Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Shivi and Shubham apologize to Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Shivi to see the function arrangements. She asks what gift did you get for me. Ram says Priya will get it. Nandini asks Shivi to come. Meera and family come. They greet Nandini. Shivi asks where shall I sit. Nandini asks where is Akki. Kunal, Adi and Vikrant like the arrangements. Vikrant says I didn’t think you will do this after yesterday incident. Adi asks him not to talk like Brinda. Ram says I had to do this else Shivi would feel I m upset. Adi asks are you not upset. Ram says I m, I won’t do anything that upsets the family, its not about my happiness, its about Shivi, she looks so happy, you guys have drinks. He sees Shivi and Shubham. He thinks my family is happy, what else do I want. Priya comes downstairs. Ram sees her. Dil ki dhadkan….plays…

Adi says now he got a real smile on his face. Vikrant asks shall we tell Priya. Adi says forget it, Ram won’t like if we interfere. They all go. Priya comes to Ram. He says I know why you are doing this. She asks why. He says you are trying to cheer me up. She says I found that bag special. He says you did this to make me busy, I know. He goes and takes medicines. She asks what happened yesterday, you said its fine if anyone calls you a stepbrother, if you are not hurt, then why would I distract you, you have to tell me clearly, I take things as per the face value, don’t confuse me. He thinks yes, I said I didn’t feel bad of Shivi’s words. She thinks you had felt bad, I know you will hate me for this, but I have to do this. She says I m thinking, if you are happy as you are claiming, then why can’t I see it. He says I don’t know. She says you are not so rude like me, did you become like me. He says never, I will show you, I m happy.

Maitri comes to Priya. Priya says no one would blame you. Maitri says Ram will get upset with you. Priya says I will still do this, its imp. Ram and Shubham dance on Rabba rabba….. Everyone dances with them. Shivi’s chuda rasam begins. Nandini says I don’t want my children to get anyone’s bad sight. Shivi sees Priya talking to Adi. Ram asks are you happy Shivi says a lot. Ram thanks Akki for taking care of Shivi. Shubham gets Virender’s pic. Ram gets emotional. The entire family dances. Priya sees Ram. She goes and holds his hand. Shubham takes a selfie with the family. Nandini asks Priya to come for rasam, then Akki will make Shivi wear gold bangles. Maitri goes. Nandini says I called Priya. Maitri says you said Akki’s sister can do this rasam, I m Akki’s sister. Nandini says yes, but Shivi and Akki want Priya to do the rasam. Shivi asks Priya to come. Priya says no Shivi, how can I do the rasam, I asked Maitri to do the rasam. Meera think what is Priya doing.

Ram asks Priya to do the rasam. She says I can’t do this. Shubham asks why. Shivi asks what’s the reason. Priya says Maitri will do the rasam, we should start it. Ram asks why can’t you do it. Vikrant says Priya will hit a sixer today. Ram says you should do the rasam. Priya says groom’s sister should do this. He says Akki is your cousin brother. She says yes, but I m your wife, you are Shivi’s stepbrother, then if we make step-relations then how can I do this rasam, I don’t want to spoil Shivi’s rasam, Shivi always cleared that she regards you a stepbrother, so I asked Maitri to do the rasam. Shivi asks why are you saying so. Akki says you scolded Ram, so she is doing this. Shubham asks was this a taunt. Priya says no, it’s a taunt that you call someone Sautela, Shivi said its fine to call Ram her stepbrother, why to make it an issue, I m saying what you both have taught me in the last 6 months. Kunal says Priya has done clean bowled. Ram says leave it, we will do the rasam. Priya says sorry, I can’t do this, a lie also told often looks like truth, Shivi and Shubham have accepted that you are their stepbrother. Shivi says we don’t mean what we want.

Priya asks why do you say, is this a compliment that the other person will like it, I want clarity, I love Shivi and don’t want to hurt her, I want to know what’s in her heart, what matters to her. Shivi says I really love Ram, it doesn’t matter if he is my own brother or stepbrother, Ram should slap me, I have done a wrong thing, I promise, I will never say this again. She cries. Ram hugs her. He says I love you, don’t be sorry. Nandini looks on. Shivi says you are right, Ram thinks a lot for us, he asked us for one thing and we created a big issue. Shubham says Shivi is right, we are sorry, we will never do this again, you won’t give us gift today, we will give you a gift. Ram says no, you have already me much love. Shubham says no, there is something you want, mom Ram wants a closure, we are permitting him to reopen dad’s case and investigate. Krish comes and looks on. Shubham asks Ram to do it, they have no objection. Priya sees Krish. He claps for her. Adi says how did we get Priya. Vikrant says if I didn’t marry Twinkle then we would have not met her. Adi kisses him. Ram hugs Shivi and Shubham. He thanks them. He sees Priya and thinks you know keeping love without saying I love you. Priya smiles.

Mahender taunts Varun. Varun says I accepted Ram’s job offer. Mahender brainwashes Ishaan. Sara asks Ram to call Priya fast, Ishaan has run away somewhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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