Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Vedika creates a misunderstanding

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika saying I m not close to your wife, don’t waste your time with me, you go. Ram asks how can I go. She asks him to go. He says okay, I will get you some tissue. She thinks you got emotional seeing me, go to Priya and show me. Nandini asks Priya to call her after appointment. She says great, Ram and Vedika are together, Priya went alone. She sees Akki coming and asks what are you doing Bhabhi, you always keep eating. Akki stops there.

Ram gives the tissues. Vedika thanks him. he asks why didn’t you tell me all this. She says I thought I m fine, sometimes it happens, don’t know what happened to me. He asks do you still love Shashi, tell me, I won’t judge you, love doesn’t need any logic. He says I didn’t look back, you can tell me. She says you leave me on my state, just go. She thinks to do something now.

She acts dizzy. He asks her to sit. Mami argues with Nandini. Nandini asks Akki to tell Mami about a healthy diet. Akki says she is right, you are eating chocolates and chips, it troubles a lot. Mami asks him to shut up. Nandini says he has a right to say, you be quiet. She asks Akki to give her a diet plan. He says nothing will happen, eat healthy and cut down weight. Nandini says become her personal trainer, give her a diet plan. He sits.

She thinks I want you to stay home some way and see Ram and Vedika together, you will feel bad for Priya. Priya says I have come alone. Sara calls her and asks did you reach there, did Ram come. Priya says yes, I spoke to him, he would be coming, don’t worry. Sara says fine. Nurse says I will tell doctor if Ram is coming and you both will meet together. Priya thinks to call Ram. Nurse asks did Ram come. Priya says no, maybe he won’t come.

She thinks I was always lonely. Akki gives the diet plan. Shivi says you are suggesting her veg diet. Nandini thinks where are Ram and Vedika. Akki says I will go and check the door. They see Vedika. Vedika says I had gone outside. Ajay says I got Vedika home on Ram’s saying. Nandini gets shocked. Akki asks is everything alright. Nandini asks where is Ram. Akki says he would have gone with Priya. Vedika says yes, he went with Priya, I need some rest.

Nurse asks Priya to do the exercise soon. She takes her to Dr. Khanna. Priya sees Ram. Ram says I got late. She says you would be at the office. He says I will say. She thinks will you lie again. Nurse says doctor will discuss the blood test reports. He asks why, is there anything. She says I have no info. He scolds the nurse. Priya says we will ask the doctor, you go. She asks Ram to calm down. She thinks he is worried as if he worries for me a lot, why did he lie to me. She asks him to calm down. He says doctor will say Priya is fine, don’t worry, relax. Doctor comes. She asks about reports. Ram says I will show the reports to Dr. Sinha, tell me. Doctor says relax, we have the reports. Ram says tell me fast. Doctor says everything is fine, no need to worry. Ram says this is ridiculous, I was so worried, what’s happening here. Doctor says I m sorry. Ram says you made the situation stressful. She says he said I m fine, relax. He takes the stress pill. Ram says you know Priya was so tensed. She says yes, doctor has seen it, thanks, come. Ram says explain the nurse to talk such, I wasn’t tensed. They leave.

Vedika plans something. Nandini asks Ram is Priya fine. Ram says yes, but Vedika is not fine, she is heartbroken. She says I forget sometimes that Shashi is her husband. He says I got late to meet Priya, I saw Vedika crying, I had to stay with her. She asks what did Priya say. He says I didn’t tell her. She asks did you hide this from your wife. He says sorry. She says go and tell her. He says I will have to tell her, because I don’t lie. She says I know Ram, this isn’t a lie, but Vedika’s truth. He says Vedika doesn’t want me to tell Priya, you talk to her. She says come along, we will talk to her. Vedika waits for him. Nandini says we can’t talk to her tomorrow. He says right. She says I got Shivi’s message, stay here, I will just come. She goes. Ram thinks how to tell Priya. Priya recalls Mahender’s words. Ram says Priya… Vedika calls him out and says you here, you want to help me, but you are worried about Priya. He says I promise, she won’t interfere in your life, I have to tell her why I reached late there. She says listen to me once, come inside. He says its late, we will talk tomorrow. She takes him to her room. Akki sees this. Nandini smiles. Akki thinks what’s Ram doing there. Nandini thinks Akki will be sure of their relation when he sees the bangles in Chuda rasam.

Akki sees Ram gifting the bangle to Priya. He asks Vedika about the two bangles she received. Ram asks do you want something from me. Priya says you ask Vedika to leave this house.

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  2. Oof vedika vedika and vedika !!.She has become s total chipkoo to Ram!!..hope no misunderstandings arise!.. today’s episode was so so !!

  3. Nice name of the serial, written update is excellent but it’s very strange serial. Don’t like suspense

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