Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya feel helpless

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram caring for Priya. He gets angry on Akki. She says you have hurt me, you are trusting Anjali, not us. He says you always supported women. She says I can see that girl is a liar, she accused Akki, she told me some other story, she called me in outhouse, she said she heard two people talking, one of them was calling me Priya Bhabhi, I also heard a story, I m not hurrying, it can be Sid or Shubham also. He says wait, you mean Shubham will do this with Shivi, he can’t burn her house. She says I know, so I m using my words well, I m not accusing Shubham, who calls me Bhabhi. He says Akki can tell that too, I don’t trust him. She says you made us wrong so soon, why did you have a relation with us. Ram says I trust love, Priya, Akki broke her heart, I m hurt. She says you are breaking my heart now, did you try to know the truth, no, you keep your accusations to yourself. She says I m at fault, I couldn’t win your trust. She goes out. He cries and says its my mistake to choose a wrong guy for Shivi, sorry dad. She cries seeing him.

Shashi comes to Mahender’s house. Mahender asks him to come in. Shashi says you are working for me since years, you said you can do anything for money. Mahender says yes, please sit. Shashi says you have to do my last work, you can do this, accident… Mahender asks whose. Shashi says your son in law, Ram. Mahender asks what.

Priya talks to Meera on call. Meera says you don’t tell anything to Ram, don’t drag your marriage in this, when your dad and I got separated, I had many responsibilities on me, its tough to keep relations. Priya says you said that a relation is strong because of faith, but Ram doesn’t trust us, when he cries, I don’t understand what to do. Meera asks what happened to him. Priya says he thinks he isn’t able to protect his family, he isn’t able to keep his promise to his dad, I felt helpless, this wound is getting deep, how to heal this. Meera says when you used to see me in sorrow, you used to get angry. Priya says yes. Meera says you used to feel hurt, why. Priya says because I love you. Meera says you got your answer. Priya says I will talk to you later. She recalls Ram.

She says I m just confused. She gets the number plate. Shashi says you remember that number plate. Mahender says yes. Shashi says you have to do my work. He threatens. Mahender says Ram is my son in law, I can’t do this. Shashi says think what will Ram do when he learns that you did his accident. Priya keeps the number plate. She says our relation has also become like this number plate, he doesn’t need me. Ram is with Adi. Adi asks him to stop drinking. He asks why did you fight with Priya. Ram says Shivi and mom are also crying, Priya got Shivi and Akki married, I stood by Priya, she isn’t able to see her brother’s mistake. He talks of his dad’s accident. He says don’t know who was that man, because of whom what accident happened. Mahender says no, I can’t do this. Shashi shows one crore’s cheque. He says this is just the start, think what can happen, if Ram goes out of my way, Shubham will get the business, he has no sense, they will come to me, I m keeping Lohri party at home, you do this work, think well, I don’t care for Priya, you care for her, Priya will get a lot if Ram dies, you will also benefit then. He gives the cheque and says think. He leaves.

Ram says everyone is expecting from me, Shivi is my kid, today I m not able to do anything for her, its because of me. He cries. He asks Adi to help him. He says I feel guilty, get that person who did dad’s accident, I know its many years now, I want to find him. Adi says its an old incident. Ram says I can’t forget that day, the truck driver disappeared, forensic said that the number plate was missing, someone removed it, I feel there is some connection. Adi says you think that truck driver did that intentionally. Ram says I don’t know, I feel I m a failed son, I failed again, I failed Shivi. Adi cries and hugs him. He says come home. Ram says no, I m fine, you go home, leave me alone for some time. Adi says please don’t cry. Adi goes. Priya comes there. She says you have high BP, you are drinking. He argues. She says we had a fight, I won’t forget everything, is a marriage like this. Ram says I will use this coupon, of taunt free day. She says fine, come home with me. The bottle falls. He says Priya…. He sees Vedika. He thinks Priya isn’t here, I m alone. She says come home with me. She takes him. Adi and Brinda look on. Adi says Vedika is after Ram. Brinda says I will see Vedika now, Shashi is the link of this game.

Priya saves Ram and meets with an accident. He hugs her, shouting I love you Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. No interesting scene between Ram & Priya, just fights everywhere, boring to watch now and I have stopped watching it, I just read in bits and pieces and the way it is going, I may even stop reading it. Show should be balanced and not just fights and commotion everywhere.

    1. Brinda has come in the show will be more interesting. Keep watching more lovingly climax with R&P. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Kiran Lanfranchi-Rizzardi

    Oh my goodness,! Ridiculous series with negativity, fighting, hatred. It’s not good for health even for viewers. The makers of the series give us bulshit stuff to watch and just collect $$$. Something has to change. Spread love, not hate.

  3. Also I feel there is no logic. Someone threatens/ blackmails Akki about not trying to find Anjali and then asks him to give money to Anjali? If he doesn’t know where is Anjali how is he giving her money(50000 Rs) And why would he think paying Anjali will stop all the blackmailing?

    1. Exactly. Writer has lost the plot. Remember when Akki was being framed by Anjali in hotel he called Priya and on loudspeaker Ram heard the conversation, so how can he now accuse Akki of cheating. Really stupid

  4. Oof fights and fights!!.. emotional episode!!i loved the part when Meera Ma was realising Priya that now she is in love with Ram!..hope all things sorts well in future between them!..and yes!. Finally Brinda is back!..

    1. Yes I am also happy Brinda is back. It will be intresting. I am waiting for Shubham and Vedika and Nandini to be exposed and Akki come out clean. I feel like Shubham and Vedika will be caught and Nandini will do her usual drama oh my god I didn’t know Shubham and Vedika were planning all this and that Mami and Mama are just ridiculous people have no job only adding fire to fuel.

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