Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s auto ride

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram getting ready. He says what shall I wear, how shall I stop myself from eating the food. Priya comes. She says sorry, I will wait downstairs. He says wait, I will tie the string, I was feeling so hungry, don’t see. He shouts. She asks what happened. He says nothing, its done. She asks why are the clothes outside the closet. He says it will get tough to select. She says we will fold the clothes. He says Tarun will do. Vedika says I want to find out who had come at the community hall, did Sid go there, do this work silently, no one shall know. She says I have to prove Sid’s innocence in front of Nandini, I have to know who did this with Ram, I will not leave him. Ram folds the clothes. He says I can’t have food. Priya says its not done this way. Ram says you will call me useless now, I have no time to learn these things, I go to office and have no time. She asks him to drink water. He asks for pill. She says you won’t get any pill. He says my bp is getting high, I need a pill. He takes the pill. He asks what happened, say something, count my flaws. She says I didn’t know your schedule, I won’t ask you to fold clothes. He says I don’t know it, Tarun does it always.

She says its your hobby to have food, have food even in my absence. He says next time, tell me if you are going out. She says sorry. They sit to have breakfast. He says its everyone’s hobby, how isn’t this yours, eating, I have a surprise. He shows the upma. He says its upma with lots of ghee, give me a list of things you like. She says I will slowly tell it, its not our last day together. He says no. She smiles.

Vedika sees Ram and Priya’s marriage pic and the article in the newspaper. She says you got married Ram, I will not leave anyone who tries to harm you. Priya collides with Ram. Bade acchhe….plays… Ram says sorry, its okay, are you going anywhere. She thinks he will offer me lift, I will refuse. She says I m going for classes. He says I m going to office. He thinks I will ask her to come along. He says we can go together. She says my auto has come. He says my driver didn’t come, we will go in auto, I have no problem. She asks him to come.

They leave. She says if you keep hand outside, someone will steal the phone. Ram asks is this a joke. She says no, I m serious. He messages Adi. Adi says Ram has messaged, kill the driver, what happened now. He gets driver’s call. Driver says I reached home, watchman said that Ram left in an auto. Kunal says its too much. Shivi says its too much that I m working in the bakery, we should tie up with Ram’s company. Sara says Ram is a part of family. She thinks Ram does everything for everyone. She says it will be like taking his advantage. Sara gets a call. She says Shivi, handle the bakery for half an hour, my husband and son have come, I will settle them and come. Shivi says okay. Sara goes.

Sid comes there and meets Shivi. He says I came to get some cup cakes, just kidding, I came to say you hello, you had to deal with much stress because of me, sorry for that, I was feeling hurt, you should have told me truth once, I got much insulted. Shivi says sorry. He asks can we stay as friends. She says of course, yes. Raj clicks his pics. He says its simple work to click pics of rich people and get money. Sid signs Raj. Raj says Sarika Mami will see these pics and get shocked. Ram says I m fine. Priya says you can sit on your side. Ram says I m going away, I m sitting in a corner. She thinks what’s there to feel bad. Ram gets the black smoke on his face. He coughs. She says its not my mistake. His pill falls down. He asks driver to stop. Priya says you will have more. Ram says I just had one pill, you are not helping, you are taunting me. She asks when did I taunt you. He asks the driver to say, does anyone do this with her husband. Priya says he drops me every day, he knows me. The driver says Priya scolds everyone a lot, make sweets for your husband. Ram says she won’t make sweets. She says its bad for health. They reach the college. Ram says I will ask Adi to pay, I just have credit card. Priya says its okay. She pays the driver. She thinks why did he sit in an auto. Ram says she is giving me taunt dose, I will go and take medicine dose.

Adi asks where is Ram. Ram comes. He says finally, AC… Kunal asks what’s on your face. Ram says its my good looks. Kunal shows his face and asks how did you blacken your face. Adi asks why did you come by auto. Ram says there is a wife behind every troubled husband. Adi says you don’t listen to me. Ram says Brinda is sweet. Adi says come home and see what she does. Kunal says Priya is so sweet. Ram cleans his face. He says she doesn’t value me. Kunal says Brinda will be happy knowing this. Shashi comes. Ram says Priya is bitter. Shashi says its just one day of marriage, what bitter thing are you saying, am I disturbing you. Priya talks to Twinkle. Twinkle says you should know his heart feelings, its your first rasoi. Priya says this doesn’t happen in their house, Ram will think that I m taking this marriage seriously, he thinks I m rude. Twinkle says you are really such, you have many principles. Priya says fine, call me emotionless. Twinkle says no, some people express and some just care to show emotions. She takes immunity kada. Twinkle asks why are you taking this. Priya says just like that. Twinkle says I think you both should talk about it. She goes. Priya says I will give this kada to Ram, but will he drink it.

Meera asks the stall man did you feed the prawns to the groom. The man says I was told that the groom likes to eat prawns. Meera asks was it this man. Priya asks Ram to have kada. Nandini says I want Shivi and Sid to get married. She talks to Vedika. Shashi asks Ram and Priya to come for dinner. Sarika asks Nandini about Shivi and Sid’s pic. She asks did you delay the marriage for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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