Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya decides to find the truth

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying its amazing, which one shall I wear. He asks Priya to help her. She asks him to buy a bag for her, Sandy will go with him. Shivi hugs Sandy. She says whatever I will buy should be branded. Priya chooses the sherwani. She asks Ram to get the gift for her. Ram says nothing will come in 4000rs. Pavan laughs. Priya says I can’t do anything normal, I m Ram Kapoor’s wife. Shubham says this is just demo, the celebs are much excited to be with Kapoors. Shivi says it’s a good thing to be in Kapoor family. Akki asks why do you taunt Ram about step relations. Shubham says it goes on, Ram forgets it soon. Shivi says yes, Ram will answer my call. Priya says he won’t answer, because I have his phone. Shivi says I will call Sandy. Shubham says I have to tell him that things should get fine. Shivi says Ram would have gone to shop for me.

Priya says he has gone to buy a bag for me, if he gets time then he will buy something for you. Shivi says I m his priority. Priya says no, he has understood it now that he is your stepbrother, bye. Akki smiles. Shubham and Shivi get upset. Priya thinks I will make sure that they understand this till night. Mahender comes home. He sees Shashi. He says Priya and Ram aren’t taking the case ahead, Ram won’t go against his family. Shashi says Neeraj has helped, everything is under control, make sure that Varun doesn’t come here. Mahender says don’t worry, there is a reason behind it. Krish meets Priya. He says its impossible to find out. She says money would be the reason for this. Krish says Ram wasn’t rich in those years, Ram’s dad was just a manager, it’s a mysterious case. Priya says Virender had much info than Kumar, I used to read mystery in college. Krish jokes.

Mahender says Priya has always been a hurdle for me, she has a good fate, she got to know that I m done Ram’s accident, when she knows that I m behind his dad’s accident, she won’t leave me. Shashi says then you have one way, if they think of reopening the case. Mahender says they will think, they have Krish with them, Krish is Priya’s college mate, he is a detective, he has done sting operations on big personalities, he will try to find out. Shashi say we will give him the killer. Krish says Mahender used to work for Shashi. Priya says yes, but no. Krish says we have to find Shashi. She says Mahender is dangerous, I can’t let him come near Ram. Krish says then one person is left. She asks what happened. He says I m thinking of your reaction when I name that person, Vedika. He gets Ram’s call. She smiles and says Krish was joking, so I was laughing. Ram says he jokes also, I didn’t know. She asks did you get my gift. He says I can’t buy a bag under 4000rs, my choice is top, like you, why did you meet Krish, the case is closed. She says friendship isn’t closed. He says you said he doesn’t know you existed in college. She says its happening now.

She asks what happened. He says I didn’t find the bag, I m getting angry, my mood is bad, I m sweating, heat stroke, anything can happen. She says you are running AC in car. Sandy comes and says no one is ready to make a fake bill. Ram says Priya is on call. Sandy says sorry, we will buy it as you like. Priya says buy anything you want, get a fancy bag of big brand. Ram and Sandy laugh. Ram says I feel relieved, I will go and buy the bag. Sandy greets Krish. Krish asks them to come to bakery. Priya says no need, we are leaving now, bye. She ends call.

Ram asks what shall we do now. Sandy says we will go home after shopping. Krish asks what do you think about Vedika. Priya says we shouldn’t involve her. Krish says yes, her dad also met with an accident. She says its not a good idea to give her stress, I just want to find the truth. He says Ram refused, why do I feel that you are thinking something. She says its personal related to Ram. He says I couldn’t imagine that you will change so much in someone’s love. She says I m still the same. He says if Ram refuses to know this truth then. She says then we will stop, I will respect his decision. Ram and Sandy buy the bag. He says you didn’t get happy seeing me, you are happy about Krish, do you want to replace me. She calls him jealous. She says you are the cutest, Mr. Universe. He sys don’t tell this to your sister. Shivi comes to Ram’s room and calls him out. She sees the bag. She says its good, Ram knows my choice, I wanted such bag. Priya says really, his choice is good, he got this for me. Shivi asks what did he get for me. Priya says maybe nothing. Shivi says he always gets expensive things for me, else… Priya says you call him stepbrother, you are his stepsister, it’s the truth, when you love someone, then you should also do something for him. Shivi says he already has everything. Priya says something that makes him happy, you can promise him that you will never call him stepbrother. Shivi says he doesn’t feel bad of it. She goes. Priya says you are still taking him for granted, I have to do something now.

Ram and Shubham dance in the rasam. Priya refuses to do the rasam and says Ram is Shivi’s step brother.

Update Credit to: Amena

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