Someone should get exposed at least one story they need to end …. may be figure out a way to get out the truth about Akki’s innocence and Shubham and Vedika’s involvement

  2. And i also enjoy your written updates……very much simplified which makes it easy to understand……………
    thank u very much

  3. Nakul nailed today’s episode. So natural and convincing.

  4. What a screwed up dysfunctional greedy family the Kapoors are!! And Mahendra is a sorry excuse of a man. Wherever there is money there is evil.

  5. Thank you for the written update. Getting more interesting and more exciting challenges too. Ram and Priya acted so well. Expressions were so realistic and it was so lovely to see.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  6. Dear makers please prove akki’s innocence infront of Ram and kindly expose the truth of kapoor family and Vedhika infront of Ram. He deserves to know what these terrible people have been upto. And also thank you for bringing Raya closer and making Ram realize his love for his wife😄😄now can’t wait for Priya to realize her love for her husband too. Looking forward for more of Raya scenes and please let us see the episode where Ram finds out the ugly truth of his family and ex😄.

  7. nakul Mehtas acting is superb

  8. Priyas near death was very scary

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