Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram plays a prank on Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram teasing Priya about the last night. She asks him to stop it, what happened last night. He gets a call. Brinda says come downstairs, we are waiting for breakfast. Ram thinks its good Priya doesn’t remember anything, I will take revenge. He says get ready and come, Adi and Brinda have come for breakfast, you would be tired. He goes. She says why is he behaving strange, how did I drink wine. Adi asks why are you so excited. Brinda asks why can’t anything happen, they were together, they spent time together. Adi says Priya has many sides, you will be shocked, remember we went to Priya’s house, they said Priya is with Akki, they lied, she was with Neeraj. Ram hears this and asks was Priya with Neeraj. She says no, wait. He asks Adi to tell. Adi says they were arguing, they were together alone on the day when Akki was missing, what was Priya doing with him. Ram sits and says Brinda, stop Adi from watching tv. Brinda says correct. Ram says Akki was missing, maybe Priya went to take Neeraj’s help, but she should have taken my help, she can never do wrong with her sister, she married a stranger for her cousin, it makes sense. Adi says sorry. Brinda says Priya is coming. Ram says just play along. He says I was talking to Vedika. Priya asks why were you saying sorry. Adi says maybe you did some mistake. Ram says its okay, Brinda and I are in the same boat. Priya asks did I do any mistake. Shashi calls Ram and asks him to sign the deal. Ram says I will reach office. Shashi asks where are you now. Ram says hotel. Shashi says I will come there. Brinda asks what’s so urgent. Priya says I m going anyway. Ram says take my car. She says no, I will manage. She goes. Adi and Ram laugh. Brinda says she would have felt bad. Ram says I will tell her that I was joking. She also goes. Ram says we will close this deal, Sid and Shivi’s relation broke, I feel guilty, we have to make it up with Shashi, I will go home and tell Priya that it was a joke. Priya comes to Vedika’s house. She says sorry, I didn’t had your number. Vedika asks her to come. Priya thinks to apologize.

Vedika asks what will you have, tea or coffee, have water at least, is Ram fine. Priya thinks I should just say sorry and leave. Ram checks the papers. Shashi asks Adi why is Ram reading the agreement today. Ram thinks of Priya. He smiles. Adi thinks why is Ram smiling. Shashi asks is everything fine. Ram says yes, all the clauses are good, Shubham and Sid will be partners. Adi asks Shashi to sign first. Shashi signs. Ram also signs. Shashi thinks my loan will get sorted now. Vedika says I just wanted you to know everything, but you knew it already. Priya says I m sorry for yesterday. Mahender comes there. He rings the bell. Priya says I never drink. Vedika goes to check. Priya messages Ram and writes I came to Vedika’s house to say sorry. Ram reads it and thinks she will not leave me. Ram says sorry, I have to leave. Shashi asks all okay, what happened. Nandini comes there and says I need to talk to you, its urgent. Shashi asks is everything fine. Ram says I have to finish something. Nandini says its really imp. Ram says give me an hour, I swear, we will close the deal today. He thinks I hope I didn’t get late. Mahender asks is Shashi there. Vedika thinks Priya will get angry seeing her dad. Priya gets Ram’s call. He asks did you say sorry. She says I was going to say. Ram says don’t say, I will come and explain. She asks why are you coming, really sorry. He says trust me. She says I trust you. He doesn’t hear it. He says I always supported you always. She thanks him for counting his favors. He says I m requesting you. She says I m leaving, don’t come here for me. She ends call. She cries. Shashi asks Mahender to leave from his house right now. Mahender says okay. Vedika says Ram’s wife has come here to meet me. Mahender hides from Priya. Priya says sorry, I will leave. She turns and leaves.

Shivi says when you met me last time, it was a problem. Sid says I know, I will meet Akki’s mum and apologize, it will sort out everything. She says no need. He says I just wanted to help you. She says you can still help me, its Akki’s birthday, you can help me in planning it. Sid says we will do something special for him. She says now everyone will think we are just friends, I will go and apologize to Akki’s mum. Sid messages Shashi that he is doing as he said. Ram asks for Priya. Vedika says she left. He asks did she ask anything. Vedika says no, someone came, what’s the matter, you can share it with me, I can help, I know everything have changed, but we are still friends. He says how shall I explain you, Priya is different, I shall leave. He leaves.

Priya comes home. Sandy teases her about the hotel stay. Priya asks who gives you the news so soon. Meera asks what’s the truth. Sarika says its good. Shivi comes home and hugs Sandy. Shivi says I have to meet Sarika. She asks Priya how was the hotel stay. Sarika asks what’s the matter. Meera says sit first. Sarika says let me handle my bahu. Shivi says I came to say sorry, I went to shop for Akki’s birthday, I thought to get a gift for you. Priya says accept it, Shivi is modern, she has friends, what’s wrong, Shivi likes to think for everyone. Sarika says enough. Shivi hugs Priya and thanks her. She says I will make Akki’s birthday special. She goes. Priya says you are lucky to get a bahu like Shivi, she loves Akki a lot. Sarika says its my right. They say no. Priya calls Akki and says its your birthday, Shivi is planning a surprise. Akki says yes. Priya says she will be glad seeing you here. He asks how is this possible. She insists. He says I will talk to the producer, let it be a surprise for Shivi. She says he is coming. Meera says you are doing a lot for them. Priya thinks everyone does so, but doesn’t count like Ram did.

Sid says its Akki’s birthday, Shivi told me. Nandini thinks Shashi did this. Producer says I want Akki at shoot tomorrow, Shubham asked me to give this role to Akki, that’s why the marriage got cancelled. Brinda thinks Priya knows Ram now, and will know his family soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I have wanted to see today’s episode in youtube.

  2. Nice episode!..bus makers misunderstandings mat karao yaar!!!. everything should be alright!!precap is good!.. finally Ram will get to know about his brother’s evil intentions!!

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