Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s emotional talk

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neeraj telling about Ram’s ex lover, her name is… Ram pushes him into the pool. Brinda asks Shubham and Akki to beat Neeraj, its holi. They all have fun in the pool. Nandini and Meera feel hungry and go away. Ram says Priya, he isn’t saying the truth. He looks for Priya. Everyone looks for Priya. Ram cries and says its my mistake, I should have told her that she means everything to me, I have lied to her and hid things. Brinda asks him to calm down and think where can Priya go at this time. Ram says there is one place. He goes to the bakery. He says Priya won’t show her pain to anyone, my heart says that she is here, I had a chance to tell her about Vedika and today this happened. Adi says let it be. Ram says Priya will be suffocated within, she would not ask for answers, she should not leave me. Adi and Vikrant say that its impossible. Ram goes on. Vikrant says Priya isn’t Vedika, to leave Ram, Ram loves Priya. Adi says yes. They leave. Ram thinks where are you Priya. He calls her out. She says there is no one here, there is no cake and brownie. Ram sees her and asks her to talk. She says promise me, don’t force me to say how I m feeling. He says promise. He asks for the brownie. She says you won’t get it for free. He says we will have a fast eating competition, you will cry when you lose. She asks what, we will compete, come, start. They start. They eat the brownies. She says loser, I won. He says you won. She asks where is the trophy. He says its here, this is your stage, say anything you want. Priya talks to him in intoxicated state.

She says you always waste money, I thought you show off money, now I understand why you got gifts for me, just to keep me happy, because you love Vedika, she is beautiful, you didn’t tell me that Vedika is his ex, he won’t accept his mistake, men aren’t wrong, wives are wrong, you asked me if I want to meet his first love, I refused, I didn’t know that you will get her home as a friend. He says she is a friend. She says you didn’t clear that you will love your first love again. She cries. She says Ram made me so upset that I m sitting here and eating brownies, thanks. Ram asks her to come down.

He says trust me, I was scared, I thought we are moving ahead, it’s a small thing. She says dad also told this to mum, it’s a small thing, he thought he will live two lives and none will know. He says trust me, there is no one in my life, Vedika isn’t my love. She says I can’t cry else you all will feel bad. Ram says you are still thinking of me. She says I didn’t think you will do wrong, come with me to Vedika. He says I don’t love her, Vedika was my past. She asks who do you love, tell me. He says I would have told you if you were not drunk, you would have got this answer looking in my eyes, I regret that I didn’t tell you about Vedika, I made a mistake. She says you are also like dad, cheat. He says no, I m not like him. She says I don’t know. They hug. She cries.

Priya says answer me sincerely, if I didn’t tell you the truth about Neeraj and introduced him as my friend, would you be okay. Ram says Vedika was just my past. He meets Vedika and says you had stolen the bangle. Vedika cries and hugs him. Priya comes and sees them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. seeing the precap its a bug no makers please its a big no. Please please please please end all misunderstandings. Just please do not create anymore misunderstanding in Priya’s heart about Ram please makers please. Really hope the precap is actually misleading

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