Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s funny misunderstanding

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika calling Neeraj and asking about their plan. He says Maitri made a mistake, I asked her to talk to Ram, but she told everything to Priya. She asks what, you are a donkey. He asks her to mind her tongue else he will not leave her. She says okay, sorry, I got hyper, what happened there, tell me. He says nothing, they were singing and dancing. She says I have no one with me, what shall I do. She gets Akki’s message and Ram and Priya’s pic. He warns her to stay away from them. She recalls his video. She says thanks Akki, you gave me a good idea, thanks. She messages Ram.

Priya gets a hangover. She says no, Shivi can’t do this, maybe Ram did this. Pavan comes and says Ram had ordered this for him, chemist said that Ram had called him. Priya checks the protection packet and asks did Ram order this. He says yes, why, did anything wrong come. She says no, you go. She says he thinks everything will get fixed, maybe rich people think so. She says now Ram will come and think I won’t ask him anything, he will get saved. Ram comes and asks how are you feeling, did Tarun give anything, I asked for something, I know you will not be in a mood but you will relax, you will feel good, maybe you don’t want to do what I want, we will fight some other day, I took advice from everyone, they thought you need this, so please. She asks what. He says I will make it dark here, you won’t be comfortable, light is dim now, give it to me. She thinks he wants to use this. She asks do you want this now. He asks why to waste time, come. She asks do you think it’s a joke. He says I spoke to Sara, you also talk, I always think right, I was disturbed, she asked me to talk to you when you are calm. She calls him shameless. He asks what’s this, you also use this, its normal.

He gets the packet and says sorry. He asks what do you want to do. She says you think this is funny. He says no, its romantic, I swear I didn’t do this, I didn’t order this, I ordered headache medicine, you had bhaang, Sara said you will get calm and relaxed, I know lights will hurt you, I didn’t mean that. Priya starts laughing. He says I wasn’t so drunk. She says sorry, give the balm to me. She says I will apply it.

He applies the balm to her head. He says you got drunk, you made us play Antakshari and didn’t scold me, I asked you not to drink, you don’t listen to me. She says I can’t complain, I told you not to tell anything to me, but not lie, you didn’t lie to me about Vedika, I can’t ask you anything about your past, right. He says you can ask me anything, I owe you all the answers. She says just answer me, if I didn’t tell you about Neeraj and said he is my friend, if you knew the truth from someone else, would you be okay, I had stayed with Vedika under the same roof, don’t you think I should know she is your love. He says she was my love, my past, trust me, you are right about it, do you really think about me, you think I will have an affair with her. She says I don’t want to live under any illusion, my mum regrets that she knew the truth before, she would have left my dad before he left her, I also want to save my esteem, say the truth, I m practical, I defeat the sorrow, don’t feel bad for me, don’t sacrifice your happiness for my sake. She says I trust you. He asks why this question now. She says because Vedika is divorcing her husband, life is giving you another chance, don’t think that Akki and Shivi’s relation will break if our marriage breaks. He says let me explain, we have spent much time together, they didn’t mean anything, you really think I m heartless. She says I don’t want to become a fool, I want to keep this marriage with you, knowing you may cheat me. She goes.

Akki asks are you fine. Priya says yes. Nandini asks for medicines. She says Shivi, we should punish you, you fed bhaang to everyone. Shivi says Shubham and Akki were like rockstars, Priya was the center of attraction, mom danced with Meera, it was too cool, I have taken many videos and thinking to post on social video. Nandini says don’t you dare. Akki asks Ram and Priya are they fine, it was so much fun, right.

Shivi gets Akki’s video. Ram comes and hears it. Shivi recalls Nandini asking her to get Priya’s phone. Shivi asks what’s all this, why is Vedika sending this video to Priya. He says I don’t know. She says don’t tell anything to Akki, if he knows that something is going on between you and Priya then, he is concerned for his sister, Akki is threatening Vedika, it means he doubts you and Vedika. Ram asks what will I explain Priya. Shivi says its good I have come to take Priya’s phone, Vedika will break yours and my house also, I will finish myself if Akki leaves me. He says calm down, nothing will happen, I will talk to Akki, trust me. She says go and talk to Vedika, ask her why is she doing this. He says I will talk to her.

Sara says you didn’t break your relation with Ram, you got close to him, go and meet him. Ram defends Akki. She cries and hugs him. Priya comes and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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