Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya hides about her kidnapping

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheel telling about her emotions to Priya. She cries. Priya also cries. Sheel says I have just one aim now, to reach the truth. Priya says that’s why you said someone is following me. Sheel says yes, someone doesn’t want me to know the murderer, I will find him. Priya says I m also finding a murderer of my husband’s dad, after my kidnapping today, its confirmed that it was a murder. The goons come there. Priya says promise me, you will not stop finding the truth. They leave. Pavan asks Ram to sit in the car. Ram says I will come. He calls Priya. He gets number off. He says I will not talk to you, its imp to talk to you, I m so worried, I m scared. He thinks shall I let this happen or stop it here for the sake of my family and their dreams, am I doing wrong, am I losing my present for the past, will I lose Priya and family for my dad’s sake. Priya comes to the bakery. Krish sees her wound and says I will see who did this. She says it was a murder. He asks what.

She says Virender’s accident was a murder. Mahender says Priya will doubt that it was a murder, she is smart, why did you let her run, erase the evidences and leave. The goons leave. Mahender sees Priya’s purse. He says no one should get this. He puts that in some crate. He says don’t know she will tell Ram or not. Priya says I won’t tell Ram. Krish asks why. She says he will step back if he knows this, he will leave the case and forgive the culprit for my life’s sake, he loves his family a lot, I want the culprit to get punished, did you get the phone. Krish says yes, its same phone and same number, data is also recovered, your lost phone will be deactivated. She says I will pay you for the phone. He says we will sit and talk, have food. She says I have to go home, Ram will be worried. He asks her to have food. Ram comes and says you… what are you doing. Krish says I have come to meet Priya, I was just leaving. He leaves.

Priya asks are you okay. Ram says I m okay, check your phone, your phone is off, I was madly finding you, will I be okay. He scolds her. He says you care for me sometimes and then behave indifferent, I hate this. He asks her to come along. She says I m coming home, will you have brownie. He says no, I like cup cakes. Sandy says Sara is coming with Varun and Ishaan. Meera says it happened because of Ram. Sandy says Ram has convinced Varun to come. Akki says its Shivi’s chuda rasam tomorrow. Shivi asks them to come on time. She says Ram will make them come on time, he will be there. Mahender comes home. Akki says we should go home. Shivi says yes, come. They leave.

Meera asks Sandy to go inside the room. Mahender asks about Varun’s matter. Meera asks why didn’t you go to Delhi to meet Varun. Mahender says I had found Varun, not you, I got Sara married to him. She says I didn’t forget it. He says I have much work to do, I have no time for this nonsense.

He asks is the chuda rasam happening here or there. She says here. He leaves. Sandy asks why did you lie. Meera says there is no use to tell anything. Ram and Priya are on the way. Priya thinks you got angry and showed your love, I got glad that you scolded me, I got kidnapped because of your dad’s case, you deserve this closure, I will stay quiet and not tell you whatever happened today. She makes a request on radio channel. She plays the radio. She holds ears and says sorry. The song Tera hero idhar hai… plays. Ram laughs. She asks him not to get upset. He holds her hand. He says I was scared. She says me too.

Shashi calls Mahender and asks is Ram finding me. Mahender says not yet. Shashi says my name shouldn’t come out. Mahender says my name will also come out with your name. he sees Priya’s purse. Ram says Priya’s phone looks different. Priya says its same. Ram says it was black. She says its grey, you got grey. He says I know it, I remember. She says I bought this for myself. He says you are not careless, why did you spend so much, tell me. She says my purse got stolen. He asks what, are you fine. She says yes, everything is fine.

Ram says you spent a lot and bought a new phone. She says I didn’t wish to trouble you. He says there was a guarantee on your phone. She asks what, is this a story. Ram says talk to Adi or Kunal. She says its okay, what happened about the case. Ram says I went to police station, I think its an accident, what shall I do. Mahender says I will call Neeraj, Ram can’t open this case again. Everyone dines. Shubham says the meeting went well. Ram says they didn’t need me here. Akki says your approval was necessary. Shivi says I want the chuda rasam to be unique and grand. Ram says yes. Akki asks Priya what happened to her hand. She says nothing, we should talk about rasam. Shivi says I want a new designer dress and gifts. She jokes. Shubham also sings and jokes. Ram sees Nandini lost. Nandini says its not funny. She asks what will you get when you talk about past, just bitter truth and pain comes back, that’s it.

Ram says Shubham, I didn’t doubt this before. Shubham says no one asked us. Ram says I thought you will also want the same. Shubham says we are your step siblings, so you sideline us.

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