Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya gets intoxicated

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maitri promising Priya. She says I feel strange, Ram is doing the same with you which dad did with us. Sara and Brinda look on. Maitri comes out of the room. Sara takes her aside. Brinda says we know everything. Maitri asks did you know all this. Sara says but I didn’t know that Priya will know it from you, how would she be feeling now. Brinda says we will do what Priya is saying, no one should know it, inform Ram about it. Maitri says it’s a cheat for Priya. Brinda asks them to relax. She sends them. Adi calls her and asks for Ram’s clothes. Brinda says Ram’s clothes will get torn now.

Priya recalls Ram and cries. Brinda comes. Priya wipes her tears and smiles. Brinda asks is everything fine. Priya says yes. Brinda says I got the saree, its beautiful right. Priya says yes, I was thinking what to wear. Brinda says yes, if you came down wearing Ram’s kurta, then you would had to explain everyone. Priya says yes, Ram might have hidden my clothes, he is good in hiding, just tell him that I m waiting for him, I don’t know everyone’s heart. She goes to change. Brinda calls Shivi. Shivi gets the drinks. Brinda asks do you remember everything. Shivi says yes. Priya comes. Shivi says I came to complain about Akki, he always criticizes the food I make, so I made this mocktail, please try. Brinda says not me, I love my life. Shivi says how mean. Brinda says make Priya drink it first, then I will have it. Shivi says Priya, try it. Priya says I will have it later. Brinda asks her to have it. They have it and say its nice. Priya recalls Ram. Sara says Priya is feeling cheated. Ram says I have to go and talk to her. Brinda takes Ram with her. Maitri asks Neeraj not to tell anything about Vedika. He asks will you tell this to me. She says my family can shatter, please. He asks did you talk to Ram. He scolds her. She cries.

She says you had been meeting Vedika, I know it, please I request you, don’t tell anyone. Ram gets ready. He says I have to tell Priya, I knew this day will come one day. Sara says I will tell Priya that I asked you to hide Vedika’s truth. He says no, you are special for her, I don’t want her to lose her sister, I will tell her that I was scared of her, I have no relation with Vedika now, I was scared that she will leave me. Brinda says listen to me, when I got to know that Priya got to know about Vedika, I got blank, I told everything to Adi and took an idea from him, whenever Priya is in drunk, she talks from her heart, Shivi had fed her a mocktail. Adi comes and asks him to come. Sara says Meera is also here. Ram asks what will I tell everyone. He goes. Brinda thinks Ram’s problem is my problem. Priya comes in the holi party. She stumbles. She waves to everyone.

Priya behaves funny. Everyone laughs. Ram says if Meera sees her, then it will be an embarrassment. Brinda says I know. Priya says attention…. Everyone in the holi are intoxicated. Ram looks at Brinda. She asks him to just chill. Priya asks Ram to just chill and not get jealous of her. Shivi asks why. Ram says I had his drink. Shivi says its mocktail. Priya says don’t know why I m getting anger.

Priya and Neeraj argue. Ram scolds him and asks him to shut up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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