Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya stay at a hotel

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram says okay, I get it. Shubham comes home and asks Nandini what happened. She calls Vedika, and asks are Ram and Priya still there. Vedika says no, they left half an hour back. Nandini says okay, thanks. She says Ram and Priya would be reaching, inform Ram in a way that Priya gets hurt and leaves the house. He says done, you have the marriage contract, right. She says of course. He says Raj is useless. She says Shivi’s marriage postponed because of me, now her marriage will break. Ram asks Adi to give phone to Brinda. Adi says I will help you. Brinda asks what happened. Ram says Priya is drunk, you know I can’t do this. She asks what’s Priya doing now. He says I m stressed, I can’t take her home, it will look strange if mom sees her. Adi says take her to the hotel, I will send clothes for you. Ram calls him a genius. Brinda teases Ram.

Ram sees Priya smiling. He thinks I can’t take you home. Brinda says Adi, call the hotel manager, we want honeymoon suite for Ram, not any business suite. Adi says its not a love marriage. Brinda says it can be like that, Priya cares for Ram, she doesn’t express, she supports Ram, she is a giver, she is like Ram, you call the manager, please. He says no, don’t make this face. She thanks him. Adi calls the manager and says convert the business suite to honeymoon suite, decorate it, Ram would be coming. Ram asks Priya to give some cash, he doesn’t have it. Priya doesn’t listen. Ram and Priya enter the room. Ram thinks why is the business suite decorated, Priya will fight again. He says I haven’t done this. She says its cute. He asks what.

He asks shall I throw these flowers. She says my hair are tied, shall I keep it loose. He says I didn’t mean that, I m not saying anything, who am I. She asks why are you asking me, do what you want. He gets hurt by the thorn. He says don’t know the roses were sanitized or not, what will happen if its infectious. Priya looks for something. He asks what are you finding. She keeps the first aid kit there. He says its there, get the first aid kit. She says I m not finding that, I m finding magnifying glass. He asks why. She asks where is the blood, I can’t see, its just a drop. She laughs. He asks are you making fun of me, even a man can get hurt. She asks are you hurt. She gets the champagne. He says I m not in a mood to celebrate. She puts his hand in the ice basket and says your bleeding will stop, its funny, you are crying like a kid, we people are habitual to bear big sorrow. He says I will freshen up and come. She says sit, do whatever you like, I save water because we get less water, you do what you want, you paid for this room, you can use it, I don’t have much money to waste, don’t feel guilty, you earned money, its your right. He says please don’t drink more. He goes.

Shubham calls Raj. He says you have to do the same work, you will get money. Raj says Priya had seen me that day. Shubham asks does Priya know that I had sent you. Raj says no, I didn’t take your name. Shubham says keep your mouth shut, you will get your money. Ram is in the washroom. Priya jokes. He says my bad jokes look legendary in front of your poor jokes. She says its funny, my jokes are such. He opens the door. She falls over him. He holds her and asks are you fine. She says I knew you will hold me, you are the hero and I m the villain. He says I m not a hero, but I look like that, I m humble, you are rude. She says I m the villain, I m rude to everyone, I m like that. He says you need rest, hold my finger, come. He makes her rest. They come close. She says it looks like a filmi scene, my mangalsutra will get stuck in your shirt button then… He says nothing will happen. She says yes, I got a short mangalsutra, tell me, am I smart or rude. He says very smart, did you ever drink. She says no, I didn’t have the french dish, I already knew about it but didn’t show it there. He asks her to have water. She says we don’t choose our life, we become what life teaches us, I m a bit rude, because my family is simple, someone should take strict tough decisions, I have to do it, it was a tough decision to marry you, I did that, I tie my hair because it makes me feel cool when I work, I don’t have money to apply costly products. He says my hair are natural. She says I save money for Sandy, tell me, am I rude, I m not rude. He says take rest. He thinks you show that you don’t feel anything, but you feel, I didn’t see you speaking freely. She says you are not so bad, you are okay. He thinks don’t get so good, I m not habitual. He says good night and lies to sleep. He thinks she will become the taunting Priya in the morning.

Its morning, Shivi shows Akki’s pic to Nandini. Nandini asks for Ram and Priya. Servant says they didn’t come home at night, they are at the hotel. Shivi says wow, I will inform Akki. Nandini worries and calls Ram. She says you didn’t come home and didn’t inform me. He says I had a meeting in the morning, client is here in this hotel. She says you have to spend time with your wife. He says there is nothing such, I came here for the meeting, I will come home soon. Priya wakes up and asks why are we here. Ram gives her black coffee. He says we are at a hotel. She asks why are we here. He says you got drunk. She says I never drink. He says you had it. She says don’t play a prank, I know nothing happened. He asks what do you mean.

Adi says Priya was with Neeraj, they lied to us. Ram hears this. He calls Priya and scolds her on call. Mahender meets Vedika. He hides from Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    great episode
    more priya ram,less others,espacially evil things.

  2. From the start to the end the episode was awesome ad so cute and lovely it was🥺🥺💗….but precap😶😵!!!

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